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12010A longitudinal analysis of innate and adaptive immune profile during hepatic flares in chronic hepatitis BTan, A.T.; Koh, S.; Goh, W.; Gehring, A.J.; Bertoletti, A. ; Lim, S.G. ; Zhe, H.Y.
22014A whole recombinant yeast-based therapeutic vaccine elicits HBV X, S and core specific T cells in mice and activates human T cells recognizing epitopes linked to viral clearanceKing T.H.; Kemmler C.B.; Guo Z.; Mann D.; Lu Y.; Coeshott C.; Gehring A.J.; Bertoletti A. ; Ho Z.Z.; Delaney W.; Gaggar A.; Subramanian G.M.; McHutchison J.G.; Shrivastava S.; Lee Y.-J.L.; Kottilil S.; Bellgrau D.; Rodell T.; Apelian D.
32014Activated macrophages promote hepatitis C virus entry in a tumor necrosis factor-dependent mannerFletcher, N.F; Sutaria, R; Jo, J; Barnes, A; Blahova, M; Meredith, L.W; Cosset, F.-L; Curbishley, S.M; Adams, D.H; Bertoletti, A ; Mckeating, J.A
41-Sep-2016Advanced design of dumbbell-shaped genetic minimal vectors improves non-coding and coding RNA expressionJIANG XIAOOU ; YU HAN ; TEO CUI RONG ; Tan, Genim Siu Xian; Goh, Sok Chin; Patel, Parasvi; Chua, Yiqiang Kevin; Hameed, Nasirah Banu Sahul; Antonio Bertoletti ; Volker Patzel 
52014Age-dependent immune events during HBV infection from birth to adulthood: An alternative interpretationBertoletti, A ; Hong, M 
62012Binding of TCR Multimers and a TCR-Like Antibody with Distinct Fine-Specificities Is Dependent on the Surface Density of HLA ComplexesLow J.L.; Naidoo A.; Yeo G.; Gehring A.J.; Ho Z.Z.; Yau Y.H.; Shochat S.G.; Kranz D.M.; Bertoletti A. ; Grotenbreg G.M.
72016CD16 is indispensable for antibodydependent cellular cytotoxicity by human monocytesYeap, W.H; Wong, K.L; NORIKO SHIMASAKI ; Teo, E.C.Y; Quek, J.K.S; Yong, H.X; Diong, C.P; Bertoletti, A ; Linn, Y.C ; Wong, S.C
82018Characterizing the role of monocytes in T cell cancer immunotherapy using a 3d microfluidic modelLee, S.W ; Adriani, G; Ceccarello, E; Pavesi, A; Tan, A.T ; Bertoletti, A ; Kamm, R.D; Wong, S.C 
92017Corrigendum: CD16 is indispensable for antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity by human monocytesYeap, W.H.; Wong, K.L.; NORIKO SHIMASAKI ; Teo, E.C.; Quek, J.K.; Yong, H.X.; Diong, C.P.; Bertoletti, A. ; Linn, Y.C.; Wong, S.C.
102018Corrigendum: Characterizing the role of monocytes in T cell cancer immunotherapy using a 3D microfluidic model [Front Immunol, 9, (2018), (416)] DOI: 10.3389/fimmu.2018.00416Lee S.W.L.; Adriani G. ; Ceccarello E.; Pavesi A.; Tan A.T. ; Bertoletti A. ; Kamm R.D. ; Wong S.C. 
112018Cross-reactivity and anti-viral function of dengue capsid and NS3- specific memory t cells toward Zika VirusLim, M.Q. ; Kumaran, E.A.P. ; Tan, H.C. ; Lye, D.C. ; Leo, Y.S. ; Ooi, E.E. ; MacAry, P.A. ; Bertoletti, A. ; Rivino, L. 
121991Cytotoxic T lymphocytes recognize an HLA-A2-restricted epitope within the hepatitis B virus nucleocapsid antigenPenna, A; Chisari, F.V; Bertoletti, A ; Missale, G; Fowler, P; Giuberti, T; Fiaccadori, F; Ferrari, C
131-Jun-2021Dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 neutralising antibody responses and duration of immunity: a longitudinal study.Wan Ni Chia ; Feng Zhu ; Sean Wei Xiang Ong; Barnaby Edward Young; Siew Wai Fong; Nina Le Bert ; Chee Wah Tan ; Charles Tiu; Jinyan Zhang ; Seow Yen Tan; Surinder Pada ; Yi Hao Chan; Christine Y.L. Tham; Kamini Kunasegaran ; Mark I.C. Chen ; Jenny G.H. Low ; Yee Sin Leo ; Laurent Renia ; Antonio Bertoletti ; Lisa F.P. Ng; David Chien Lye ; Lin Fa Wan
142017E3 Ubiquitin ligase ZNRF4 negatively regulates NOD2 signalling and induces tolerance to MDPBist P. ; Cheong W.S. ; Ng A.; Dikshit N. ; Kim B.-H.; Pulloor N.K. ; Khameneh H.J.; Hedl M.; Shenoy A.R.; Balamuralidhar V. ; Malik N.B.A. ; Hong M. ; Neutzner A.; Chin K.-C.; Kobayashi K.S.; Bertoletti A. ; Mortellaro A.; Abraham C.; MacMicking J.D.; Xavier R.J.; Sukumaran B. 
1521-May-2020Effects of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen on Virus-specific and Global T Cells in Patients With Chronic HBV infectionNina Le Bert ; Upkar S Gill ; Michelle Hong; Kamini Kunasegaran ; Damien Z M Tan; Raidah Ahmad ; Yang Cheng; Charles-A Dutertre ; Andreas Heinecke ; Laura Rivino ; Anthony Tan ; Navjyot K Hansi; Min Zhang; Sujuan Xi; Yutian Chong; Stefan Pflanz; Evan W Newell ; Patrick T F Kennedy; Antonio Bertoletti 
162020Effects of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen on Virus-Specific and Global T Cells in Patients With Chronic Hepatitis B Virus infectionAntonio Bertoletti 
17Oct-2011Engineering T Cells Specific for a Dominant Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus CD8 T Cell EpitopeOh, Hsueh-Ling Janice; Chia, Adeline; Chang, Cynthia Xin Lei; Leong, Hoe Nam ; Ling, Khoon Lin ; Grotenbreg, Gijsbert M. ; Gehring, Adam J.; Tan, Yee Joo ; Bertoletti, Antonio 
182017Erratum: E3 Ubiquitin ligase ZNRF4 negatively regulates NOD2 signalling and induces tolerance to MDPBist, P.; Cheong, W.S.; Ng, A.; Dikshit, N.; Kim, B.H.; Pulloor, N.K.; Khameneh, H.J.; Hedl, M.; Shenoy, A.R.; Balamuralidhar, V.; Malik, N.B.A.; Hong, M. ; Neutzner, A.; Chin, K.-C.; Kobayashi, K.S.; Bertoletti, A. ; Mortellaro, A.; Abraham, C.; MacMicking, J.D.; Xavier, R.J.; Sukumaran, B. 
1927-Jul-2009HBV-specific adaptive immunityBertoletti, A. ; Tan, A.T.; Gehring, A.J.
202008Host ethnicity and virus genotype shape the hepatitis B virus-specific T-cell repertoireTan, A.O.; Chia, A.; Gehring, A.J.; Sastry, K.S.R.; Goh, V.; Bertoletti, A. ; Tan, A.O.; Seng, G.L. ; Loggi, E.; Andreone, P.; Boni, C.; Fisicaro, P.; Ferrari, C.; Brander, C.; Bihl, F.