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Tam Yung Sze Han Clarence
Tam C.C.
Tam, Clarence C.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-2019Acceptance and feasibility of school-based seasonal influenza vaccination in Singapore: A qualitative studyOffeddu, Vittoria ; Low, Mabel Sheau Fong ; Surendran, Shilpa ; Kembhavi, Gayatri ; Tam, Clarence C 
22019Adolescent HPV vaccination: Empowerment, equity and ethicsNeisha Sundaram ; Teck-Chuan Voo ; Clarence Tam 
32018Association between semi-quantitative microbial load and respiratory symptoms among Thai military recruits: A prospective cohort study 11 Medical and Health Sciences 1108 Medical MicrobiologyTam, C.C ; Offeddu, V ; Anderson, K.B; Weg, A.L; Macareo, L.R; Ellison, D.W; Rangsin, R; Fernandez, S; Gibbons, R.V; Yoon, I.-K; Simasathien, S
42009Chicken consumption and use of acid-suppressing medications as risk factors for Campylobacter enteritis, EnglandTam, C.C ; Higgins, C.D; Neal, K.R; Rodrigues, L.C; Millership, S.E; O'Brien, S.J
52009Clinical laboratory practices for the detection of rotavirus in England and Wales: can surveillance based on routine laboratory testing data be used to evaluate the impact of vaccination?Atchison, C.J; Lopman, B.A; Harris, C.J; Tam, C.C ; Iturriza Gómara, M; Gray, J.J
62019Coverage and determinants of influenza vaccine among pregnant women: A cross-sectional studyOffeddu, V. ; Tam, C.C. ; Yong, T.T.; Tan, L.K.; Thoon, K.C.; Lee, N.; Tan, T.C.; Yeo, G.S.H.; Yung, C.F.
72020Determinants influencing antibiotic use in Singapore’s small-scale aquaculture sectors: A qualitative studyLim, J.M. ; Duong, M.C. ; Hsu, L.Y. ; Tam, C.C. 
82009Diagnosing norovirus-associated infectious intestinal disease using viral loadPhillips G.; Lopman B.; Tam C.C. ; Iturriza-Gomara M.; Brown D.; Gray J.
92016Diarrheagenic pathogens in adults attending a hospital in SingaporeChau M.L.; Hartantyo S.H.P.; Yap M.; Kang J.S.L. ; Aung K.T.; Gutiérrez R.A.; Ng L.C.; Tam C.C. ; Barkham T. 
102016Economic cost of campylobacter, norovirus and rotavirus disease in the United KingdomTam C.C. ; O'Brien S.J.
112011Effect of reminders on mitigating participation bias in a case-control studyTam C.C. ; Higgins C.D.; Rodrigues L.C.
122004Epidemiology in conflict - A call to armsTam C.C. ; Lopman B.A.; Bornemisza O.; Sondorp E.
132019Estimated dengue force of infection and burden of primary infections among Indian childrenBhavsar, A.; Tam, C.C. ; Garg, S.; Jammy, G.R.; Taurel, A.-F.; Chong, S.-N.; Nealon, J.
142013Estimates of Dengue Force of Infection in Children in Colombo, Sri LankaTam C.C. ; Tissera H.; de Silva A.M.; de Silva A.D.; Margolis H.S.; Amarasinge A.
152016Estimating the incidence of acute infectious intestinal disease in the community in the UK: A retrospective telephone surveyViviani L.; Van Der Es M.; Irvine L.; Tam C.C. ; Rodrigues L.C.; Jackson K.A.; O'Brien S.J.; Hunter P.R.
162018Geographic variation in dengue seroprevalence and force of infection in the urban paediatric population of IndonesiaTam C.C. ; O?Driscoll M.; Taurel A.-F.; Nealon J.; Hadinegoro S.R.
172007Guillain-Barré syndrome and preceding infection with Campylobacter, influenza and Epstein-Barr virus in the General Practice Research DatabaseTam C.C. ; O'Brien S.J.; Petersen I.; Islam A.; Hayward A.; Rodriguez L.C.
1819-Jun-2019Inferring who-infected-whom-where in the 2016 Zika outbreak in Singapore: a spatio-temporal modelPrem, Kiesha ; Lau, Max SY; Tam, Clarence C ; Ho, Marc ZJ; Ng, Lee-Ching; Cook, Alex R 
191-Jun-2020Interventions to mitigate early spread of SARS-CoV-2 in Singapore: a modelling studyKoo, Joel R ; Cook, Alex R ; Park, Minah ; Sun, Yinxiaohe ; Sun, Haoyang ; Lim, Jue Tao ; Tam, Clarence ; Dickens, Borame L 
202013Investigating the link between the presence of enteroaggregative Escherichia coli and infectious intestinal disease in the United kingdom, 1993 to 1996 and 2008 to 2009Chattaway M.A.; Harris R.; Jenkins C.; Tam C. ; Coia J.E.; Gray J.; Iturriza-Gomara M.; Wain J.