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12018A systematic approach to the development of a safe live attenuated Zika vaccineKwek, S.S; Watanabe, S ; Chan, K.R ; Ong, E.Z ; Tan, H.C ; Ng, W.C ; Nguyen, M.T.X ; Gan, E.S ; Zhang, S.L ; Chan, K.W.K ; Tan, J.H ; Sessions, O.M ; Manuel, M; Pompon, J ; Chua, C; Hazirah, S; Tryggvason, K ; Vasudevan, S.G ; Ooi, E.E 
22017A universal genome sequencing method for rotavirus A from human fecal samples which identifies segment reassortment and multi-genotype mixed infectionDung T.T.N.; Duy P.T.; Sessions O.M. ; Sangumathi U.K. ; Phat V.V.; Tam P.T.T.; To N.T.N.; Phuc T.M.; Hong Chau T.T.; Chau N.N.M.; Minh N.N.; Thwaites G.E.; Rabaa M.A.; Baker S.
32017A Zika virus from America is more efficiently transmitted than an Asian virus by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes from AsiaPompon, J ; Morales-Vargas, R; Manuel, M; Tan, C.H; Vial, T; Tan, J.H ; Sessions, O.M ; Vasconcelos, P.D.C; Ng, L.C; Missé, D
42015Analysis of Dengue Virus Genetic Diversity during Human and Mosquito Infection Reveals Genetic ConstraintsSessions O.M. ; Wilm A.; Kamaraj U.S. ; Choy M.M.; Chow A.; Chong Y. ; Ong X.M. ; Nagarajan N.; Cook A.R. ; Ooi E.E. 
52016Dissecting Japan's dengue outbreak in 2014Quam M.B.; Sessions O. ; Kamaraj U.S. ; Rocklöv J.; Wilder-Smith A. 
62016Emergence of Epidemic Dengue-1 Virus in the Southern Province of Sri LankaBodinayake C.K.; Tillekeratne L.G.; Nagahawatte A.; Devasiri V.; Kodikara Arachichi W.; Strouse J.J.; Sessions O.M. ; Kurukulasooriya R.; Uehara A.; Howe S.; Ong X.M. ; Tan S.; Chow A.; Tummalapalli P.; De Silva A.D.; Østbye T.; Woods C.W.; Gubler D.J. ; Reller M.E.
72016Enterovirus 71 infection of motor neuron-like NSC-34 cells undergoes a non-lytic exit pathwayToo, I.H.K; Yeo, H ; Sessions, O.M ; Yan, B; Libau, E.A ; Howe, J.L.C; Lim, Z.Q; Suku-Maran, S; Ong, W.-Y ; Chua, K.B; Wong, B.S ; Chow, V.T.K ; Alonso, S 
82018Evaluation of the WHO 2009 classification for diagnosis of acute dengue in a large cohort of adults and children in Sri Lanka during a dengue-1 epidemicBodinayake C.K.; Tillekeratne L.G.; Nagahawatte A.; Devasiri V.; Kodikara Arachchi W.; Strouse J.J.; Sessions O.M. ; Kurukulasooriya R.; Uehara A.; Howe S.; Ong X.M. ; Tan S. ; Chow A.; Tummalapalli P.; De Silva A.D.; Østbye T.; Woods C.W.; Gubler D.J. ; Reller M.E.
92013Exploring the origin and potential for spread of the 2013 dengue outbreak in luanda, AngolaSessions, O.M ; Khan, K; Hou, Y ; Meltzer, E; Quam, M; Schwartz, E; Gubler, D.J ; Wilder-Smith, A
102016Laboratory-Enhanced Dengue Sentinel Surveillance in Colombo District, Sri Lanka: 2012-2014Tissera H.; Amarasinghe A.; Gunasena S.; DeSilva A.D.; Yee L.W.; Sessions O. ; Muthukuda C.; Palihawadana P.; Lohr W.; Byass P.; Gubler D.J. ; Wilder-Smith A. 
112016Molecular determinants of plaque size as an indicator of dengue virus attenuationGoh K.C.M. ; Tang C.K. ; Norton D.C.; Gan E.S. ; Tan H.C. ; Sun B.; Syenina A. ; Yousuf A.; Ong X.M. ; Kamaraj U.S. ; Cheung Y.B. ; Gubler D.J. ; Davidson A.; St John A.L. ; Sessions O.M. ; Ooi E.E. 
122015Production of Infectious Dengue Virus in Aedes aegypti Is Dependent on the Ubiquitin Proteasome PathwayChoy M.M. ; Sessions O.M. ; Gubler D.J. ; Ooi E.E. 
13Jan-2013Successful clearance of human parainfluenza virus type 2 viraemia with intravenous ribavirin and immunoglobulin in a patient with acute myocarditisKalimuddin, S.; Sessions, O.M. ; Hou, Y. ; Ooi, E.E. ; Sim, D. ; Cumaraswamy, S.; Tan, T.E.; Lai, S.H.; Low, C.Y.
142014The 2012 dengue outbreak in Madeira: Exploring the originsWilder-Smith, A. ; Quam, M.; Sessions, O. ; Rocklov, J.; Liu-Helmersson, J.; Franco, L.; Khan, K.
152016Tuberculous meningitis is a major cause of mortality and morbidity in adults with central nervous system infections in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia: An observational studyLee H.G.; William T.; Menon J.; Ralph A.P.; Ooi E.E. ; Hou Y. ; Sessions O. ; Yeo T.W.
162017Valine/isoleucine variants drive selective pressure in the VP1 sequence of EV-A71 enterovirusesDuy, N.N; Huong, L.T.T; Ravel, P; Huong, L.T.S; Dwivedi, A; Sessions, O.M ; Hou, Y.A ; Chua, R ; Kister, G; Afelt, A; Moulia, C; Gubler, D.J ; Thiem, V.D; Thanh, N.T.H; Devaux, C; Duong, T.N; Hien, N.T; Cornillot, E; Gavotte, L; Frutos, R