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Soon-U Lawrence Lee
Lee, L.S.
Lee, Soon-U Lawrence
Lee, L.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Jan-2015A simple and powerful method for the estimation of intervention effects on serological endpoints using paired interval-censored dataXu, Ying ; Lam, K.F.; Ooi, Eng Eong ; Wilder-Smith, Annelies ; Paton, Nicholas Iain James ; Lee, Soon-U Lawrence ; Cheung, Yin Bun 
21-Jul-2017Activity of faropenem with and without rifampicin against Mycobacterium tuberculosis: evaluation in a whole-blood bactericidal activity trialGurumurthy, Meera; Verma, Rupangi ; Naftalin, Claire M; Hee, Kim Hor ; Lu, Qingshu ; Tan, Kin Hup; Issac, Simi ; Lin, Wenwei; Tan, Angelia; Seng, Kok-Yong ; Lee, Lawrence Soon-U ; Paton, Nicholas I 
31-Dec-2018Adjunctive use of celecoxib with anti-tuberculosis drugs: evaluation in a whole-blood bactericidal activity modelNaftalin C.M.; Verma R. ; Gurumurthy M. ; Hee K.H. ; Lu Q.; Yeo B.C.M. ; Tan K.H. ; Lin W. ; Yu B.; Seng K.Y. ; Lee L.S.-U. ; Paton N.I. 
42009Bioassays for estrogenic activity: Development and validation of estrogen receptor (ERα/ERβ) and breast cancer proliferation bioassays to measure serum estrogenic activity in clinical studiesLi, J. ; Gong, Y. ; Shen, P. ; Wong, S.P.; Yong, E.L. ; Lee, L. ; Wise, S.D.
52017Combined use of irinotecan with histone deacetylase inhibitor belinostat could cause severe toxicity by inhibiting SN-38 glucuronidation via UGT1A1Wang, L ; Chan, C.E.L; Wong, A.L.-A ; Wong, F.C; Lim, S.W ; Chinnathambi, A; Alharbi, S.A; Lee, L.S.-U ; Soo, R ; Yong, W.P ; Lee, S.C ; Ho, P.C.-L ; Sethi, G ; Goh, B.C 
62010Darunavir/ritonavir and efavirenz exert differential effects on MRP1 transporter expression and function in healthy volunteersLee, L.S. ; Soon, G.H.; Shen, P. ; Yong, E.-L. ; Flexner, C.; Pham, P.
78-Jun-2013Effect of double dose oseltamivir on clinical and virological outcomes in children and adults admitted to hospital with severe influenza: Double blind randomised controlled trialSedyaningsih, E.R.; Malik, M.S.; Setiawaty, V.; Trihono, T.; Burhan, E.; Aditama, T.Y.; Soepandi, P.Z.; Partakusuma, L.G.; Sutiyoso, A.P.; Priatni, I.; Jusuf, H.; Pranggono, E.H.; Soeroto, A.Y.; Setiabudi, D.; Somasetia, D.H.; Sudarwati, S.; Maskoen, T.T.; Hartantri, Y.; Parwati, I.; Giriputro, S.; Murniati, D.; Sirait, S.M.; Soetanto, T.; Sulastri, S.; Agus, R.; Rusli, A.; Wiweka, S.; Wignall, S.; Baird, K.; Safika, I.; Sangsajja, C.; Manosuthi, W.; Sutha, P.; Chuchottaworn, C.; Sansayunh, P.; Bangpattanasiri, K.; Taylor, W.R.J.; Stepniewska, K.; Fukuda, C.; Lindegardh, N.; White, N.; Day, N.; Chotpitayasunondh, T.; Suntarattiwong, P.; Chantbuddhiwet, U.; Netsawang, S.; Chokephaibulkit, K.; Vanprapar, N.; Prasitsuebsai, W.; Wittawatmongkol, O.; Anekthananon, T.; Ratanasuwan, W.; Rongrungruang, Y.; Puthavathana, P.; Tambyah, P.A. ; Leo, Y.-S. ; Fisher, D. ; Chai, L. ; Lee, L. ; Lin, R.; Minh, N.N.Q.; Khanh, T.H.; Thoa, L.P.K.; Tuan, L.A.; Dung, T.T.M.; Ha, L.T.T.; Qui, L.M.; Thinh, L.Q.; Anh, N.N.T.; Tuan, T.A.; Nhien, T.H.; Phuong, B.P.; Qui, P.T.; Thy, T.C.; Vu, B.X.; Tinh, L.B.B.; Thanh, D.T.; Khanh, V.P.; Viet, D.C.; Thuy, T.T.; Bao, V.Q.; Trung, L.N.N.; Thoa, H.T.K.; Anh, T.T.N.; Loan, T.T.T.; Huong, T.Q.; Le, N.T.H.; Viet, H.L.; Tuan, H.M.; Ha, N.T.T.; Chau, N.V.V.; Truong, N.T.; Thao, L.T.T.; Phong, N.T.; Hien, P.T.D.; Men, P.T.H.; Tam, C.T.; Diet, T.V.; Hao, N.V.; Van Kinh, N.; Hien, N.D.; Ha, N.H.; Van Tuyet, H.; Phuc, N.N.; Thai, N.Q.; Chinh, L.Q.; Cap, N.T.; Phu, V.D.; Ninh, T.T.H.; Trung, N.V.; Liem, N.T.; Huy, B.V.; San, L.T.; Phuc, P.H.; Tuan, H.A.; Tung, C.V.; Thanh, D.T.M.; Ngoc, L.X.; Hung, P.V.; Hung, D.V.; Hien, P.T.; Beigel, J.; Polis, M.; Higgs, E.; Ngoc, N.M.; Ngan, T.T.; Tham, N.T.; Tam, D.T.; BKrong, N.T.T.C.; Uyen, L.T.T.; Hang, V.T.T.; Thanh, T.T.; Bryant, J.E.; Ha, D.Q.; Hien, V.M.; Nguyet, L.A.; Nhu, L.N.T.; Khuong, H.D.; Stockwell, E.; Merson, L.; Farrar, J.J.; Hayden, F.; Hien, T.T.; Fox, A.; De Jong, M.D.; Horby, P.; Wertheim, H.L.; Van Doorn, H.R.
82004Endocrinological aberrations in survivors of the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in SingaporeLeow M.K. ; Kwek D.S. ; Ng A.W.; Ong K.C. ; Kaw G.J.; Lee L.S. 
92009Induction of chemoprotective phase 2 enzymes by ginseng and its componentsLee, L.S. ; Stephenson, K.K.; Fahey, J.W.; Parsons, T.L.; Lietman, P.S.; Andrade, A.S.; Lei, X.; Yun, H.; Soon, G.H.; Shen, P. ; Danishefsky, S.; Flexner, C.
102018Induction of Human T-cell and Cytokine Responses Following Vaccination with a Novel Influenza VaccineSkibinski, D.A.G; Jones, L.A; Zhu, Y.O; Xue, L.W; Au, B; Lee, B; Naim, A.N.M; Lee, A; Kaliaperumal, N; Low, J.G.H; Lee, L.S ; Poidinger, M ; Saudan, P; Bachmann, M; Ooi, E.E ; Hanson, B.J ; Novotny-Diermayr, V; Matter, A; Fairhurst, A.-M; Hibberd, M.L ; Connolly, J.E 
112016Low-dose chloroquine is associated with favourable effects on lipoprotein metabolism without significant influence on insulin resistanceLee L.S. ; Leow M.K. ; Xu Y.; Wilder-Smith A. ; Cheung Y.B. ; Paton N.I. 
122020Performance of population pharmacokinetic models in predicting polymyxin b exposuresTam, V.H.; Lee, L.S. ; Ng, T.-M.; Lim, T.-P. ; Cherng, B.P.Z.; Adewusi, H.; Hee, K.H. ; Ding, Y.; Chung, S.J.; Ling, L.-M.; Chlebicki, P. ; Kwa, A.L.H. ; Lye, D.C. 
132010Pharmacokinetics of darunavir at 900 milligrams and ritonavir at 100 milligrams once daily when coadministered with efavirenz at 600 milligrams once daily in healthy volunteersSoon, G.H.; Lee, L. ; Shen, P. ; Yong, E.-L.; Pham, P.; Flexner, C.
141-Mar-2019Pharmacokinetics of Prenylflavonoids following Oral Ingestion of Standardized Epimedium Extract in HumansTeo, Yi Ling ; Cheong, Wei Fun ; Cazenave-Gassiot, Amaury ; Ji, Shanshan ; Logan, Susan ; Lee, Zhi Xing Kelvin; Li, Jun; Seng, Kok Yong ; Lee, Lawrence Soon-U ; Yong, Eu Leong 
152016Phenotyping of UGT1A1 Activity Using Raltegravir Predicts Pharmacokinetics and Toxicity of Irinotecan in FOLFIRILee L.S.-U. ; Seng K.-Y.; Wang L.-Z.; Yong W.-P.; Hee K.-H.; Soh T.I.; Wong A.; Cheong P.F.; Soong R. ; Sapari N.S.; Soo R.; Fan L.; Lee S.-C.; Goh B.C.
162006Quality of life and psychological status in survivors of severe acute respiratory syndrome at 3 months postdischargeKwek S.-K. ; Chew W.-M.; Ong K.-C. ; Ng A.W.-K.; Lee L.S.-U. ; Kaw G.; Leow M.K.-S. 
1725-Jan-2014Simultaneous determination of probe drugs, metabolites, inhibitors and inducer in human plasma by liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry and its application to pharmacokinetic studyHee, K.H. ; Yao, Z.; Lee, L.S. 
182020Strongyloides hyperinfection associated with enterococcus faecalis bacteremia, meningitis, ventriculitis and gas-forming spondylodiscitis: A case reportWee, L.E.; Hnin, S.W.K.; Xu, Z.; Lee, L.S.-U.