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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Sep-2019An Ethics Framework for Big Data in Health and ResearchXafis, V ; Schaefer, GO ; Labude, MK ; Brassington, I; Ballantyne, A ; Lim, HY; Lipworth, W; Lysaght, T ; Stewart, C; Sun, S; Laurie, GT ; Tai, ES 
221-Oct-2020Digital contact tracing and exposure notification: ethical guidance for trustworthy pandemic managementRanisch, Robert; Nijsingh, Niels; Ballantyne, Angela ; Van Bergen, Anne; Buyx, Alena; Friedrich, Orsolya; Hendl, Tereza; Marckmann, Georg; Munthe, Christian; Wild, Verina
311-Dec-2021Equity in vaccine trials for higher weight people? A rapid review of weight-related inclusion and exclusion criteria for COVID-19 clinical trialsCampbell, Jessica; Sutherland, Juliet; Bucknall, Danielle; O’hara, Lily; Heywood, Anita; Hobbs, Matthew; Ballantyne, Angela ; Gray, Lesley
414-May-2021Ethics of digital contact tracing wearablesSchaefer, G Owen ; Ballantyne, Angela 
52021Perceptions of ‘Precision’ and ‘Personalised’ Medicine in Singapore and Associated Ethical IssuesOng, Serene ; Ling, Jeffrey; Ballantyne, Angela ; Lysaght, Tamra ; Xafis, Vicki 
62020Points of contention: Qualitative research identifying where researchers and research ethics committees disagree about consent waivers for secondary research with tissue and dataBallantyne, A. ; Moore, A.; Bartholomew, K.; Aagaard, N.
76-Sep-2021Religious Perspectives on Precision Medicine in SingaporeToh, Hui Jin ; Ballantyne, Angela ; Ong, Serene Ai Kiang ; Sankaran, Chitra; Tay, Hung Yong; Singh, Malminderjit; Zaidi, Raza; Chia, Roland; Singh, Sarabjeet; Samachittananda, Swami; Shi, You Guang; Tan, Zhixia; Lysaght, Tamra 
81-Sep-2021Trust and Trade-Offs in Sharing Data for Precision Medicine: A National Survey of SingaporeLysaght, Tamra; Ballantyne, Angela ; Toh, Hui Jin ; Lau, Andrew; Ong, Serene; Schaefer, Owen ; Shiraishi, Makoto; van den Boom, Willem; Xafis, Vicki ; Tai, E Shyong 
92020“Who is watching the watchdog?”: ethical perspectives of sharing health-related data for precision medicine in SingaporeLysaght, T.; Ballantyne, A. ; Xafis, V. ; Ong, S. ; Schaefer, G.O. ; Ling, J.M.T.; Newson, A.J.; Khor, I.W. ; Tai, E.S.