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12015A prospective case-control study to investigate retinal microvascular changes in acute dengue infectionTan, P; Lye, D.C ; Yeo, T.K; Cheung, C.Y ; Thein, T.-L; Wong, J.G; Agrawal, R; Li, L.-J ; Wong, T.-Y ; Gan, V.C; Leo, Y.-S ; Teoh, S.C
22014A prospective observational study of the prevalence and risk factors for colonization by antibiotic resistant bacteria in patients at admission to hospital in singaporeYoung, B.E; Lye, D.C ; Krishnan, P; Chan, S.P; Leo, Y.S 
36-Oct-2020Acute onset of bilateral follicular conjunctivitis in 2 patients with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infectionsLouis Lim; Glorijoy Tan; Vernon Yong; Danielle Anderson ; David Lye ; Barnaby Young; Rupesh Agrawal 
41-Jan-2022Association of Homologous and Heterologous Vaccine Boosters with COVID-19 Incidence and Severity in SingaporeTan, SHX ; Pung, R; Wang, LF ; Lye, DC ; Ong, B ; Cook, AR ; Tan, KB
51-Apr-2021Association of SARS-CoV-2 clades with clinical, inflammatory and virologic outcomes: An observational studyYoung, Barnaby E; Wei, Wycliffe E; Fong, Siew-Wai; Mak, Tze-Minn; Anderson, Danielle E ; Chan, Yi-Hao; Pung, Rachael; Heng, Cheryl SY; Ang, Li Wei; Zheng, Adrian Kang Eng; Lee, Bernett; Kalimuddin, Shirin ; Pada, Surinder ; Tambyah, Paul A ; Parthasarathy, Purnima; Tan, Seow Yen; Sun, Louisa; Smith, Gavin JD; Lin, Raymond Tzer Pin; Leo, Yee-Sin ; Renia, Laurent ; Wang, Lin-Fa; Ng, Lisa FP; Maurer-Stroh, Sebastian; Lye, David Chien ; Lee, Vernon J 
62020Associations of viral ribonucleic acid (RNA) shedding patterns with clinical illness and immune responses in Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infectionLee, P.H.; Tay, W.C.; Sutjipto, S.; Fong, S.-W. ; Ong, S.W.X.; Wei, W.E.; Chan, Y.-H.; Ling, L.M.; Young, B.E.; Toh, M.P.H.S.; Renia, L.; Ng, L.F.P.; Leo, Y.-S. ; Lye, D.C. ; Lee, T.H.
72020Blood pressure trend in hospitalized adult dengue patientsYeung, W.; Lye, D.C.B. ; Thein, T.-L.; Chen, Y. ; Leo, Y.-S. 
82016CAMERA2 - combination antibiotic therapy for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection: Study protocol for a randomised controlled trialTong, S.Y.C; Nelson, J; Paterson, D.L; Fowler, V.G; Howden, B.P; Cheng, A.C; Chatfield, M; Lipman, J; Van Hal, S; O'Sullivan, M; Robinson, J.O; Yahav, D; Lye, D ; Davis, J.S; CAMERA2 study group and the Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases Clinical Research Netwo
92014Challenges in Dengue Fever in the Elderly: Atypical Presentation and Risk of Severe Dengue and Hospita-Acquired InfectionRowe E.K.; Leo Y.-S. ; Wong J.G.X.; Thein T.-L.; Gan V.C.; Lee L.K.; Lye D.C. 
102009Chikungunya outbreak, Singapore, 2008Leo, Y.S ; Chow, A.L.P ; Tan, L.K; Lye, D.C ; Lin, L; Ng, L.C
115-Apr-2021Clinical features and predictors of severity in COVID-19 patients with critical illness in Singapore.Ser Hon Puah; Puah, Ser Hon; Young, Barnaby Edward; Chia, Po Ying; Ho, Vui Kian ; Loh, Jiashen; Gokhale, Roshni Sadashiv ; Tan, Seow Yen; Sewa, Duu Wen ; Kalimuddin, Shirin ; Tan, Chee Keat; Pada, Surinder KMS; Cove, Matthew Edward ; Chai, Louis Yi Ann ; Parthasarathy, Purnima; Ho, Benjamin Choon Heng; Ng, Jensen Jiansheng; Ling, Li Min ; Abisheganaden, John A; Lee, Vernon JM ; Tan, Cher Heng; Lin, Raymond TP; Leo, Yee Sin ; Lye, David C ; Yeo, Tsin Wen
122015Clinical outcome and genetic differences within a monophyletic dengue virus type 2 populationHapuarachchi H.C.; Chua R.C.R.; Shi Y.; Thein T.L.; Lee L.K.; Lee K.S.; Lye D.C. ; Ng L.C.; Leo Y.S. 
132020Clinical utility of chest radiography for severe COVID-19Hui, T.C.H.; Khoo, H.W.; Young, B.E.; Mohideen, S.M.H.; Lee, Y.S.; Lim, C.J.; Leo, Y.S. ; Kaw, G.J.L.; Lye, D.C. ; Tan, C.H.
142017Comparison of diabetic and non-diabetic human leukocytic responses to different capsule types of Klebsiella pneumoniae responsible for causing pyogenic liver abscessLee, I.R ; Sng, E ; Lee, K.-O ; Molton, J.S ; Chan, M; Kalimuddin, S ; Izharuddin, E; Lye, D.C ; Archuleta, S ; Gan, Y.-H 
1515-May-2021Corrigendum to ‘Neurology of COVID-19 in Singapore (vol 418, 117118, 2020)Koh, Jasmine Shimin; De Silva, Deidre Anne; Quek, Amy May Lin ; Chiew, Hui Jin ; Tu, Tian Ming ; Seet, Christopher Ying Hao ; Hoe, Rebecca Hui Min; Saini, Monica ; Hui, Andrew Che-Fai; Angon, Jasmyn; Ker, Justin Ruixin; Yong, Ming Hui ; Goh, Yihui; Yu, Wai-Yung ; Lim, Tchoyoson Choie Cheio ; Tan, Benjamin Yong Qiang; Ng, Kay Wei Ping; Yeo, Leonard Leong Litt ; Pang, Yu Zhi ; Prakash, Kumar M; Ahmad, Aftab ; Thomas, Terrence; Lye, David Chien Boon ; Tan, Kevin ; Umapathi, Thirugnanam 
162018Cross-reactivity and anti-viral function of dengue capsid and NS3- specific memory t cells toward Zika VirusLim, M.Q. ; Kumaran, E.A.P. ; Tan, H.C. ; Lye, D.C. ; Leo, Y.S. ; Ooi, E.E. ; MacAry, P.A. ; Bertoletti, A. ; Rivino, L. 
172015Dengue serotype-specific differences in clinical manifestation, laboratory parameters and risk of severe disease in adults, SingaporeYung, C.-F; Lee, K.-S; Thein, T.-L; Tan, L.-K; Gan, V.C; Wong, J.G.X; Lye, D.C ; Ng, L.-C; Leo, Y.-S 
182015Derivation and validation of an accurate estimation of CD4 counts from the absolute lymphocyte count in virologically suppressed and immunologically reconstituted HIV infected adultsYoung, B; Ng, O.T ; Lye, D.C ; Leo, Y.S 
192020Detection of air and surface contamination by SARS-CoV-2 in hospital rooms of infected patientsChia, P.Y.; Coleman, K.K. ; Tan, Y.K.; Ong, S.W.X.; Gum, M.; Lau, S.K.; Lim, X.F.; Lim, A.S.; Sutjipto, S.; Lee, P.H.; Son, T.T. ; Young, B.E.; Milton, D.K.; Gray, G.C. ; Schuster, S.; Barkham, T. ; De, P.P.; Vasoo, S.; Chan, M.; Ang, B.S.P.; Tan, B.H.; Leo, Y.-S. ; Ng, O.-T.; Wong, M.S.Y.; Marimuthu, K. ; Lye, D.C. ; Lim, P.L. ; Lee, C.C.; Ling, L.M.; Lee, L.; Lee, T.H.; Wong, C.S.; Sadarangani, S.; Lin, R.J.; Ng, D.H.L.; Sadasiv, M.; Yeo, T.W.; Choy, C.Y.; Tan, G.S.E.; Dimatatac, F.; Santos, I.F.; Go, C.J.; Chan, Y.K.; Tay, J.Y.; Tan, J.Y.-L.; Pandit, N.; Ho, B.C.H.; Mendis, S.; Chen, Y.Y.C.; Abdad, M.Y.; Moses, D.; for the Singapore 2019 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak Research Team.
202017Diabetes, cardiac disorders and asthma as risk factors for severe organ involvement among adult dengue patients: A matched case-control studyPang, J ; Hsu, J.P; Yeo, T.W; Leo, Y.S ; Lye, D.C