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11993Characterization of Thymic Nurse-Cell Lymphocytes, Using an Improved Procedure for Nurse-Cell IsolationLahoud, M; Vremec, D; Boyd, R.L; Shortman, K 
21991Different Subpopulations of Developing Thymocytes are Associated With Adherent (Macrophage) or Nonadherent (Dendritic) Thymic RosettesShortman, K ; Vremec, D
32017Enhancing vaccine antibody responses by targeting Clec9A on dendritic cellsPark, H.-Y; Tan, P.S; Kavishna, R ; Ker, A ; Lu, J ; Chan, C.E.Z; Hanson, B.J ; MacAry, P.A ; Caminschi, I; Shortman, K ; Alonso, S ; Lahoud, M.H
42016IL-12p40/IL-10 Producing preCD8α/Clec9A+Dendritic Cells Are Induced in Neonates upon Listeria monocytogenes InfectionTorres D.; Köhler A.; Delbauve S.; Caminschi I.; Lahoud M.H.; Shortman K. ; Flamand V.
52016Plasmacytoid dendritic cells are short-lived: Reappraising the influence of migration, genetic factors and activation on estimation of lifespanZhan, Y; Chow, K.V; Soo, P; Xu, Z; Brady, J.L; Lawlor, K.E; Masters, S.L; O'Keeffe, M; Shortman, K ; Zhang, J.-G; Lew, A.M
62007Putative IKDCs are functionally and developmentally similar to natural killer cells, but not to dendritic cellsCaminschi, I; Ahmet, F; Heger, K; Brady, J; Nutt, S.L; Vremec, D; Pietersz, S; Lahoud, M.H; Schofield, L; Hansen, D.S; O'Keeffe, M; Smyth, M.J; Bedoui, S; Davey, G.M; Villadangos, J.A; Heath, W.R; Shortman, K 
72006Signal regulatory protein molecules are differentially expressed, by CD8- dendritic cellsLahoud, M.H; Proietto, A.I; Gartlan, K.H; Kitsoulis, S; Curtis, J; Wettenhall, J; Sofi, M; Daunt, C; O'Keeffe, M; Caminschi, I; Satterley, K; Rizzitelli, A; Schnorrer, P; Hinohara, A; Yamaguchi, Y; Wu, L; Smyth, G; Handman, E; Shortman, K ; Wright, M.D
81996Thymic dendritic cell precursors: Relationship to the T lymphocyte lineage and phenotype of the dendritic cell progenyWu, L; Li, C.-L; Shortman, K 
92011Type I interferon drives dendritic cell apoptosis via multiple BH3-only proteins following activation by polyic in vivoFuertes Marraco S.A.; Scott C.L.; Bouillet P.; Ives A.; Masina S.; Vremec D.; Jansen E.S.; O'Reilly L.A.; Schneider P.; Fasel N.; Shortman K. ; Strasser A.; Acha-Orbea H.
102015What's in a name? Some early and current issues in dendritic cell nomenclatureVremec, D; Shortman, K