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12018Characterizing the role of monocytes in T cell cancer immunotherapy using a 3d microfluidic modelLee, S.W ; Adriani, G; Ceccarello, E; Pavesi, A; Tan, A.T ; Bertoletti, A ; Kamm, R.D; Wong, S.C 
22018Corrigendum: Characterizing the role of monocytes in T cell cancer immunotherapy using a 3D microfluidic model [Front Immunol, 9, (2018), (416)] DOI: 10.3389/fimmu.2018.00416Lee S.W.L.; Adriani G. ; Ceccarello E.; Pavesi A.; Tan A.T. ; Bertoletti A. ; Kamm R.D. ; Wong S.C. 
321-May-2020Effects of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen on Virus-specific and Global T Cells in Patients With Chronic HBV infectionNina Le Bert ; Upkar S Gill ; Michelle Hong; Kamini Kunasegaran ; Damien Z M Tan; Raidah Ahmad ; Yang Cheng; Charles-A Dutertre ; Andreas Heinecke ; Laura Rivino ; Anthony Tan ; Navjyot K Hansi; Min Zhang; Sujuan Xi; Yutian Chong; Stefan Pflanz; Evan W Newell ; Patrick T F Kennedy; Antonio Bertoletti 
41-Feb-2019Spatiotemporal Differences in Presentation of CD8 T Cell Epitopes during Hepatitis B Virus InfectionKhakpoor, Atefeh ; Ni, Yi; Chen, Antony ; Ho, Zi Zong ; Oei, Vincent; Yang, Ninghan; Giri, Reshmi ; Chow, Jia Xin ; Tan, Anthony T ; Kennedy, Patrick T; Maini, Mala; Urban, Stephan; Bertoletti, Antonio 
52014Toll-Like Receptor 8 Agonist and Bacteria Trigger Potent Activation of Innate Immune Cells in Human LiverJo J.; Tan A.T. ; Ussher J.E.; Sandalova E.; Tang X.-Z.; Tan-Garcia A.; To N.; Hong M.; Chia A.; Gill U.S.; Kennedy P.T.; Tan K.C.; Lee K.H.; De Libero G.; Gehring A.J.; Willberg C.B.; Klenerman P.; Bertoletti A.