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Kai-Qian Kam


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125-May-2021A Virus-Specific Immune Rheostat in the Immunome of Patients Recovering From Mild COVID-19Yeo, Joo Guan ; Leong, Jing Yao ; Tay, Shi Huan; Nadua, Karen Donceras ; Anderson, Danielle E. ; Lim, Amanda Jin Mei; Ng, Xiang Wen; Poh, Su Li; Guo, Dianyan; Yaung, Katherine Nay; Kumar, Pavanish; Wasser, Martin ; Hazirah, Sharifah Nur; Sutamam, Nursyuhadah; Chua, Camillus Jian Hui; Qui, Martin; Foo, Randy ; Gamage, Akshamal Mihiranga ; Yeo, Kee Thai ; Ramakrishna, Lakshmi; Arkachaisri, Thaschawee ; Young, Barnaby E.; Lye, David Chien ; Wang, Lin-Fa ; Chong, Chia Yin ; Tan, Natalie Woon Hui ; Li, Jiahui ; Kam, Kai-Qian ; Ginhoux, Florent ; Thoon, Koh Cheng ; Chan, Jerry Kok Yen ; Yung, Chee Fu ; Albani, Salvatore 
215-May-2023BNT162b2 vaccine protection against omicron and effect of previous infection variant and vaccination sequence among children and adolescents in Singapore: a population-based cohort study.Yung, Chee Fu ; Pang, Deanette; Kam, Kai Qian ; Lye, David C ; Ong, Benjamin ; Chong, Chia Yin ; Tan, Kelvin B
31-Sep-2020Kawasaki disease in the COVID-19 era: a distinct clinical phenotype?Kam, KQ ; Ong, JSM ; Lee, JH 
47-Dec-2021Serotype distribution and incidence of invasive early onset and late onset group B streptococcal disease amongst infants in SingaporeKam, Kai-Qian ; Thoon, Koh Cheng ; Tee, Wen Sim Nancy ; Ang, Michelle Lay Teng ; Tan, Natalie Woon Hui ; Yeo, Kee Thai ; Li, Jiahui ; Chong, Chia Yin