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Teck Chuan Voo
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Voo, T.C.
Voo, T.-C.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Adolescent HPV vaccination: Empowerment, equity and ethicsNeisha Sundaram ; Teck-Chuan Voo ; Clarence Tam 
225-Aug-2020Allocating Scarce Unproven Interventions during Public Health Emergencies: Insights from the WHO MEURI FrameworkIgnacio Mastroleo; Maxwell Smith; Aasim Ahmad; Stephanie Dagron; Roli Mathur; Keymanthri Moodley; Lee-Anne Pascoe; Virginie Pirard; Beatriz Thome; Teck-Chuan Voo ; Ross Upshur
32020Clarifying how to deploy the public interest criterion in consent waivers for health data and tissue researchSchaefer, G.O.; Laurie, G.; Menon, S. ; Campbell, A.V. ; Voo, T.C. 
42010Clinical research in times of pandemicsChong, S.-A.; Capps, B.J. ; Voo, T.C. ; Campbell, A.V. ; Subramaniam, M.
514-Jul-2020COVID-19 vaccine development: Time to consider SARS-CoV-2 challenge studies? CommentSchaefer, G Owen ; Tam, Clarence C ; Savulescu, Julian ; Voo, Teck Chuan 
62009Editorial comment: The four principles and cultural specificationVoo, T.-C. 
7Jan-2011Evaluating the effects of an integrated medical ethics curriculum on first-year studentsChin, J.J.L.; Voo, T.C. ; Abdul Karim, S.; Chan, Y.H.; Campbell, A.V.
8Jun-2007How can we know that ethics education produces ethical doctors?Campbell, A.V.; Chin, J.; Voo, T.-C. 
92010Influenza pandemic and the duties of healthcare professionalsVoo, T.C. ; Capps, B. 
102019One drug to treat them all: Ethical implications of the MORDOR trial of mass antibiotic administration to reduce child mortalityTam, C.C ; Offeddu, V ; Lim, J.M ; Voo, T.C 
11Jan-2014Organs as inheritable property?Voo, T.C. ; Holm, S.
1214-Apr-2022Professional Oversight of Emergency-Use Interventions and Monitoring Systems: Ethical Guidance From the Singapore Experience of COVID-19Lysaght, Tamra; Schaefer, Gerald Owen; Voo, Teck Chuan ; Wee, Hwee Lin ; Joseph, Roy 
1321-Jul-2022Risk stratification: an important tool in the special review of research using oocytes and embryosSchaefer, Gerald Owen ; Voo Teck Chuan 
142010Stem Cell Science and its Public: The Case of SingaporeHo, W.C.; Capps, B. ; Voo, T.C. 
1529-Apr-2022Telemedicine and Haemodialysis Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Integrative Review of Patient Safety, Healthcare Quality, Ethics and the Legal Considerations in Singapore Practice.Haroon, Sabrina ; Voo, Teck Chuan ; Chua, Hillary ; Tan, Gan Liang ; Lau, Titus
162009The ethics of organ transplantation: Shortages and strategiesVoo, T.-C. ; De, Castro L.D. ; Campbell, A.V. 
172011The social rationale of the gift relationshipVoo, T.C. 
1829-Jan-2021Top five ethical lessons of COVID-19 that the world must learnSmith, M.J.; Ahmad, A.; Arawi, T.; Dawson, A.; Emanuel, E.J.; Garani-Papadatos, T.; Ghimire, P.; Iliyasu, Z.; Lei, R.; Mastroleo, I.; Mathur, R.; Okeibunor, J.; Parker, M.; Saenz, C.; Thomé, B.; Upshur, R.E.G.; Voo, T.C. 
192009Using medical students as research subjects: Is it ethical?Voo, T.-C.