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Hunziker, W.
Hunziker, W.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jun-2003Hereditary spastic paraplegia: Clues from a rare disorder for a common problem?Burgunder, J.-M. ; Hunziker, W. 
22017Immature Midbrain Dopaminergic Neurons Derived from Floor-Plate Method Improve Cell Transplantation Therapy Efficacy for Parkinson's DiseaseQiu L. ; Liao M.-C.; Chen A.K.; Wei S.; Xie S. ; Reuveny S.; Zhou Z.D. ; Hunziker W. ; Tan E.K. ; Oh S.K.W. ; Zeng L. 
32006Improved hepatocyte excretory function by immediate presentation of polarity cuesNg, S.; Han, R.; Ni, J.; Yu, H. ; Chang, S. ; Hunziker, W. ; Goryachev, A.B. ; Ong, S.H. 
42014Myotonia congenita-associated mutations in chloride channel-1 affect zebrafish body wave swimming kinematicsCheng W.; Tian J.; Burgunder J.-M.; Hunziker W. ; Eng H.-L.
51-Jan-2019Retinal-detachment repair and vitreous-like-body reformation via a thermogelling polymer endotamponadeLIU, Z ; LIOW, SS; LAI, SL; ALLI-SHAIK, A ; HOLDER, GE ; PARIKH, BH ; KRISHNAKUMAR, S; LI, Z; TAN, MJ ; GUNARATNE, J ; BARATHI, VA ; HUNZIKER, W ; LAKSHMINARAYANAN, R ; TAN, CWT ; CHEE, CK; ZHAO, P ; LINGAM, G ; LOH, XJ ; SU, X 
62014The structural and functional organization of the podocyte filtration slits is regulated by Tjp1/ZO-1Itoh M.; Nakadate K.; Horibata Y.; Matsusaka T.; Xu J.; Hunziker W. ; Sugimoto H.
72014ZO-1 and ZO-2 are required for extra-embryonic endoderm integrity, primitive ectoderm survival and normal cavitation in embryoid bodies derived from mouse embryonic stem cellsPhua D.C.Y.; Xu J.; Ali S.M.; Boey A.; Gounko N.V.; Hunziker W.