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Xafis, Vicki
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12017A good resource for parents, but will clinicians use it?: Evaluation of a resource for paediatric end-of-life decision makingDelany, C; Xafis, V ; Gillam, L; Hughson, J.-A; Hynson, J; Wilkinson, D
22011A randomised controlled trial to compare opt-in and opt-out parental consent for childhood vaccine safety surveillance using data linkage: Study protocolBerry, J.G; Ryan, P; Braunack-Mayer, A.J; Duszynski, K.M; Xafis, V ; Gold, M.S
32015Balancing obligations: Should written information about life-sustaining treatment be neutral?Xafis, V ; Wilkinson, D; Gillam, L; Sullivan, J
42017Decision-making at the borderline of viability: Who should decide and on what basis?Gillam, L; Wilkinson, D; Xafis, V ; Isaacs, D
524-Jul-2019Ethically Justified Restrictions on Citizen Science: A Perspective from SingaporeMarkus Labude ; Vicki Xafis 
62021Perceptions of ‘Precision’ and ‘Personalised’ Medicine in Singapore and Associated Ethical IssuesOng, Serene ; Ling, Jeffrey; Ballantyne, Angela ; Lysaght, Tamra ; Xafis, Vicki 
72020Perspectives of Singaporean biomedical researchers and research support staff on actual and ideal IRB review functions and characteristics: A quantitative analysisLabude, M.K.; Shen, L. ; Zhu, Y. ; Schaefer, G. O. ; Ong, C. ; Xafis, V. 
82015The acceptability of conducting data linkage research without obtaining consent: lay people's views and justificationsXafis, V 
92015What information do parents need when facing end-of-life decisions for their child? A meta-synthesis of parental feedbackXafis, V ; Wilkinson, D; Sullivan, J
102020“Who is watching the watchdog?”: ethical perspectives of sharing health-related data for precision medicine in SingaporeLysaght, T.; Ballantyne, A. ; Xafis, V. ; Ong, S. ; Schaefer, G.O. ; Ling, J.M.T.; Newson, A.J.; Khor, I.W. ; Tai, E.S.