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Lim Hsiu Kim,Lina
Lim, Hsiu Kim Lina
Lim, L.H.K.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jan-2019Alternative experimental models for studying influenza proteins, host-virus interactions and anti-influenza drugsChua, SCJH; Tan, HQ ; Engelberg, D ; Lim, LHK 
220-Aug-2018Annexin A1 in inflammation and breast cancer: a new axis in the tumor microenvironmentLeonardo A Moraes ; Patrick B Ampomah; Lina Lim 
31-Feb-2009Annexin-1 regulates growth arrest induced by high levels of estrogen in MCF-7 breast cancer cellsAng, E.Z.-F.; Nguyen, H.T.; Sim, H.-L.; Putti, T.C. ; Lim, L.H.K. 
4Apr-2019Annexin-A1 - A Blessing or a Curse in Cancer?Foo, Sok Lin; YAP LI REN GRACEMARY ; Cui Jianzhou ; LIM HSIU KIM,LINA 
59-May-2022Annexin-A1 deficiency attenuates stress-induced tumor growth via fatty acid metabolism in mice: an Integrated multiple omics analysis on the stress- microbiome-metabolite-epigenetic-oncology (SMMEO) axisCui, Jianzhou ; Karishma Sachaphibulkij ; Wen Shiun Teo ; Hong Meng Lim ; Li Zou ; Choon Nam Ong ; Rudi Alberts ; Jinmiao Chen ; Lina H. K. Lim 
62017Annexin-A1 enhances breast cancer growth and migration by promoting alternative macrophage polarization in the tumour microenvironmentMoraes L.A. ; Kar S.; Foo S.L.; Gu T.; Toh Y.Q.; Ampomah P.B.; Sachaphibulkij K. ; Yap G. ; Zharkova O.; Lukman H.M. ; Fairhurst A.-M.; Kumar A.P. ; Lim L.H.K. 
7Jun-2020Annexin-A1 promotes RIG-I-dependent signaling and apoptosis via regulation of the IRF3–IFNAR–STAT1–IFIT1 pathway in A549 lung epithelial cellsYap, Gracemary LR ; Sachaphibulkij, Karishma ; Foo, Sok Lin; Cui, Jianzhou ; Fairhurst, Anna-Marie ; Lim, Lina HK 
82018Annexins in influenza virus replication and pathogenesisAmpomah, P.B; Kong, W.T ; Zharkova, O ; Chua, S.C.J.H; Samy, R.P ; Lim, L.H.K 
92016ANXA1 inhibits miRNA-196a in a negative feedback loop through NF-kB and C-Myc to reduce breast cancer proliferationYuan, Y ; Anbalagan, D; Lee, L.H; Samy, R.P ; Shanmugam, M.K ; Kumar, A.P ; Sethi, G ; Lobie, P.E ; Lim, L.H.K 
10Dec-2022Breast cancer metastasis to brain results in recruitment and activation of microglia through annexin-A1/formyl peptide receptor signalingFoo, Sok Lin; Sachaphibulkij, Karishma; Lee, Corinne LY ; Yap, Gracemary LR ; Cui, Jianzhou ; Arumugam, Thiruma ; Lim, Lina HK 
111-Mar-2018Formyl peptide receptor 2 is regulated by RNA mimics and viruses through an IFN-b-STAT3-dependent pathwayAmpomah, PB; Moraes, LA ; Lukman, HM ; Lim, LHK 
121-Feb-2020Influenza A virus-induced apoptosis and virus propagationAmpomah, Patrick B; Lim, Lina HK 
132015Mass spectrometry based quantitative proteomics and integrative network analysis accentuates modulating roles of annexin-1 in mammary tumorigenesisSwa, Hannah Lee Foon; Shaik, Asfa Alli Lli; Lim, Hsiu Kim Lina ; Gunaratne, Jayantha
142017Melioidosis: Clinical impact and public health threat in the tropicsPerumal Samy R.; Stiles B.G.; Sethi G. ; Lim L.H.K. 
151-Jan-2021MicroRNA-196a promotes renal cancer cell migration and invasion by targeting BRAM1 to regulate SMAD and MAPK signaling pathwaysCui, Jianzhou ; Yuan, Yi; Shanmugam, Muthu K ; Anbalagan, Durkeshwari; Tan, Tuan Zea ; Sethi, Gautam ; Kumar, Alan Prem ; Lim, Lina HK 
162015Novel phospholipase A2 inhibitors from python serum are potent peptide antibioticsSamy, Ramar Perumal Erumal ; Thwin, Maung Maung Aung; Stiles, Bradley G; Satyanarayana-Jois, Seetharama; Chinnathambi, Arunachalam; Alharbi, Sulaiman Ali Li; Siveen, Kodappully Sivaraman ; Sikka, Sakshi; ALAN PREM KUMAR ; Sethi, Gautam ; Lim, Hsiu Kim Lina 
172017Phosphoproteomics reveals network rewiring to a pro-adhesion state in annexin-1-deficient mammary epithelial cellsAlli-Shaik, A; Wee, S; Lim, L.H.K ; Gunaratne, J 
18Nov-2017PPARγ Ligand-induced Annexin A1 Expression Determines Chemotherapy Response via Deubiquitination of Death Domain Kinase RIP in Triple-negative Breast Cancers.Chen, Luxi ; Yuan, Yi; Kar, Shreya; Kanchi, Madhu M ; Arora, Suruchi; Kim, Ji E; Koh, Pei F ; Yousef, Einas; Samy, Ramar P ; Shanmugam, Muthu K ; Tuan Z ; Shin, Sung W; Arfuso, Frank; Shen, Han M ; Yang, Henry; Goh, Boon C ; Park, Joo I; Gaboury, Louis; Lobie, Peter E ; Sethi, Gautam ; Lim, Lina HK ; Kumar, Alan P 
19Aug-2012Quantitative proteomics profiling of murine mammary gland cells unravels impact of annexin-1 on DNA damage response, cell adhesion, and migrationSwa, H.L.F.; Blackstock, W.P.; Lim, L.H.K. ; Gunaratne, J.
202020RNA-Sequencing-Based Transcriptomic Analysis Reveals a Role for Annexin-A1 in Classical and Influenza A Virus-Induced AutophagyCui Jianzhou ; Morgan, Dhakshayini; Cheng, Dao Han; Foo, Sok Lin; Yap, Gracemary LR ; Ampomah, Patrick B; Arora, Suruchi ; Sachaphibulkij, Karishma ; Periaswamy, Balamurugan ; Fairhurst, Anna-Marie ; De Sessions, Paola Florez De; Lim, Lina HK