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Stephan Gasser
Gasser, S.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12014Advances in NKG2D ligand recognition and responses by NK cellsLe Bert, N. ; Gasser, S. 
228-Mar-2013ATM-dependent spontaneous regression of early Eμ-myc-induced murine B-cell leukemia depends on natural killer and T cells.Croxford, J.L. ; Tang, M.L.; Pan, M.F. ; Huang, C.W.; Kamran, N.; Phua, C.M.; Chng, W.J. ; Ng, S.B. ; Raulet, D.H.; Gasser, S. 
32012CD137 ligand activated microglia induces oligodendrocyte apoptosis via reactive oxygen speciesYeo Y.A.; Martínez­nez Gómez J.M. ; Croxford J.L. ; Gasser S. ; Ling E.-A. ; Schwarz H. 
415-Sep-2010Chemotherapy-induced genotoxic stress promotes sensitivity to natural killer cell cytotoxicity by enabling missing-self recognitionFine, J.H.; Chen, P.; Mesci, A.; Allan, D.S.J.; Gasser, S. ; Raulet, D.H.; Carlyle, J.R.
5Oct-2011Damage control: How HIV survives the editor APOBEC3GCroxford, J.L. ; Gasser, S. 
6Mar-2013Regulation of ligands for the NKG2D activating receptorRaulet, D.H.; Gasser, S. ; Gowen, B.G.; Deng, W.; Jung, H.
72014The DNA damage response induces antigen presenting cell-like functions in fibroblastsTang, M.L.F.; Khan, M.K.N. ; Croxford, J.L. ; Tan, K.W. ; Angeli, V. ; Gasser, S. 
81-Jan-2010The role of natural killer cells in cancer therapyLee, S.K.; Gasser, S. 
92013Toll-Like Receptor Ligands Induce Expression of the Costimulatory Molecule CD155 on Antigen-Presenting CellsKamran N.; Takai Y.; Miyoshi J.; Biswas S.K. ; Wong J.S.B. ; Gasser S.