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11-Apr-2022A Nurse-Led Integrated Chronic Care E-Enhanced Atrial Fibrillation (NICE-AF) Clinic in the Community: A Preliminary EvaluationGuo, Huiling ; Hildon, Zoe Jane-Lara ; Loh, Victor Weng Keong; Sundram, Meena; Bin Ibrahim, Muhamad Alif; Tang, Wern Ee; Chow, Angela 
22014A systematic review of risk factors for neonatal mortality in Adolescent Mother's in Sub Saharan AfricaRamaiya A.; Kiss L.; Baraitser P.; Mbaruku G.; Hildon Z. 
32017Assessing changes in knowledge, attitude and practices on dengue diagnosis and management among primary care physicians after the largest dengue epidemic in SingaporePang J. ; Hildon Z.J.-L. ; Thein T.L.; Jin J. ; Leo Y.S. 
42012Clinicians and patients views of metrics of change derived from patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) for comparing providers performance of surgeryHildon Z. ; Neuburger J.; Allwood D.; Van Der Meulen J.; Black N.
52017Comparing patient and healthcare worker experiences during a dengue outbreak in Singapore: Understanding the patient journey and the introduction of a point-of-care test (POCT) toward better care deliveryTan Q.; Hildon Z.J.-L. ; Singh S. ; Jing J. ; Thein T.L.; Coker R. ; Vrijhoef H.J.M. ; Leo Y.S. 
62016Explaining retention of healthcare workers in Tanzania: Moving on, coming to 'look, see and go', or stay?Shemdoe A.; Mbaruku G.; Dillip A.; Bradley S.; William J.J.; Wason D.; Hildon Z.J.-L. 
71-Jan-2021Interacting with place and mapping community needs to context: Comparing and triangulating multiple geospatial-qualitative methods using the Focus–Expand–Compare approachAw, S; Koh, GCH ; Oh, YJ; Wong, ML; Vrijhoef, HJM; Harding, SC; Geronimo, MAB; Hildon, ZJL 
84-Sep-2017Mapping infectious disease hospital surge threats to lessons learnt in Singapore: a systems analysis and development of a framework to inform how to DECIDE on planning and response strategiesSingh, Shweta R ; Coker, Richard ; Vrijhoef, Hubertus J-M ; Leo, Yee Sin ; Chow, Angela ; Lim, Poh Lian ; Tan, Qinghui; Chen, Mark I-Cheng ; Hildon, Zoe Jane-Lara 
92018The theoretical and empirical basis of a BioPsychoSocial (BPS) risk screener for detection of older people's health related needs, planning of community programs, and targeted care interventionsHildon Z.J.-L. ; Tan C.S. ; Shiraz F. ; Ng W.C.; Deng X. ; Koh G.C.H. ; Tan K.B. ; Philp I.,; Wiggins D.,; Aw S. ; Wu T.; Vrijhoef H.J.M. 
102014Thermal care for newborn babies in rural southern Tanzania: A mixed-method study of barriers, facilitators and potential for behaviour changeShamba D.; Schellenberg J.; Hildon Z.J.L. ; Mashasi I.; Penfold S.; Tanner M.; Marchant T.; Hill Z.