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17-Feb-2020A new highly transparent injectable PHA-based thermogelling vitreous substituteXue, Kun; LIU ZENGPING ; Jiang, Lu; Kai, Dan; Li, Zibiao; SU XINYI ; XIAN JUN LOH
21-Sep-2016A Step by Step Protocol for Subretinal Surgery in RabbitsAl-Nawaiseh, Sami; Thieltges, Fabian; LIU ZENGPING ; Strack, Claudine; Brinken, Ralf; Braun, Norbert; Wolschendorf, Marc; Maminishkis, Arvydas; Eter, Nicole; Stanzel, Boris V
31-Mar-2012Accuracy, precision and repeatability in preparing the intravitreal dose with a 1.0-cc syringeMeyer, Carsten H; LIU ZENGPING ; Brinkmann, Christian; Rodrigues, Eduardo B; Helb, Hans-Martin
42-Nov-2021Anti-Angiogenic Nanomicelles For the Topical Delivery of Aflibercept to Treat Retinal Neovascular Disease.Zhao, Xinxin; Seah, Ivan; Xue, Kun; Wong, Wendy; Tan, Queenie Shu Woon; Ma, Xiao Xiao; Lin, Qianyu; Lim, Jason YC; LIU ZENGPING ; Parikh, Bhav Harshad; Mehta, Karishma N; Lai, Joel Weijia; Yang, Binxia; TRAN KIM CHI ; Barathi, Veluchamy Amutha; Cheong, Kang Hao; Hunziker, Walter; SU XINYI ; XIAN JUN LOH
519-Aug-2021cGMP-grade human iPSC-derived retinal photoreceptor precursor cells rescue cone photoreceptor damage in non-human primatesSWATHI LINGAM ; LIU ZENGPING ; Yang, Binxia; Wong, Wendy; BHAV HARSHAD PARIKH ; Ong, Jun Yi; Goh, Debbie; Wong, Daniel Soo Lin; Tan, Queenie Shu Woon; Tan, Gavin SW; Holder, Graham E; REGHA KAKKAD; VELUCHAMY AMUTHA BARATHI; Hunziker, Walter; LINGAM GOPAL; ZENG XIANMIN ; SU XINYI 
61-Jan-2013Effect of Novel Vital Dyes on Outer Blood-Retina Barrier Function in Cultured Human Retinal Pigment EpitheliumLIU ZENGPING ; Meyer, Carsten H; Stanzel, Boris V
71-Dec-2017Electrospun Pectin-Polyhydroxybutyrate Nanofibers for Retinal Tissue EngineeringChan, Siew Yin; Chan, Benjamin Qi Yu; LIU ZENGPING ; Parikh, Bhav Harshad; Zhang, Kangyi; Lin, Qianyu; SU XINYI ; Kai, Dan; Choo, Wee Sim; Young, David James; Loh X.J 
81-Mar-2014Enhancement of retinal pigment epithelial culture characteristics and subretinal space tolerance of scaffolds with 200 nm fiber topographyLIU ZENGPING ; Yu, Na; Holz, Frank G; Yang, Fang; Stanzel, Boris V
10Nov-2021High molecular weight hyper-branched PCL-based thermogelling vitreous endotamponadesLin, Qianyu; LIU ZENGPING ; Wong, Daniel SL; Lim, Chen Chuan; Liu, Connie K; Guo, Liangfeng; Zhao, Xinxin; Boo, Yi Jian; Wong, Joey HM; Tan, Rebekah PT; Xue, Kun; Lim, Jason YC; SU XINYI ; XIAN JUN LOH
111-Jan-2021Hints for Gentle Submacular Injection in Non-Human Primates Based on Intraoperative OCT GuidanceTan, Gavin SW; LIU ZENGPING ; Ilmarinen, Tanja; VELUCHAMY AMUTHA BARATHI; Chee, Caroline K; LINGAM GOPAL; SU XINYI ; Stanzel, Boris V
1214-Jan-2014Human RPE Stem Cells Grown into Polarized RPE Monolayers on a Polyester Matrix Are Maintained after Grafting into Rabbit Subretinal SpaceStanzel, Boris V; LIU ZENGPING ; Somboonthanakij, Sudawadee; Wongsawad, Warapat; Brinken, Ralf; Eter, Nicole; Corneo, Barbara; Holz, Frank G; Temple, Sally; Stern, Jeffrey H; Blenkinsop, Timothy A
131-Mar-2014Indocyanine green concentrations used in chromovitrectomy cause a reversible functional alteration in the outer blood-retinal barrierLIU ZENGPING ; Meyer, Carsten H; Fimmers, Rolf; Stanzel, Boris V
141-May-2016Localized RPE Removal with a Novel Instrument Aided by Viscoelastics in RabbitsThieltges, Fabian; LIU ZENGPING ; Brinken, Ralf; Braun, Norbert; Wongsawad, Warapat; Somboonthanakij, Sudawadee; Herwig, Martina; Holz, Frank G; Stanzel, Boris V
151-Jan-2011A Nanofibrillar Surface Promotes Superior Growth Characteristics in Cultured Human Retinal Pigment EpitheliumThieltges, Fabian; Stanzel, Boris V; LIU ZENGPING ; Holz, Frank G
161-Sep-2021Newer Approaches to Management of Retinal Degenerative Disorders: Gene Therapy and Cell Replacement TherapyLINGAM GOPAL; SU XINYI ; BHARGAVA MAYURI; LIU ZENGPING ; SWATHI LINGAM 
1721-Dec-2020PCL-Based Thermogelling Polymer: Molecular Weight Effects on Its Suitability as Vitreous TamponadeXue, K; LIU ZENGPING ; Lin, Q; Lim, JYC; Tang, KY; WONG SOO LIN ; BHAV HARSHAD PARIKH ; SU XINYI ; Loh, XJ
181-Jun-2014Penetration Force, Geometry, and Cutting Profile of the Novel and Old Ozurdex Needle: The MONO StudyMeyer, Carsten H; LIU ZENGPING ; Brinkmann, Christian K; Rodrigues, Eduardo B; Bertelmann, Thomas
191-Nov-2012RELEASE AND VELOCITY OF MICRONIZED DEXAMETHASONE IMPLANTS WITH AN INTRAVITREAL DRUG DELIVERY SYSTEM Kinematic Analysis With a High-Speed CameraMeyer, Carsten H; Klein, Adrian; Alten, Florian; LIU ZENGPING ; Stanzel, Boris V; Helb, Hans M; Brinkmann, Christian K
201-Jun-2021Retinal Pigment Epithelium Transplantation in a Non-human Primate Model for Degenerative Retinal DiseasesSeah, Ivan; LIU ZENGPING ; WONG SOO LIN ; Wong, Wendy; Holder, Graham E; VELUCHAMY AMUTHA BARATHI; LINGAM GOPAL; SU XINYI ; Stanzel, Boris