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Jan Hau Lee
Lee, J.H.


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12019Body Composition and Acquired Functional Impairment in Survivors of Pediatric Critical IllnessOng C. ; Lee J.H. ; Senna S.; Chia A.Z.H.; Wong J.J.M. ; Fortier M.V. ; Leow M.K.S. ; Puthucheary Z.A. 
22018Changes in near-infrared spectroscopy after congenital cyanotic heart surgeryWong, J.J.-M ; Chen, C.K ; Moorakonda, R.B; Wijeweera, O ; Shuen Tan, T.Y; Nakao, M; Allen, J.C ; Loh, T.F ; Lee, J.H 
32020Contemporary trends in global mortality of sepsis among young infants less than 90 days old: Protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysisPek, J.H. ; Gan, M.Y.; Yap, B.J.; Seethor, S.T.T.; Greenberg, R.G.; Hornik, C.P.V.; Tan, B. ; Lee, J.H. ; Chong, S.-L. 
42015Early hyperglycemia in pediatric traumatic brain injury predicts for mortality, prolonged duration of mechanical ventilation, and intensive care stayChong, S.-L ; Harjanto, S; Testoni, D; Ng, Z.M; Low, C.Y.D ; Lee, K.P ; Lee, J.H 
5Jan-2021Enteral feeding and the microbiome in critically ill children: a narrative reviewFan, Lijia ; Lee, Jan Hau 
62016Functional outcomes and physical impairments in pediatric critical care survivors: A scoping reviewOng C. ; Lee J.H. ; Leow M.K.S. ; Puthucheary Z.A. 
7Oct-2012Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis with isolated central nervous system reactivation and optic nerve involvementChong, K.W.; Lee, J.H. ; Choong, C.T.; Med, M.; Chan, D.W.S.; Fortier, M.V.; Chan, M.Y.
8Oct-2023Incidence of Group B Streptococcus early onset sepsis in term neonates with second-line prophylaxis maternal intrapartum antibiotics: A multicenter retrospective studyMing LOW, Jia ; Hau LEE, Jan ; FOOTE, Henry P; HORNIK, Christoph P; CLARK, Reese H; GREENBERG, Rachel G
91-Sep-2020Kawasaki disease in the COVID-19 era: a distinct clinical phenotype?Kam, KQ ; Ong, JSM ; Lee, JH 
10Oct-2012N-acetylcysteine in children with dengue-associated liver failure: A case reportLim, G.; Lee, J.H. 
112020Neurocognitive impairment after neonatal sepsis: Protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysisPek, J.H.; Yap, B.J.; Gan, M.Y.; Seethor, S.T.T.; Greenberg, R.; Hornik, C.P.V.; Tan, B.; Lee, J.H. ; Chong, S.-L.
122-Aug-2021Nutrition in Pediatric Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation: A Narrative ReviewToh, Theresa S. W.; Ong, Chengsi; Mok, Yee Hui; Mallory, Palen; Cheifetz, Ira M. M.; Lee, Jan Hau 
13Jan-2014Protocol-driven enteral nutrition in critically ill children: A systematic reviewWong, J.J.-M.; Ong, C.; Han, W.M.; Lee, J.H. 
142015Risk factors for severe hand foot mouth disease in Singapore: A case control studyChew, S.-P ; Chong, S.-L; Barbier, S; Matthew, A; Lee, J.H ; Chan, Y.H
152017Skeletal Muscle Ultrasonography in Nutrition and Functional Outcome Assessment of Critically Ill Children: Experience and Insights from Pediatric Disease and Adult Critical Care StudiesOng C. ; Lee J.H. ; Leow M.K.S. ; Puthucheary Z.A.
1631-Jan-2020The impact of high frequency oscillatory ventilation on mortality in paediatric acute respiratory distress syndromeWong, J.J.-M. ; Liu, S. ; Dang, H.; Anantasit, N.; Phan, P.H.; Phumeetham, S.; Qian, S.; Ong, J.S.M. ; Gan, C.S.; Chor, Y.K.; Samransamruajkit, R.; Loh, T.F. ; Feng, M. ; Lee, J.H. 
172016The number of tracheal intubation attempts matters! A prospective multi-institutional pediatric observational studyLee, J.H ; Turner, D.A; Kamat, P; Nett, S; Shults, J; Nadkarni, V.M; Nishisaki, A
18Apr-2013Vasopressin and copeptin levels in children with sepsis and septic shockLee, J.H. ; Chan, Y.H. ; Lai, O.F.; Puthucheary, J.