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Tamra Maree Lysaght
Lysaght, T.
Tamra Lysaght

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
128-Jan-2020A professionalism program in medical education and training?from broad values to specific applications: YLL School of Medicine, SingaporePaul Macneill; Roy Joseph ; Tamra Lysaght ; Dujeepa Samarasekara ; Shing Chuan Hooi 
21-Sep-2019An Ethics Framework for Big Data in Health and ResearchXafis, V ; Schaefer, GO ; Labude, MK ; Brassington, I; Ballantyne, A ; Lim, HY; Lipworth, W; Lysaght, T ; Stewart, C; Sun, S; Laurie, GT ; Tai, ES 
32-Jan-2022Anticipatory Governance and Foresight in Regulating for UncertaintyTamra Lysaght 
42017Ethical frameworks for obtaining informed consent in tumour profiling: An evidence-based case for Singapore Ruth ChadwickBylstra, Y; Lysaght, T ; Thrivikraman, J; Watson, S; Tan, P 
52017Falling giants and the rise of gene editing: Ethics, private interests and the public good Ruth ChadwickCapps, B; Chadwick, R; Joly, Y; Mulvihill, J.J; Lysaght, T ; Zwart, H
6Nov-2013Global bionetworks and challenges in regulating autologous adult stem cellsLysaght, T. ; Kerridge, I.; Sipp, D.; Porter, G.; Capps, B.J.
72017Justice is the missing link in one health: Results of a mixed methods study in an urban city stateLysaght T. ; Capps B. ; Bailey M. ; Bickford D. ; Coker R. ; Lederman Z.; Watson S.; Tambyah P.A. 
85-Dec-2013Oversight for clinical uses of autologous adult stem cells: Lessons from international regulationsLysaght, T. ; Kerridge, I.; Sipp, D.; Porter, G.; Capps, B.J. 
92021Perceptions of ‘Precision’ and ‘Personalised’ Medicine in Singapore and Associated Ethical IssuesOng, Serene ; Ling, Jeffrey; Ballantyne, Angela ; Lysaght, Tamra ; Xafis, Vicki 
106-Sep-2021Religious Perspectives on Precision Medicine in SingaporeToh, Hui Jin ; Ballantyne, Angela ; Ong, Serene Ai Kiang ; Sankaran, Chitra; Tay, Hung Yong; Singh, Malminderjit; Zaidi, Raza; Chia, Roland; Singh, Sarabjeet; Samachittananda, Swami; Shi, You Guang; Tan, Zhixia; Lysaght, Tamra 
112019Statement on bioinformatics and capturing the benefits of genome sequencing for societyCapps, B.; Chadwick, R.; Joly, Y.; Lysaght, T. ; Mills, C.; Mulvihill, J.J.; Zwart, H.
122018Tackling Ethical Challenges of Premature Delivery of Stem Cell-Based Therapies: ISSCR 2018 Annual Meeting Focus Session ReportSugarman, J.; Barker, R.A.; Kerridge, I.; Lysaght, T. ; Pellegrini, G.; Sipp, D.; Tanner, C.
1324-Jun-2021The oversight of clinical innovation in a medical marketplaceLipworth, Wendy; Wiersma, W; Ghinea, N; Hendl, T; Kerridge, Ian; Lysaght, Tamra Maree ; Munsie, Megan; Rudge, Christopher; Stewart, Cameron; Waldby, Catherine
1414-Dec-2018The View of CRISPR Patents Through the Lens of Solidarity and the Public GoodBenjamin Capps; John Mulvihill; Yann Joly; Tamra Lysaght ; HUGO committee on Ethics Law and Society
159-May-2022Two kinds of embryo research: four case examplesSavulescu, Julian ; Labude, Markus ; Barcellona, Capucine ; Huang, Zhongwei ; Leverentz, Michael Karl ; Xafis, Vicki ; Lysaght, Tamra