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Ng, Kar-Hui
Ng, K.H.
Ng, Kar-Hui


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12010Good outcomes with mycophenolate-cyclosporine-based induction protocol in children with severe proliferative lupus nephritisAragon, E.; Ng, K.H. ; Lau, Y.W. ; Yap, H.K. ; Chan, Y.H.; Tan, P.H.
231-Jan-2020IL-13-driven alterations in hepatic cholesterol handling contributes to hypercholesterolemia in a rat model of minimal change diseaseLauretta Low Danwei; Lu Liangjian; CHAN CHANG YIEN ; YANG HE ; Yu,Hanry ; LEE GUAT LAY,CAROLINE ; NG KAR HUI ; YAP HUI KIM 
31-Sep-2021Low regulatory T-cells: A distinct immunological subgroup in minimal change nephrotic syndrome with early relapse following rituximab therapyCHAN CHANG YIEN ; SHARON TEO SHER LEEN ; Lu Liangjian; CHAN YIONG HUAK ; LAU YEW WENG PERRY ; MYA THAN ; Jordan C Stanley; LAM KONG PENG ; NG KAR HUI ; YAP HUI KIM 
41-Mar-2019MeSsAGe risk score: tool for renal biopsy decision in steroid-dependent nephrotic syndromeCHAN CHANG YIEN ; LOURDES PAULA REAL RESONTOC ; Md Abdul Qader; CHAN YIONG HUAK ; LIU DESHENG, ISAAC ; LAU YEW WENG PERRY ; MYA THAN ; YEO WEE SONG ; LOH HWAI LIANG ALWIN ; TAN PUAY HOON ; WEI CHANGLI ; Jochen Reiser; Subhra K Biswas; NG KAR HUI ; YAP HUI KIM 
515-Nov-2016Novel role of Vav1-Rac1 pathway in actin cytoskeleton regulation in Interleukin-13induced minimal change-like nephropathyChan, Chang-Yien ; Ng, Kar-Hui ; Chen, Jinmiao ; Lu, Jinhua ; Lee, Caroline Guat-Lay ; Tan, Puay-Hoon ; Jordan, Stanley C.; He, Henry Yang; Yap, Hui-Kim 
68-Nov-2019Persistent Dengue Infection in an Immunosuppressed Patient Reveals the Roles of Humoral and Cellular Immune Responses in Virus ClearanceNG KAR HUI ; ZHANG LIXIN, SUMMER ; TAN HWEE CHENG ; Swee Sen Kwek; October Michael Sessions ; CHAN CHANG YIEN ; LIU DESHENG, ISAAC ; Chun Kiat Lee; PAUL ANANTHARAJAH TAMBYAH ; OOI ENG EONG ; YAP HUI KIM 
72015Recurrent white thrombi formation in hemodialysis tubing: A case report Clinical ResearchSathe K.P.; Yeo W.-S.; Liu I.D.; Ekambaram S.; Azar M.; Yap H.-K. ; Ng K.-H. 
81-Jan-2021Structured re-training to reduce peritonitis in a pediatric peritoneal dialysis program: a quality improvement interventionTeo, S; Yuen, TW; Cheong, CWS; Rahman, MA; Bhandari, N; Hussain, NH; Mistam, H; Geng, J; Goh, CYP; Than, M ; Chan, YH ; Yap, HK ; Ng, KH 
98-Aug-2016T Lymphocyte Activation Markers as Predictors of Responsiveness to Rituximab among Patients with FSGSCHAN CHANG YIEN ; LIU DESHENG, ISAAC ; Resontoc, Lourdes Paula; NG KAR HUI ; CHAN YIONG HUAK ; LAU YEW WENG PERRY ; MYA THAN ; Jordan C Stanley; LAM KONG PENG ; YEO WEE SONG ; YAP HUI KIM