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Shawn Je, H.
Hyunsoo, Shawn Je
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Midbrain-like Organoids from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells Contain Functional Dopaminergic and Neuromelanin-Producing NeuronsJo J.; Xiao Y. ; Sun A.X.; Cukuroglu E.; Tran H.-D.; Göke J.; Tan Z.Y.; Saw T.Y.; Tan C.-P.; Lokman H. ; Lee Y.; Kim D.; Ko H.S.; Kim S.-O.; Park J.H.; Cho N.-J.; Hyde T.M.; Kleinman J.E.; Shin J.H.; Weinberger D.R.; Tan E.K. ; Je H.S. ; Ng H.-H.
22016MiRNA-128 regulates the proliferation and neurogenesis of neural precursors by targeting PCM1 in the developing cortexZhang W.; Kim P.J.; Chen Z. ; Lokman H. ; Qiu L.; Zhang K.; Rozen S.G. ; Tan E.K. ; Je H.S. ; Zeng L. 
316-Feb-2015NeuO: A fluorescent chemical probe for live neuron labelingEr, Jun Cheng; Leong, Cheryl; Teoh, Chai Lean ; Yuan, Qiang ; Merchant, Paolomi; Dunn, Matthew; Sulzer, David; Sames, Dalibor; Bhinge, Akkshay; Kim, Dongyoon; Kim, Seong-Min; Yoon, Myung-Han; Stanton, Lawrence W.; Hyunsoo, Shawn Je ; Yun, Seong-Wook; Chang, Young-Tae 
415-Aug-2012Prefrontal cortical mechanisms underlying delayed alternation in miceRossi, M.A.; Hayrapetyan, V.Y.; Maimon, B.; Mak, K.; Shawn Je, H. ; Yin, H.H.
51-Apr-2019Prenatal selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) exposure induces working memory and social recognition deficits by disrupting inhibitory synaptic networks in male miceYu, Weonjin ; Yen, Yi-Chun ; Lee, Young-Hwan; Tan, Shawn ; Xiao, Yixin ; Lokman, Hidayat ; Ting, Audrey Khoo Tze; Ganegala, Hasini; Kwon, Taejoon; Ho, Won-Kyung; Je, H Shawn 
62013ProBDNF and mature BDNF as punishment and reward signals for synapse elimination at mouse neuromuscular junctionsShawn Je, H. ; Yang, F.; Ji, Y.; Potluri, S.; Fu, X.-Q.; Luo, Z.-G.; Nagappan, G.; Chan, J.P. ; Hempstead, B.; Son, Y.-J.; Lu, B.