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11-Sep-2019An Ethics Framework for Big Data in Health and ResearchXafis, V ; Schaefer, GO ; Labude, MK ; Brassington, I; Ballantyne, A ; Lim, HY; Lipworth, W; Lysaght, T ; Stewart, C; Sun, S; Laurie, GT ; Tai, ES 
224-Jul-2019Ethically Justified Restrictions on Citizen Science: A Perspective from SingaporeMarkus Labude ; Vicki Xafis 
32017Genetic affinity and the right to ‘three-parent IVF’Schaefer G.O. ; Labude M.K. 
49-Sep-2021Germline genome modification through novel political, ethical, and social lensesXafis, V; Schaefer, GO; Labude, MK ; Zhu, Y; Holm, S; Foo, RSY; Lai, PS; Chadwick, R
51-May-2021International Reporting Mechanism for Unethical Germline Gene Editing Experiments Is NeededSchaefer, G.O. ; Labude, M.K. ; Zhu, Y. ; Foo, R.S.-Y. ; Xafis, V. 
623-Jun-2021Making sense of it all: Ethical reflections on the conditions surrounding the first genome-edited babiesMills, P.; Chen, Q.; Ma, Y.; Labude, M. ; Schaefer, G.O. ; Xafis, V. 
71-Jan-2020The Perfect Moral Storm: Diverse Ethical Considerations in the COVID-19 PandemicXafis, V ; Schaefer, GO ; Labude, MK ; Zhu, Y ; Hsu, LY
89-May-2022Two kinds of embryo research: four case examplesSavulescu, Julian ; Labude, Markus ; Barcellona, Capucine ; Huang, Zhongwei ; Leverentz, Michael Karl ; Xafis, Vicki ; Lysaght, Tamra 
917-May-2022Vulnerability and the Ethics of Human Germline Genome EditingLabude, Markus K ; Xafis, Vicki ; Lai, Poh San ; Mills, Catherine