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11-Jun-2021Animals as potential reservoirs for dengue transmission: A systematic reviewGwee, Sylvia Xiao Wei ; St John, Ashley L. ; Gray, Gregory C.; Pang, Junxiong 
22017Assessing changes in knowledge, attitude and practices on dengue diagnosis and management among primary care physicians after the largest dengue epidemic in SingaporePang J. ; Hildon Z.J.-L. ; Thein T.L.; Jin J. ; Leo Y.S. 
32019Association between micronutrient deficiency and acute respiratory infections in healthy adults: A systematic review of observational studiesWang, M.X. ; Koh, J. ; Pang, J. 
41-Dec-2021Association between pet ownership and physical activity and mental health during the COVID-19 “circuit breaker” in SingaporeTan, Joel Shi Quan; Fung, Waikit; Tan, Beverley Shu Wen; Low, Jia Ying; Syn, Nicholas L.; Goh, Ying Xian; Pang, Junxiong 
52020Association between pet ownership and physical activity levels, atopic conditions, and mental health in Singapore: a propensity score-matched analysisGoh, Y.X.; Tan, J.S.Q.; Syn, N.L.; Tan, B.S.W.; Low, J.Y.; Foo, Y.H.; Fung, W.; Hoong, B.Y.D.; Pang, J. ; Lim, Q.X.; Wee, J.; Ng, T.Y.M.; Chow, H.H.E.; Ng, Y.L.; Chong, J.C.; Yeo, C.Y.; Tan, L.H.E.; Sim, A.E.X.; Abdurrahman, A.H.M.; Soon, C.-J.Y.; Wee, I.J.Y.; Ng, J.Y.X.; Lim, X.C.; Ng, L.J.H.; Lim, M.N.H.H.; Ong, W.R.; Ong, W.T.D.; Tan, R.G.; Viganeshwari, S.H.; Pillai, S.S./O.S.; Chan, S.S.H.; Kamil, S.H.B.M.; Soh, I.; Su, M.; Tan, Y.X.; Chew, V.T.W.; Yang, L.W.Y.; Yee, M.Y.F.; Phase IV CHP 2020 Group 8.
67-Jun-2021Association between well-being and compliance with COVID-19 preventive measures by healthcare professionals: A cross-sectional studyShah, Shimoni Urvish ; Loo, Evelyn Xiu Ling ; Chua, Chun En; Kew, Guan Sen; Demutska, Alla; Quek, Sabrina; Wong, Scott; Lau, Hui Xing; Low, En Xian Sarah; Loh, Tze Liang; Lung, Ooi Shien; Hung, Emily CW; Rahman, M Masudur; Ghoshal, Uday C; Wong, Sunny H; Cheung, Cynthia KY; Syam, Ari F; Tan, Niandi; Xiao, Yinglian; Liu, Jin-Song; Lu, Fang; Chen, Chien-Lin; Lee, Yeong Yeh; Maralit, Ruter M; Kim, Yong-Sung; Oshima, Tadayuki; Miwa, Hiroto; Siah, Kewin Tien Ho ; Pang, Junxiong 
721-Jun-2021Author Correction: Increased Serum Hyaluronic Acid and Heparan Sulfate in Dengue Fever: Association with Plasma Leakage and Disease Severity (Scientific Reports, (2017), 7, 1, (46191), 10.1038/srep46191)Tang, Tommy Hing-Cheung; Alonso, Sylvie ; Ng, Lisa Fong-Poh ; Thein, Tun-Linn; Pang, Junxiong ; Leo, Yee-Sin ; Lye, David Chien-Boon ; Yeo, Tsin-Wen
82019Clinical features for diagnosis of pneumonia among adults in primary care setting: A systematic and meta-reviewHtun, T.P. ; Sun, Y. ; Chua, H.L. ; Pang, J. 
911-Jun-2021Clinical Signs and Symptoms Associated with WHO Severe Dengue Classification: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysisTha Pyai Htun ; Zhonghui Xiong; Junxiong Pang 
102015Clustering, climate and dengue transmissionJunxiong P ; Yee-Sin L 
112020Connecting clusters of COVID-19: an epidemiological and serological investigationYong, SEF; Anderson, DE; Wei, WE; Pang, J ; Chia, WN; Tan, CW; Teoh, YL; Rajendram, P; Toh, MPHS; Poh, C; Koh, VTJ; Lum, J; Suhaimi, NAM; Chia, PY; Chen, MIC; Vasoo, S; Ong, B; Leo, YS; Wang, L; Lee, VJM
122015Current knowledge, attitude and behaviour of hand and food hygiene in a developed residential community of Singapore: A cross-sectional survey Trauma care and orthopedic surgeryPang, J ; Chua, S.W.J.L ; Hsu, L 
132017Diabetes, cardiac disorders and asthma as risk factors for severe organ involvement among adult dengue patients: A matched case-control studyPang, J ; Hsu, J.P; Yeo, T.W; Leo, Y.S ; Lye, D.C 
142018Differences in clinical features and dengue severity between local and migrant Chinese with dengue infection in SingaporeXu C.; Pang J. ; Hsu J.P.; Leo Y.S. ; Lye D.C.B. 
152015Differential clinical outcome of dengue infection among patients with and without HIV infection: A matched case-control studyPang, J ; Thein, T.-L; Lye, D.C ; Leo, Y.-S 
162014Early clinical and laboratory risk factors of intensive care unit requirement during 2004-2008 dengue epidemics in Singapore: A matched case-control studyPang, J ; Thein, T.-L; Leo, Y.-S ; Lye, D.C 
172014Effectiveness of seasonal influenza vaccinations against laboratory-confirmed influenza-associated infections among Singapore military personnel in 2010-2013Ho, H.P; Zhao, X ; Pang, J ; Chen, M.I..-C ; Lee, V.J.M ; Ang, L.W; Lin, R.V.T.P ; Gao, C.Q; Hsu, L.Y ; Cook, A.R 
18Sep-2020Effectiveness of Surgical Face Masks in Reducing Acute Respiratory Infections in Non-Healthcare Settings: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisWang, M.X. ; Gwee, S.X.W. ; Chua, P.E.Y. ; Pang, J. 
192020Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of cases during the early phase of covid-19 pandemic: A systematic review and meta-analysisKoh, J.; Shah, S.U. ; Chua, P.E.Y. ; Gui, H. ; Pang, J. 
201-Jan-2021Explainable machine learning prediction of ICU mortalityChia, A.H.T.; Khoo, M.S.; Lim, A.Z.; Ong, K.E.; Sun, Y.; Nguyen, B.P.; Chua, M.C.H. ; Pang, J.