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MacAry, P.A.
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1May-2010A CD8+ T cell transcription signature predicts prognosis in autoimmune diseaseMcKinney, E.F.; Lyons, P.A.; Carr, E.J.; Hollis, J.L.; Jayne, D.R.W.; Willcocks, L.C.; Koukoulaki, M.; Brazma, A.; Jovanovic, V. ; Kemeny, D.M. ; Pollard, A.J.; MacAry, P.A. ; Chaudhry, A.N.; Smith, K.G.C.
22017A potent neutralizing antibody with therapeutic potential against all four serotypes of dengue virusXu, M; Zuest, R; Velumani, S; Tukijan, F; Toh, Y.X; Appanna, R; Tan, E.Y; Cerny, D; MacAry, P ; Wang, C.-I; Fink, K
32009A subpopulation of mesenchymal stromal cells with high osteogenic potentialLiu, H. ; Toh, W.S.; Lu, K.; Cao, T. ; MacAry, P.A. ; Kemeny, D.M. 
4Aug-2008CD40L-expressing CD8 T cells prime CD8α+ DC for IL-12p70 productionWong, K.L.; Lew, F.C.; MacAry, P.A. ; Kemeny, D.M. 
52008CD40L-expressing CD8 T cells prime CD8α+DC for IL-12p70 productionWong, K.L.; Lew, F.C.; MacAry, P.A. ; Kemeny, D.M. 
61-Jul-2009CD44high memory CD8 T cells synergize with CpG DNA to activate dendritic cell IL-12p70 productionWong, K.L.; Tang, L.F.M.; Lew, F.C.; Wong, H.S.K.; Chua, Y.L.; MacAry, P.A. ; Kemeny, D.M. 
72009CD44highmemory CD8 T cells synergize with CpG DNA to activate dendritic cell IL-12p70 productionWong, K.L.; Tang, L.F.M.; Lew, F.C.; Wong, H.S.K. ; Chua, Y.L.; MacAry, P.A. ; Kemeny, D.M. 
810-Jul-2019Characterisation of a human antibody that potentially links cytomegalovirus infection with systemic lupus erythematosus.Neo, Jie Ying Jacklyn ; Wee, Seng Yin Kelly; Bonne, Isabelle ; Tay, Sen Hee ; Raida, Manfred; Jovanovic, Vojislav ; Fairhurst, Anna-Marie; Lu, Jinhua ; Hanson, Brendon J; MacAry, Paul A 
97-Apr-2021Characterization and Establishment of a Novel EBV Strain Simultaneously Associated With Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma and B-Cell LymphomaYu, Fenggang ; Syn, Nicholas L; Lu, Yanan; Chong, Qing Yun ; Lai, Junyun ; Tan, Wei Jian ; Goh, Boon Cher ; MacAry, Paul A ; Wang, Lingzhi ; Loh, Kwok Seng 
102009Characterization of cytotoxic T-lymphocyte epitopes and immune responses to SARS coronavirus spike DNA vaccine expressing the RGD-integrin-binding motifPoh, W.P. ; Koh, D.R. ; Narasaraju, T.; Pereira, N.A.; Zhong, F.; Phoon, M.C.; Macary, P.A. ; Wong, S.H.; Lu, J.; Chow, V.T.K. 
11Dec-2021Codominant IgG and IgA expression with minimal vaccine mRNA in milk of BNT162b2 vaccineesLow, Jia Ming ; Gu, Yue; Ng, Melissa Shu Feng; Amin, Zubair ; Lee, Le Ye; Ng, Yvonne Peng Mei ; Shunmuganathan, Bhuvaneshwari DO ; Niu, Yuxi ; Gupta, Rashi ; Tambyah, Paul Anantharajah ; MacAry, Paul A ; Wang, Liang Wei; Zhong, Youjia 
122018Cross-reactivity and anti-viral function of dengue capsid and NS3- specific memory t cells toward Zika VirusLim, M.Q. ; Kumaran, E.A.P. ; Tan, H.C. ; Lye, D.C. ; Leo, Y.S. ; Ooi, E.E. ; MacAry, P.A. ; Bertoletti, A. ; Rivino, L. 
13Jan-2010Current views on the clinical relevance of blastocystis spp.Tan, K.S.W. ; Mirza, H.; Teo, J.D.W.; Wu, B. ; MacAry, P.A. 
142013Defining the expression hierarchy of latent T-cell epitopes in Epstein-Barr virus infection with TCR-like antibodiesSim A.C.N. ; Too C.T. ; Oo M.Z. ; Lai J. ; Eio M.Y.; Song Z.; Srinivasan N.; Tan D.A.L. ; Pang S.W.; Gan S.U. ; Lee K.O. ; Loh T.K.S. ; Chen J. ; Chan S.H. ; Macary P.A. 
1521-Feb-2019Defining the structural basis for human alloantibody binding to human leukocyte antigen allele HLA-A(star)11:01Gu, Yue ; Wong, Yee Hwa; Liew, Chong Wai; Chan, Conrad EZ; Murali, Tanusya M ; Yap, Jiawei; Too, Chien Tei ; Purushotorman, Kiren; Hamidinia, Maryam; El Sahili, Abbas; Goh, Angeline TH; Teo, Rachel ZC; Wood, Kathryn J; Hanson, Brendon J; Gascoigne, Nicholas RJ ; Lescar, Julien; Vathsala, Anantharaman ; MacAry, Paul A 
162020Defining the structural basis for human leukocyte antigen reactivity in clinical transplantationGu, Y.; Koh, R.W.K.; Lai, M.L.; Pochinco, D.; Teo, R.Z.C.; Chan, M.; Murali, T.M. ; Liew, C.W.; Wong, Y.H.; Gascoigne, N.R.J. ; Wood, K.J.; Lescar, J.; Nickerson, P.; MacAry, P.A. ; Vathsala, A. 
1720-Oct-2006Dendritic cell stimulation by mycobacterial Hsp70 is mediated through CCR5Floto, R.A.; MacAry, P.A. ; Boname, J.M.; Mien, T.S.; Kampmann, B.; Hair, J.R.; Huey, O.S. ; Houben, E.N.G.; Pieters, J.; Day, C.; Oehlmann, W.; Singh, M.; Smith, K.G.C.; Lehner, P.J.
182014Dengue: Challenges for policy makers and vaccine developersWilder-Smith, A; Macary, P 
192009Differential signal transduction, membrane trafficking, and immune effector functions mediated by FcγRI versus FcγRIIaDai, X. ; Lin, G. ; Chien, T.T.; Yan, T.L.; Soh, H.C.; Kemeny, D.M. ; MacAry, P.A. ; Jayapal, M. ; Hwee, K.T.; Reghunathan, R. ; Melendez, A.J. ; Floto, R.A.; Smith, K.G.C. 
202017Enhancing vaccine antibody responses by targeting Clec9A on dendritic cellsPark, H.-Y; Tan, P.S; Kavishna, R ; Ker, A ; Lu, J ; Chan, C.E.Z; Hanson, B.J ; MacAry, P.A ; Caminschi, I; Shortman, K ; Alonso, S ; Lahoud, M.H