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11-Mar-2019A Flow Cytometry-Based Assay for High-Throughput Detection and Quantification of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps in Mixed Cell PopulationsZharkova, Olga ; Tay, Sen Hee ; Lee, Hui Yin; Shubhita, Tripathi; Ong, Wei Yee; Lateef, Aisha ; MacAry, Paul Anthony ; Lim, Lina Hsiu Kim ; Connolly, John Edward ; Fairhurst, Anna-Marie 
21-Aug-2020A multicenter phase II randomized trial of durvalumab (MEDI-4736) versus physician's choice chemotherapy in recurrent ovarian clear cell adenocarcinoma (MOCCA)Ngoi, Natalie YL; Heong, Valerie; Ow, Samuel ; Chay, Wen Yee ; Kim, Hee Seung; Choi, Chel Hun; Goss, Geraldine; Goh, Jeffrey C; Tai, Bee Choo ; Lim, Diana G ; Kaliaperumal, Nivashini; Au, Veonice B; Connolly, John E ; Kim, Jae-Weon; Friedlander, Michael; Kim, Kidong; Tan, David SP 
32018Autophagy governs protumorigenic effects of mitotic slippage-induced senescenceJakhar, R; Luijten, M.N.H; Wong, A.X.F; Cheng, B; Guo, K; Neo, S.P; Au, B; Kulkarni, M; Lim, K.J; Maimaiti, J; Chong, H.C; Lim, E.H; Tan, T.B.K; Ong, K.W; Sim, Y; Wong, J.S.L ; Khoo, J.B.K; Ho, J.T.S ; Chua, B.T; Sinha, I; Wang, X; Connolly, J.E ; Gunaratne, J ; Crasta, K.C
41-Dec-2021Bayesian analysis of cytokines and chemokine identifies immune pathways of HBsAg loss during chronic hepatitis B treatmentNarayanan, S; Au, VB; Khakpoor, A ; Yan, C ; Ahl, PJ; Kaliaperumal, N; Lee, B; Xiang, WW; Wang, J ; Lee, C; Tay, A ; Lim, SG ; Connolly, JE 
52018Brief report: Decreased expression of CD244 (SLAMF4) on monocytes and platelets in patients with systemic lupus erythematosusMak, A ; Thornhill, S.I; Lee, H.Y; Lee, B; Poidinger, M ; Connolly, J.E ; Fairhurst, A.-M 
62018Chromosomal instability-induced senescence potentiates cell non-autonomous tumourigenic effectsHe, Q.; Au, B.; Kulkarni, M.; Shen, Y.; Lim, K.J.; Maimaiti, J.; Wong, C.K.; Luijten, M.N.H.; Chong, H.C.; Lim, E.H.; Rancati, G.; Sinha, I.; Fu, Z.; Wang, X.; Connolly, J.E. ; Crasta, K.C.
718-Oct-2021Dendritic cell therapy with CD137L-DC-EBV-VAX in locally recurrent or metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma is safe and confers clinical benefitNickles, Emily ; Dharmadhikari, Bhushan ; Li, Yating ; Walsh, Robert J; Koh, Liang Piu ; Poon, Michelle ; Tan, Lip Kun ; Wang, Ling-Zhi; Ang, Yvonne; Asokumaran, Yugarajah; Chong, Wan Qin; Huang, Yiqing; Loh, Kwok Seng ; Tay, Joshua ; Soo, Ross ; Koh, Mickey; Ho, Liam Pock ; Chan, Marieta; Niam, Madelaine; Soh, Melissa; Luah, Yen Hoon ; Lim, Chwee Ming ; Kaliaperumal, Nivashini; Au, Veonice B; Talib, Najwa Binte Said Nasir; Sng, Reina ; Connolly, John E ; Goh, Boon Cher ; Schwarz, Herbert 
81-Sep-2021Dysfunctional bronchial cilia are a feature of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)Biju Thomas ; Mariko Siyue Koh ; Chris O'Callaghan; JOHN ALLEN ; Andrew Rutman; Rob Hirst; John Connolly ; Su Ying Low ; Ong Thun How ; Loo Chian Min ; Darren Wan Teck Lim ; Oon Lin Ean Lynette ; Qixian He; Oon Hoe Teoh ; Therese Lapperre 
92011Genetic control of the variable innate immune response to asymptomatic bacteriuriaHernández J.G.; Sundén F.; Connolly J. ; Svanborg C.; Wullt B.
102015Genome-wide analysis of the genetic regulation of gene expression in human neutrophilsAndiappan, A.K; Melchiotti, R; Poh, T.Y; Nah, M; Puan, K.J; Vigano, E; Haase, D; Yusof, N; San Luis, B; Lum, J; Kumar, D; Foo, S; Zhuang, L; Vasudev, A; Irwanto, A; Lee, B; Nardin, A; Liu, H; Zhang, F; Connolly, J ; Liu, J; Mortellaro, A; Wang, D.Y ; Poidinger, M ; Larbi, A; Zolezzi, F; Rotzschke, O
111-Jul-2018Immunological corollary of the pulmonary mycobiome in bronchiectasis: the CAMEB studyMac Aogain, Micheal; Chandrasekaran, Ravishankar; Lim, Albert Yick Hou; Low, Teck Boon; Tan, Gan Liang ; Hassan, Tidi; Thun, How Ong; Ng, Amanda Hui Qi; Bertrand, Denis; Koh, Jia Yu; Pang, Sze Lei ; Lee, Zi Yang ; Gwee, Xiao Wei ; Martinus, Christopher; Sio, Yang Yie ; Matta, Sri Anusha; Chew, Fook Tim ; Keir, Holly R; Connolly, John E ; Abisheganaden, John Arputhan; Koh, Mariko Siyue; Nagarajan, Niranjan; Chalmers, James D; Chotirmall, Sanjay H
122018Induction of Human T-cell and Cytokine Responses Following Vaccination with a Novel Influenza VaccineSkibinski, D.A.G; Jones, L.A; Zhu, Y.O; Xue, L.W; Au, B; Lee, B; Naim, A.N.M; Lee, A; Kaliaperumal, N; Low, J.G.H; Lee, L.S ; Poidinger, M ; Saudan, P; Bachmann, M; Ooi, E.E ; Hanson, B.J ; Novotny-Diermayr, V; Matter, A; Fairhurst, A.-M; Hibberd, M.L ; Connolly, J.E 
132020Met-Flow, a strategy for single-cell metabolic analysis highlights dynamic changes in immune subpopulationsAhl, P.J.; Hopkins, R.A.; Xiang, W.W.; Au, B.; Kaliaperumal, N.; Fairhurst, A.-M.; Connolly, J.E. 
142016Metabolism Is Central to Tolerogenic Dendritic Cell FunctionSim, W.J ; Ahl, P.J; Connolly, J.E 
152007Motavizumab, a neutralizing anti-respiratory syncytial virus (Rsv) monoclonal antibody significantly modifies the local and systemic cytokine responses induced by Rsv in the mouse modelMejías, A; Chávez-Bueno, S; Raynor, M.B; Connolly, J ; Kiener, P.A; Jafri, H.S; Ramilo, O
162016Multiplex serum protein analysis identifies novel biomarkers of advanced fibrosis in patients with chronic liver disease with the potential to improve diagnostic accuracy of established biomarkersIrvine K.M.; Wockner L.F.; Hoffmann I.; Horsfall L.U.; Fagan K.J.; Bijin V.; Lee B.; Clouston A.D.; Lampe G.; Connolly J.E. ; Powell E.E.
1714-Jul-2020Singapore Ocular Tuberculosis Immunity Study (SPOTIS): Role of T-lymphocyte profiling in patients with presumed ocular tuberculosisPaul Hutchinson ; Aera Kee; Rupesh Agrawal; Nobuyo Iwata ; Mayjane Tumulak; John Connolly ; Soon Phaik Chee ; Jay Siak 
182012Staphylococcus aureus induces eosinophil cell death mediated by α-HemolysinPrince L.R.; Graham K.J.; Connolly J. ; Anwar S.; Ridley R.; Sabroe I.; Foster S.J.; Whyte M.K.B.
1910-Jul-2019TLR7 Protein Expression in Mild and Severe Lupus-Prone Models Is Regulated in a Leukocyte, Genetic, and IRAK4 Dependent MannerCelhar, Teja; Lu, Hao Kim; Benso, Lia; Rakhilina, Larissa; Lee, Hui Yin; Tripathi, Shubhita; Zharkova, Olga ; Ong, Wei Yee; Yasuga, Hiroko; Au, Bijin; Marlier, Damien; Lim, Lina Hsiu Kim ; Thamboo, Thomas Paulraj ; Mudgett, John S; Mackey, Matthew F; Zaller, Dennis M; Connolly, John E ; Fairhurst, Anna-Marie 
201-Oct-2018Toll-Like Receptor 9 Deficiency Breaks Tolerance to RNA-Associated Antigens and Up-Regulates Toll-Like Receptor 7 Protein in Sle1 MiceCelhar, Teja; Yasuga, Hiroko; Lee, Hui Yin; Zharkova, Olga; Tripathi, Shubhita; Thornhill, Susannah I; Lu, Hao K; Au, Bijin; Lim, Lina HK ; Thamboo, Thomas P ; Akira, Shizuo; Wakeland, Edward K; Connolly, John E ; Fairhurst, Anna-Marie