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Li Zeng
Zeng, L.

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12016A potential role for protein palmitoylation and zDHHC16 in DNA damage responseCao, N; Li, J.-K; Rao, Y.-Q; Liu, H; Wu, J; Li, B; Zhao, P; Zeng, L ; Li, J
21-Apr-2021Aggregation-induced emission (AIE) nanoparticles labeled human embryonic stem cells (hESCs)-derived neurons for transplantationJang, Se Eun; Qiu, Lifeng ; Cai, Xiaolei ; Lee, Jolene Wei Ling; Zhang, Wei; Tan, Eng-King ; Liu, Bin ; Zeng, Li 
32014Amyloid precursor protein regulates neurogenesis by antagonizing miR-574-5p in the developing cerebral cortexZhang W.; Thevapriya S.; Kim P.J.; Yu W.-P.; Je H.S.; Tan E.K. ; Zeng L. 
42016Chronic cerebral hypoperfusion enhances Tau hyperphosphorylation and reduces autophagy in Alzheimers disease miceQiu L. ; Ng G.; Tan E.K. ; Liao P. ; Kandiah N. ; Zeng L. 
52020Current Status of Stem Cell-Derived Therapies for Parkinson’s Disease: From Cell Assessment and Imaging Modalities to Clinical TrialsJang, S.E.; Qiu, L.; Chan, L.L. ; Tan, E.-K. ; Zeng, L. 
62014Deciphering the function and regulation of microRNAs in Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's diseaseQiu L.; Zhang W.; Tan E.K. ; Zeng L. 
72017Derivation of human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) line with LRRK2 gene R1398H variant in Parkinson's diseaseMa D. ; Tio M. ; Ng S.H.; Li Zeng ; Lim C.Y.Y.; Zhao Y.; Tan E.K. 
82017Development of a human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) line from a Parkinson's disease patient carrying the N551K variant in LRRK2 geneMa D. ; Ng E.Y.; Zeng L. ; Lim C.Y.Y.; Zhao Y.; Tan E.K. 
92017Generation of a human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) line carrying the Parkinson's disease linked LRRK2 variant S1647TMa D. ; Ng S.H.; Zeng L. ; Zhao Y.; Tan E.K. 
102017Immature Midbrain Dopaminergic Neurons Derived from Floor-Plate Method Improve Cell Transplantation Therapy Efficacy for Parkinson's DiseaseQiu L. ; Liao M.-C.; Chen A.K.; Wei S.; Xie S. ; Reuveny S.; Zhou Z.D. ; Hunziker W. ; Tan E.K. ; Oh S.K.W. ; Zeng L. 
111-Dec-2019In utero infection of Zika virus leads to abnormal central nervous system development in miceZhang, W ; Tan, YW; Yam, WK ; Tu, H ; Qiu, L ; Tan, EK ; Chu, JJH ; Zeng, L 
122017LRRK2 interacts with ATM and regulates Mdm2-p53 cell proliferation axis in response to genotoxic stressChen Z. ; Cao Z.; Zhang W.; Gu M. ; Zhou Z.D. ; Li B.; Li J.; Tan E.K. ; Zeng L. 
132016Microcarrier-expanded neural progenitor cells can survive, differentiate, and innervate host neurons better when transplanted as aggregatesQiu L.; Lim Y.M.; Chen A.K.; Reuveny S.; Oh S.K.W.; Tan E.K. ; Zeng L. 
142015microRNAs and Neurodegenerative DiseasesQiu L.; Tan E.K. ; Zeng L. 
152015Micrornas and neurodegenerative diseasesQiu L.; Tan E.K. ; Zeng L. 
162016MiRNA-128 regulates the proliferation and neurogenesis of neural precursors by targeting PCM1 in the developing cortexZhang W.; Kim P.J.; Chen Z. ; Lokman H. ; Qiu L.; Zhang K.; Rozen S.G. ; Tan E.K. ; Je H.S. ; Zeng L. 
172018Modelling Alzheimer's disease: Insights from in vivo to in vitro three-dimensional culture platformsRanjan V.D.; Qiu L. ; Tan E.K. ; Zeng L. ; Zhang Y.
1830-Jul-2013Non-Motor and Motor Features in LRRK2 Transgenic MiceBichler, Z.; Lim, H.C.; Zeng, L. ; Tan, E.K. 
192017Phosphorylation of amyloid precursor protein by mutant LRRK2 promotes AICD activity and neurotoxicity in Parkinson's diseaseChen Z.-C. ; Zhang W.; Chua L.-L. ; Chai C. ; Li R.; Lin L.; Cao Z.; Angeles D.C. ; Stanton L.W. ; Peng J.-H.; Zhou Z.-D. ; Lim K.-L. ; Zeng L. ; Tan E.-K. 
202017Reprogramming of a human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) line from a Parkinson's disease patient with a R1628P variant in the LRRK2 geneMa D. ; Zhou W. ; Ng E.Y.; Zeng L. ; Zhao Y.; Tan E.K.