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119-Oct-2019Clinical impact of the cell-of-origin classification based on immunohistochemistry criteria and Lymph2Cx of diffuse large B-Cell lymphoma patients in a Southeast Asian population: a single center experience and review of the literatureJoanne Lee; Susan Swee-Shan Hue ; Stephanie Ko; Soo Yong Tan ; Xin Liu; Louis-Pierre Girard; Esther Chan ; Sanjay de Mel; Anand Jeyasekharan ; Yen Lin Chee ; Liang Piu Koh ; Li Mei Poon 
2Mar-2017Comparative Analysis Fluconazole Vs. Posaconazole As Antifungal Prophylaxis in Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplant PatientsTeo, Constance Jeanne; Koh, Liang Piu ; Sia, Charmaine 
320-May-2020Dendritic cell therapy with CD137L-DC-EBV-VAX in locally recurrent or metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC).Walsh, Robert John; Nickles, Emily Pauline ; Li, Yating ; Dharmadhikari, Bhushan ; Koh, Mickey; Ho, Liam Pock ; Chan, Marieta; Koh, Liang Piu ; Poon, Michelle Li Mei; Tan, Lip Kun ; Huang, Yiqing; Ang, Yvonne Li'en; Chong, Wan Qin; Asokumaran, Yugarajah; Loh, Kwok Seng ; Soo, Ross A ; Lim, Chwee Ming ; Schwarz, Herbert ; Goh, Boon Cher 
418-Oct-2021Dendritic cell therapy with CD137L-DC-EBV-VAX in locally recurrent or metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma is safe and confers clinical benefitNickles, Emily ; Dharmadhikari, Bhushan ; Li, Yating ; Walsh, Robert J; Koh, Liang Piu ; Poon, Michelle ; Tan, Lip Kun ; Wang, Ling-Zhi; Ang, Yvonne; Asokumaran, Yugarajah; Chong, Wan Qin; Huang, Yiqing; Loh, Kwok Seng ; Tay, Joshua ; Soo, Ross ; Koh, Mickey; Ho, Liam Pock ; Chan, Marieta; Niam, Madelaine; Soh, Melissa; Luah, Yen Hoon ; Lim, Chwee Ming ; Kaliaperumal, Nivashini; Au, Veonice B; Talib, Najwa Binte Said Nasir; Sng, Reina ; Connolly, John E ; Goh, Boon Cher ; Schwarz, Herbert 
51-Jan-2022Elevated Urinary Tissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinase-2 and Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein-7 Predict Drug-Induced Acute Kidney InjuryAkalya, K; Murali, TM ; Vathsala, A ; Teo, BW ; Low, S; Dharmasegaran, D; Koh, LP ; Bonney, GK; Hong, WZ ; Da, Y; Chua, HR 
63-Aug-2015Epstein-Barr virus-associated T/natural killer-cell lymphoproliferative disorder in children and young adults has similar molecular signature to extranodal nasal natural killer/T-cell lymphoma but shows distinctive stem cell-like phenotypeNg, Siok-Bian ; Ohshima, Koichi; Selvarajan, Viknesvaran ; Huang, Gaofeng ; Choo, Shoa-Nian ; Miyoshi, Hiroaki; Shimizu, Norio; Reghunathan, Renji ; Chua, Hsin-Chieh ; Yeoh, Allen Eng-Juh ; Thuan-Chong, Quah ; Koh, Liang-Piu ; Tan, Poh-Lin ; Chng, Wee-Joo 
75-Nov-2020High Dose Flamsa, CLAG or FLAG-Based Sequential Conditioning Regimen Followed By Allogeneic Hematopoietic Transplantation Results in Favorable Outcome for High Risk Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Myelodysplastic Syndrome, Myeloproliferative Neoplasia Patients : A Multicenter Study in SingaporeChong, Lip Leong; Boo, Yang Liang; Koh, Yin Jie; Poon, Michelle ; Linn, Yeh Ching ; Hwang, William YK ; Ho, Aloysius YL ; Neo, Elson; Tan, Lip Kun ; Koh, Liang Piu 
81-Jan-2020Phase 2 study of anti-human cytomegalovirus monoclonal antibodies for prophylaxis in hematopoietic cell transplantationMaertens, J; Logan, AC; Jang, J; Long, G; Tang, JL; Hwang, WYK ; Koh, LP ; Chemaly, R; Gerbitz, A; Winkler, J; Yeh, SP; Hiemenz, J; Christoph, S; Lee, DG; Wang, PN; Holler, E; Mielke, S; Akard, L; Yeo, A; Ramachandra, S; Smith, K; Pertel, P; Segal, F
930-Jan-2022Phase I study of expanded natural killer cells in combination with cetuximab for recurrent/metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinomaLim, Chwee Ming ; Liou, Anthony ; Poon, Michelle ; Koh, Liang Piu ; Tan, Lip Kun ; Loh, Kwok Seng ; Petersson, Bengt Fredrik ; Ting, Eric ; Campana, Dario ; Goh, Boon Cher ; Shimasaki, Noriko 
1010-Feb-2019Phase I/II study of stem-cell transplantation using a single cord blood unit expanded ex vivo with nicotinamideHorwitz, ME; Wease, S; Blackwell, B; Valcarcel, D; Frassoni, F; Boelens, JJ; Nierkens, S; Jagasia, M; Wagner, JE; Kuball, J; Koh, LP ; Majhail, NS; Stiff, PJ; Hanna, R; Hwang, WYK ; Kurtzberg, J; Cilloni, D; Freedman, LS; Montesinos, P; Sanz, G
112011Prevalence of invasive fungal disease in hematological patients at a tertiary university hospital in SingaporeLee, S.-Y; Yeo, C.-L; Lee, W.H; Kwa, A.L ; Koh, L.-P ; Hsu, L.-Y 
122014Prognostic implication of morphology, cyclinE2 and proliferation in EBV-associated T/NK lymphoproliferative disease in non-immunocompromised hostsNg, S.-B ; Ohshima, K; Selvarajan, V ; Huang, G; Choo, S.-N; Miyoshi, H; Wang, S ; Chua, H.-C ; Yeoh, A.E.-J ; Quah, T.-C ; Koh, L.-P ; Tan, P.-L ; Chng, W.-J 
13Oct-2020Rapid production of clinical-grade SARS-CoV-2 specific T cells.Leung, Wing; Soh, Teck Guan; Linn, Yeh Ching ; Low, Jenny Guek-Hong ; Loh, Jiashen; Chan, Marieta; Chng, Wee Joo ; Koh, Liang Piu ; Poon, Michelle Li-Mei; Ng, King Pan ; Kuick, Chik Hong; Tan, Thuan Tong ; Tan, Lip Kun ; Seng, Michaela Su-Fern 
142-Jul-2019Real world experience of R-CHOP with or without consolidative radiotherapy vs DA-EPOCH-R in the first-line treatment of primary mediastinal B-cell lymphomaLi Chan, Esther Hian ; Koh, Liang Piu ; Lee, Joanne; De Mel, Sanjay; Jeyasekharan, Anand ; Liu, Xin; Tang, Tiffany; Lim, Soon Thye; Tao, Miriam; Quek, Richard; Ras, Mohamad Farid Bin Harunal; Lee, Yuh Shan ; Diong, Colin; Tan, Daryl; Kim, Seok Jin; Chee, Yen Lin; Poon, Li Mei Michelle