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Legio-Quigley, Helena
Legio-Quigley, H.


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12018Assessing the influence of health systems on type 2 diabetes mellitus awareness, treatment, adherence, and control: A systematic reviewOng S.E. ; Kai Koh J.J. ; Toh S.-A.E.S. ; Chia K.S. ; Balabanova D.; McKee M.; Perel P.; Legido-Quigley H. 
22018Designing evaluation studies to optimally inform policy: What factors do policy-makers in China consider when making resource allocation decisions on healthcare worker training programmes?Wu, S ; Legido-Quigley, H ; Spencer, J; Coker, R.J ; Khan, M.S
32017Factors influencing the activation of the rapid response system for clinically deteriorating patients by frontline ward clinicians: A systematic reviewChua W.L.; See M.T.A.; Legio-Quigley H. ; Jones D.; Tee A.; Liaw S.Y. 
42015Feasibility of health systems strengthening in South Sudan: A qualitative study of international practitioner perspectivesJones A.; Howard N.; Legido-Quigley H. 
52017Health is my capital: A qualitative study of access to healthcare by Chinese migrants in SingaporeTam, W.J; Goh, W.L ; Chua, J; Legido-Quigley, H 
62018The health needs and access barriers among refugees and asylum-seekers in Malaysia: A qualitative studyFIONA CHUAH LEH HOON ; TAN SOK TENG ; Jason Yeo; HELENA LEGIDO-QUIGLEY 
71-Sep-2020Health system resilience in managing the COVID-19 pandemic: lessons from SingaporeChua, Alvin Qijia ; Tan, Melisa Mei Jin; Verma, Monica; Han, Emeline Kai Lin; Hsu, Li Yang ; Cook, Alex Richard ; Teo, Yik Ying ; Lee, Vernon J; Legido-Quigley, Helena 
816-Jun-2017Integrating Cardiovascular Diseases, Hypertension, and Diabetes with HIV Services: A Systematic ReviewVictoria Haldane ; Helena Legido-Quigley ; Fiona Chuah ; Louise Sigfrid; Georgina Murphy; Suan Ee Ong ; Francisco Cervero-Liceras ; Nicola Watt; Dina Balabanova; Sue Hogarth; Will Maimaris; Kent Buse; Martin McKee; Peter Piot; Pablo Perel
92017Integrating cervical cancer with HIV healthcare services: A systematic reviewSigfrid L.; Murphy G.; Haldane V. ; Chuah F.L.H. ; Ong S.E. ; Cervero-Liceras F. ; Watt N.; Alvaro A.; Otero-Garcia L.; Balabanova D.; Hogarth S.; Maimaris W.; Buse K.; McKee M.; Piot P.; Perel P.; Legido-Quigley H. 
1026-Sep-2017Integrating HIV and Substance Use Services: A Systematic ReviewVictoria Haldane ; Francisco Cervero-Liceras ; Fiona LH Chuah ; Suan Ee Ong ; Georgina Murphy; Louise Sigfrid; Nicola Watt; Dina Balabanova; Sue Hogarth; Will Maimaris; Kent Buse; Peter Piot; Martin McKee; Pablo Perel; Helena Legido-Quigley 
112017Multicomponent intervention versus usual care for management of hypertension in rural Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka: Study protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trialJafar, T.H ; Jehan, I; de Silva, H.A; Naheed, A; Gandhi, M ; Assam, P; Finkelstein, E.A ; Quigley, H.L ; Bilger, M ; Khan, A.H; Clemens, J.D; Ebrahim, S; Turner, E.L; Kasturiratne, A; for COBRA-BPS Study Group and Anuradhani Kasturiratne
122019Patients' experiences on accessing health care services for management of hypertension in rural Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka: A qualitative studyLegido-Quigley H. ; Naheed A.; Asita De Silva H.; Jehan I.; Haldane V. ; Cobb B.; Tavajoh S. ; Chakma N.; Kasturiratne A.; Siddiqui S.; Jafar T.H. ; Clemens J.D.; Hasnat M.; Hameed A.; Khan A.Z.; Ranasinha C.; Fin-Kelstein E. ; Bilger M. ; Pryseley A. ; Gandhi M. ; Ebrahim S.; Turner E.
132015Patients' knowledge, attitudes, behaviour and health care experiences on the prevention, detection, management and control of hypertension in Colombia: A qualitative studyLegido-Quigley H. ; Lopez P.A.C.; Balabanova D.; Perel P.; Lopez-Jaramillo P.; Nieuwlaat R.; Schwalm J.-D.; McCready T.; Yusuf S.; McKee M.
142016Provider and service-user perspectives of volunteer health-worker service provision in Ayeyarwady Region, Myanmar: A qualitative studyWatt N.; Yupar A.; Sender P.; Campbell F.; Legido-Quigley H. ; Howard N.
152019Something borrowed, something new: A governance and social construction framework to investigate power relations and responses of diverse stakeholders to policies addressing antimicrobial resistanceLegido-Quigley, H ; Khan, M.S; Durrance-Bagale, A; Hanefeld, J
162018The economic burden of cardiovascular disease and hypertension in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic reviewGheorghe, A; Griffiths, U; Murphy, A; Legido-Quigley, H ; Lamptey, P; Perel, P
172013The Influence of Health Systems on Hypertension Awareness, Treatment, and Control: A Systematic Literature ReviewMaimaris W.; Paty J.; Perel P.; Legido-Quigley H. ; Balabanova D.; Nieuwlaat R.; Mckee M.
182019The social determinants of chronic disease management: Perspectives of elderly patients with hypertension from low socio-economic background in SingaporeTan, S.T ; Quek, R.Y.C ; Haldane, V ; Koh, J.J.K ; Han, E.K.L ; Ong, S.E ; Chuah, F.L.H ; Legido-Quigley, H 
192014Trust in health care encounters and systems: A case study of British pensioners living in SpainLegido-Quigley, H ; Mckee, M; Green, J
202016"you have to keep fighting": Maintaining healthcare services and professionalism on the frontline of austerity in GreeceKerasidou A.; Kingori P.; Legido-Quigley H.