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Herbert Schwarz
Schwarz, H.
Schwartz, H.
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115-Mar-2018Anti-CD137 Cancer Immunotherapy Suppresses Tumor Growth-LetterDharmadhikari, Bhushan ; Zeng, Qun ; Wu, Meihui ; Schwarz, Herbert 
21-Jun-2021B7-H7 Is Inducible on T Cells to Regulate Their Immune Response and Serves as a Marker for ExhaustionLuu, Khang; Schwarz, Herbert ; Lundqvist, Andreas
32005Biological activities of reverse signal transduction through CD137 ligandSchwarz, H. 
41-Aug-2020CD137 / CD137 ligand signalling regulates the immune balance: A potential target for novel immunotherapy of autoimmune diseasesWong, HY ; Schwarz, H 
52010CD137 enhances monocyte-ICAM-1 interactions in an E-selectin-dependent manner under flow conditionsQuek, B.Z.; Lim, Y.C.; Lin, J.H.R.; Tan, T.E. ; Schwarz, H. ; Chan, J. ; Biswas, A. 
62010CD137 enhances monocyte-ICAM-1 interactions in an E-selectin-dependent manner under flow conditionsQuek, B.Z.; Lim, Y.C. ; Lin, J.H.R. ; Tan, T.E. ; Schwarz, H. ; Chan, J.; Biswas, A. 
72013CD137 Facilitates the Resolution of Acute DSS-Induced Colonic Inflammation in MiceMartínez Gómez J.M. ; Chen L.; Schwarz H. ; Karrasch T.
82008CD137 induces proliferation of murine hematopoietic progenitor cells and differentiation to macrophagesJiang, D.; Chen, Y. ; Schwarz, H. 
92007CD137 is expressed on blood vessel walls at sites of inflammation and enhances monocyte migratory activityDrenkard, D.; Becke, F.M.; Langstein, J.; Kunz-Schughart, L.A.; Spruss, T.; Yaw, C.L.; Teng, E.T.; Schwarz, H. 
102012CD137 ligand activated microglia induces oligodendrocyte apoptosis via reactive oxygen speciesYeo Y.A.; Martínez­nez Gómez J.M. ; Croxford J.L. ; Gasser S. ; Ling E.-A. ; Schwarz H. 
1119-Feb-2020CD137 ligand interacts with CD32a to trigger reverse CD137 ligand signalingZeng, Qun ; Soe, Ye Mon; Lim, Yanting; Sobota, Radoslaw M; Schwarz, Herbert 
122008CD137 ligand reverse signaling has multiple functions in human dendritic cells during an adaptive immune responseLippert, U.; Zachmann, K.; Neuman, C.; Ferrari, D.M.; Schwarz, H. ; Brunner, E.; Mahbub-ul, Latif A.H.M.; Soruri, A.
132010CD137 ligand signaling induces human monocyte to dendritic cell differentiationShaqireen, Kwajah M.M.; Schwarz, H. 
141-Dec-2020CD137 Ligand-CD137 Interaction is Required For Inflammasome-Associated Brain Injury Following Ischemic StrokeFann, DY ; Nickles, EP ; Poh, L ; Rajeev, V ; Selvaraji, S ; Schwarz, H ; Arumugam, TV 
1514-Feb-2020CD137 negatively affects "browning" of white adipose tissue during cold exposureRAJ KAMAL SRIVASTAVA ; ANNALENA IBANEZ MOLINER ; LEE EE SOO ; EMILY PAULINE NICKLES ; SIM WEILING EUNICE ; LIU CHANG ; SCHWARZ,HERBERT ; CARLOS F. IBANEZ 
162-Jun-2016CD137 signaling in Hodgkin and Reed-Sternberg cell lines induces IL-13 secretion, immune deviation and enhanced growthRajendran, S ; Ho, WT; Schwarz, H 
172009CD137, implications in immunity and potential for therapy.Thum, E.; Shao, Z. ; Schwarz, H. 
181-Jun-2018CD137L dendritic cells induce potent response against cancer-associated viruses and polarize human CD8(+) T cells to Tc1 phenotypeDharmadhikari, Bhushan ; Nickles, Emily ; Harfuddin, Zulkarnain ; Ishak, Nur Diana Binte ; Zeng, Qun ; Bertoletti, Antonio ; Schwarz, Herbert 
192019CD137L-DCs, Potent Immune-Stimulators—History, Characteristics, and PerspectivesZeng, Q. ; Zhou, Y. ; Schwarz, H. 
202008Characterisation of soluble murine CD137 and its association with systemic lupusShao, Z.; Sun, F. ; Koh, D.R. ; Schwarz, H.