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12016A clinically authentic mouse model of enterovirus 71 (EV-A71)-induced neurogenic pulmonary oedemaVictorio, C.B.L ; Xu, Y; Ng, Q; Chua, B.H; Alonso, S ; Chow, V.T.K ; Chua, K.B
22010A non mouse-adapted dengue virus strain as a new model of severe dengue infection in AG129 miceTan, G.K. ; Ng, J.K.W.; Alonso, S. ; Trasti, S.L.; Schul, W.; Yip, G. 
32016A rheostat mechanism governs the bifurcation of carbon flux in mycobacteriaMurima, P; Zimmermann, M; Chopra, T; Pojer, F; Fonti, G; Dal Peraro, M; Alonso, S ; Sauer, U; Pethe, K; McKinney, J.D
4Aug-2011A single amino acid in nonstructural protein NS4B Confers virulence to dengue virus in AG129 mice through enhancement of viral RNA synthesisGrant, D.; Tan, G.K. ; Qing, M.; Ng, J.K.W.; Yip, A.; Zou, G.; Xie, X.; Yuan, Z.Y.; Schreiber, J.; Schul, W.; Shi, P.-Y.; Alonso, S. 
526-Jun-2019A T164S mutation in the dengue virus NS1 protein is associated with greater disease severity in miceChan, Kitti Wing Ki; Watanabe, Satoru; Jin, Jocelyn Y; Pompon, Julien; Teng, Don; Alonso, Sylvie ; Vijaykrishna, Dhanasekaran ; Halstead, Scott B; Marzinek, Jan K ; Bond, Peter J ; Burla, Bo ; Torta, Federico; Wenk, Markus R ; Ooi, Eng Eong ; Vasudevan, Subhash G 
625-Aug-2020An update on dengue vaccine development, challenges and future perspectivesFakhriedzwan Idris ; Donald Ting ; Sylvie Alonso 
724-Jun-2016Antiviral activity of Lactobacillus reuteri Protectis against Coxsackievirus A and Enterovirus 71 infection in human skeletal muscle and colon cell linesAng L.Y.E. ; Too H.K.I. ; Tan E.L. ; Chow T.-K.V. ; Shek P.-C.L. ; Tham E. ; Alonso S. 
82010Attenuated Bordetella pertussis protects against highly pathogenic influenza A viruses by dampening the cytokine stormLi, R. ; Lim, A. ; Phoon, M.C.; Narasaraju, T.; Ng, J.K.W.; Chow, V.T. ; Alonso, S. ; Poh, W.P. ; Sim, M.K. ; Locht, C.
92012Characterization of an Isotype-Dependent monoclonal antibody against linear neutralizing epitope effective for prophylaxis of enterovirus 71 infectionLim X.F.; Jia Q.; Khong W.X.; Yan B.; Premanand B.; Alonso S. ; Chow V.T.K. ; Kwang J.
102017Dengue virus glycosylation: What do we know?Yap, S.S.L ; Nguyen-Khuong, T; Rudd, P.M; Alonso, S 
1126-Jul-2011Development of live attenuated Bordetella pertussis strains expressing the universal influenza vaccine candidate M2eLi, R. ; Lim, A. ; Ow, S.T.L.; Phoon, M.C.; Locht, C.; Chow, V.T. ; Alonso, S. 
122017Enhancing vaccine antibody responses by targeting Clec9A on dendritic cellsPark, H.-Y; Tan, P.S; Kavishna, R ; Ker, A ; Lu, J ; Chan, C.E.Z; Hanson, B.J ; MacAry, P.A ; Caminschi, I; Shortman, K ; Alonso, S ; Lahoud, M.H
132016Enterovirus 71 infection of motor neuron-like NSC-34 cells undergoes a non-lytic exit pathwayToo, I.H.K; Yeo, H ; Sessions, O.M ; Yan, B; Libau, E.A ; Howe, J.L.C; Lim, Z.Q; Suku-Maran, S; Ong, W.-Y ; Chua, K.B; Wong, B.S ; Chow, V.T.K ; Alonso, S 
142017EthA/R-independent killing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis by ethionamideAng, M.L.T ; Rahim, S.Z.Z ; de Sessions P.F; Lin, W ; Koh, V ; Pethe.K; Hibberd, M.L ; Alonso, S 
152014Evidence for a role of the polysaccharide capsule transport proteins in pertussis pathogenesisHoo R. ; Lam J.H. ; Huot L.; Pant A.; Li R.; Hot D.; Alonso S. 
162010Evidence for an intact polysaccharide capsule in Bordetella pertussisNeo, Y.; Li, R. ; Howe, J.; Hoo, R.; Pant, A.; Ho, S.; Alonso, S. 
172010Exploring the Versatility of the Autotransporter BrkA for the Presentation of Enterovirus 71 Vaccine Candidates at the Surface of Attenuated Bordetella pertussisXin, K.W.; Alonso, S. ; Chow, V.T.K. 
182014First Experimental In Vivo Model of Enhanced Dengue Disease Severity through Maternally Acquired Heterotypic Dengue AntibodiesNg J.K.W.; Zhang S.L.; Tan H.C.; Yan B.; Maria Martinez Gomez J.; Tan W.Y.; Lam J.H.; Tan G.K.X.; Ooi E.E. ; Alonso S. 
192019Harnessing the Immunomodulatory Properties of Bacterial Ghosts to Boost the Anti-mycobacterial Protective ImmunityLim, J. ; Koh, V.H.Q. ; Cho, S.S.L. ; Periaswamy, B.; Choi, D.P.S.; Vacca, M. ; De Sessions, P.F.; Kudela, P.; Lubitz, W.; Pastorin, G. ; Alonso, S. 
202008Highly attenuated Bordetella pertussis strain BPZE1 as a potential live vehicle for delivery of heterologous vaccine candidatesSi, Y.H.; Shi, Q.C.; Alonso, S. ; Foo, D.G.W.; Chow, V.T. ; Chit, L.P. ; Locht, C.