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Gerald Owen Schaefer


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12016A de-identification tool for users in medical operations and public healthSalloway M.K. ; Deng X. ; Ning Y.; Kao S.L.; Chen Y.; Schaefer G.O. ; Chin J.J.-L.; Tai E.-S.; Tan C.S.
21-Sep-2019An Ethics Framework for Big Data in Health and ResearchXafis, V ; Schaefer, GO ; Labude, MK ; Brassington, I; Ballantyne, A ; Lim, HY; Lipworth, W; Lysaght, T ; Stewart, C; Sun, S; Laurie, GT ; Tai, ES 
32014Autonomy and enhancementSchaefer G.O. ; Kahane G.; Savulescu J.
42017Better Minds, Better Morals: A Procedural Guide to Better JudgmentSchaefer G.O. ; Savulescu J.
52018Code-consistent ethics review: Defence of a hybrid accountSchaefer G.O. 
62018Consent and the ethical duty to participate in health data researchBallantyne A.; Schaefer G.O. 
728-Jan-2020Context is Needed When Assessing Fair Subject SelectionGerald Schaefer 
814-Jul-2020COVID-19 vaccine development: Time to consider SARS-CoV-2 challenge studies? CommentSchaefer, G Owen ; Tam, Clarence C ; Savulescu, Julian ; Voo, Teck Chuan 
92015Direct vs. Indirect moral enhancementSchaefer G.O. 
102015Double trouble: Should double embryo transfer be banned?Wilkinson D.; Schaefer G.O. ; Tremellen K.; Savulescu J.
111-May-2021Ethical and policy considerations for COVID-19 vaccination modalities: delayed second dose, fractional dose, mixed vaccinesWolff, Jonathan; Atuire, Caesar; Bhan, Anant; Emanuel, Ezekiel; Faden, Ruth; Ghimire, Prakash; Greco, Dirceu; Ho, Calvin WL ; Kochhar, Sonali; Moon, Surie; Schaefer, Owen G ; Shamsi-Gooshki, Ehsan; Singh, Jerome Amir; Smith, Maxwell J; Thome, Beatriz; Toure, Aissatou; Upshar, Ross
1213-Jul-2021Ethics and regulatory considerations for the clinical translation of somatic cell human epigenetic editingZeps, Nikolajs; Lysaght, Tamra; Chadwick, Ruth; Erler, Alexandre; Foo, Roger; Giordano, Simona; Lai, Poh San ; Schaefer, G Owen ; Xafis, Vicki ; Chew, Wei Leong ; Sugarman, Jeremy
132019Ethics in the Era of Big DataSchaefer G.O. 
1414-May-2021Ethics of digital contact tracing wearablesSchaefer, G Owen ; Ballantyne, Angela 
152017Genetic affinity and the right to ‘three-parent IVF’Schaefer G.O. ; Labude M.K. 
161-Sep-2021Germline genome editing: Moratorium, hard law, or an informed adaptive consensus?Kaan, Terry; Xafis, Vicki ; Schaefer, G Owen ; Zhu, Yujia ; Labude, Markus K; Chadwick, Ruth
1729-Jan-2022Governing the Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator: towards greater participation, transparency, and accountabilityMoon, S; Armstrong, J; Hutler, B; Upshur, R; Katz, R; Atuire, C; Bhan, A; Emanuel, E; Faden, R; Ghimire, P; Greco, D; Ho, CW; Kochhar, S; Schaefer, GO ; Shamsi-Gooshki, E; Singh, JA; Smith, MJ; Wolff, J
182012Informing egg donors of the potential for embryonic research: A survey of consent forms from U.S. in vitro fertilization clinicsSchaefer G.O. ; Sinaii N.; Grady C.
191-May-2021International Reporting Mechanism for Unethical Germline Gene Editing Experiments Is NeededSchaefer, G.O. ; Labude, M.K. ; Zhu, Y. ; Foo, R.S.-Y. ; Xafis, V. 
202010Making mistakes about one's "true" selfSchaefer G.O.