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Wilder-Smith, A.
Wilder-Smith, C.H.
Wilder-Smith Annelies
Wilder-Smith, Annelies


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12009A global study of pathogens and host risk factors associated with infectious gastrointestinal disease in returned international travellersSwaminathan, A.; Torresi, J.; Schlagenhauf, P.; Thursky, K.; O'Brien, D.P.; Wilder-Smith, A. ; Connor, B.A.; Schwartz, E.; vonSonnenberg, F.; Keystone, J.
22-Jan-2015A simple and powerful method for the estimation of intervention effects on serological endpoints using paired interval-censored dataXu, Ying ; Lam, K.F.; Ooi, Eng Eong ; Wilder-Smith, Annelies ; Paton, Nicholas Iain James ; Lee, Soon-U Lawrence ; Cheung, Yin Bun 
32015A simple and powerful method for the estimation of intervention effects on serological endpoints using paired interval-censored dataXu Ying ; Lam K.F.; Ooi Eng Eong ; Wilder-Smith Annelies ; Paton Nicholas I. ; Cheung Yin Bun
42002Adult community acquired bacterial meningitis in a Singaporean teaching hospital. A seven-year overview (1993-2000)Chan, Y.C.; Ong, B.K.C. ; Wilder-Smith, E. ; Wilder-Smith, A. ; Kumarasinghe, G.
51-Mar-2018An initial health economic evaluation of pharmacogenomic testing in patients treated for childhood cancer with anthracyclinesDionne, Francois; Aminkeng, Folefac ; Bhavsar, Amit P; Groeneweg, Gabriella; Smith, Anne ; Visscher, Henk; Rassekh, Shahrad Rod; Ross, Colin; Carleton, Bruce
61-Aug-2016Clinical Practice Recommendations for the Management and Prevention of Cisplatin-Induced Hearing Loss Using Pharmacogenetic MarkersLee, JW; Pussegoda, K; Rassekh, SR; Monzon, JG; Liu, G; Hwang, S; Bhavsar, AP; Pritchard, S; Ross, CJ; Amstutz, U; Carleton, BC; Hayden, MR; MacLeod, S; Smith, A ; Brunham, L ; Aminkeng, F ; Shear, NH; Koren, G; Ito, S; Madadi, P; Rieder, MJ; Kim, R; Maher, M; Flockhart, D
72009Combination strategies for pandemic influenza response - a systematic review of mathematical modeling studiesLee, V.J. ; Lye, D.C.; Wilder-Smith, A. 
82010Cross-reactive antibodies to pandemic (H1N1) 2009 virus, SingaporeTang, J.W.; Tambyah, P.A. ; Wilder-Smith, A. ; Puong, K.-Y.; Chan, K.-P.; Shaw, R.; Barr, I.G.
92003Current status of 'essential obstetric care' activities internationally: A literature reviewWilder-Smith, A. ; Wilder-Smith, A. 
102008Dengue vaccines for travelersWilder-Smith, A. ; Deen, J.L.
112016Dissecting Japan's dengue outbreak in 2014Quam M.B.; Sessions O. ; Kamaraj U.S. ; Rocklöv J.; Wilder-Smith A. 
122007Editorial: The spread of poliomyelitis via international travelWilder-Smith, A. ; Tambyah, P.A. 
132010Emergence and disappearance of W135 meningococcal diseaseWilder-Smith, A. ; Chow, A.; Goh, K.-T.
142009Expert opinion on vaccination of travelers against Japanese encephalitisBurchard, G.D.; Caumes, E.; Connor, B.A.; Freedman, D.O.; Jelinek, T.; Jong, E.C.; Von, Sonnenburg F.; Steffen, R.; Tsai, T.F.; Wilder-Smith, A. ; Zuckerman, J.
15May-2008Fasciola hepatica in a New Zealander travelerKang, M.L.; Teo, C.H.Y.; Wansaicheong, G.K.-L.; Giron, D.M.; Wilder-Smith, A. 
162008Fasciola hepatica in a New Zealander travelerKang, M.L.; Teo, C.H.Y.; Giron, D.M.; Wansaicheong, G.K.-L.; Wilder-Smith, A. 
172008Geographic Expansion of Dengue: The Impact of International TravelWilder-Smith, A. ; Gubler, D.J. 
182008Graduate public health education - Singapore's contribution to strengthening capacity in the region and beyondLim, M.-K.; Seow, A.; Wilder-Smith, A. ; Lee, H.P. 
192013HIV-related travel restrictions: Trends and country characteristicsChang, F.; Prytherch, H.; Nesbitt, R.C.; Wilder-Smith, A. 
20Feb-2008Importation of poliomyelitis by travelers [10]Wilder-Smith, A. ; Leder, K.; Tambyah, P.A.