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Helena Legido-Quigley
Legio-Quigley, Helena
Legio-Quigley, H.


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11-Jun-2022A Qualitative Study on the Design and Implementation of the National Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance in the PhilippinesLota, Maria Margarita M; Chua, Alvin Qijia ; Azupardo, Karen; Lumangaya, Carlo; Reyes, Katherine Ann; Villanueva, Sharon Yvette Angelina M; Legido-Quigley, Helena ; Roxas, Evalyn A
22018Access and adherence to medications for the primary and secondary prevention of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease in singapore: A qualitative studyKoh, J.J.K. ; Cheng, R.X.; Yap, Y.; Haldane, V. ; Tan, Y.G.; Teo, K.W.Q.; Srivastava, A. ; Ong, P.S. ; Perel, P.; Legido-Quigley, H. 
31-Feb-2021An analysis of national action plans on antimicrobial resistance in Southeast Asia using a governance framework approachChua, Alvin Qijia ; Verma, Monica ; Hsu, Li Yang ; Legido-Quigley, Helena 
42018Assessing the influence of health systems on type 2 diabetes mellitus awareness, treatment, adherence, and control: A systematic reviewOng S.E. ; Kai Koh J.J. ; Toh S.-A.E.S. ; Chia K.S. ; Balabanova D.; McKee M.; Perel P.; Legido-Quigley H. 
52019Biopsychosocial experiences and coping strategies of elderly ESRD patients: A qualitative study to inform the development of more holistic and person-centred health services in SingaporeHan, E. ; Shiraz, F. ; Haldane, V. ; Koh, J.J.K. ; Quek, R.Y.C. ; Ozdemir, S.; Finkelstein, E.A.; Jafar, T.H.; Choong, H.-L.; Gan, S.; Lim, L.W.W.; Legido-Quigley, H. 
61-Dec-2019Combating Antimicrobial Resistance in Singapore: A Qualitative Study Exploring the Policy Context, Challenges, Facilitators, and Proposed StrategiesSingh, Shweta Rajkumar ; Chua, Alvin Qijia ; Tan, Sok Teng ; Tam, Clarence C ; Hsu, Li Yang ; Legido-Quigley, Helena 
72019Community participation in health services development, implementation, and evaluation: A systematic review of empowerment, health, community, and process outcomesHaldane, V. ; Chuah, F.L.H. ; Srivastava, A. ; Singh, S.R. ; Koh, G.C.H. ; Seng, C.K. ; Legido-Quigley, H. 
82018Designing evaluation studies to optimally inform policy: What factors do policy-makers in China consider when making resource allocation decisions on healthcare worker training programmes?Wu, S ; Legido-Quigley, H ; Spencer, J; Coker, R.J ; Khan, M.S
921-Sep-2020Evaluation of the COVID-19 response in Spain: principles and requirementsGarcía-Basteiro, A.L.; Legido-Quigley, H. ; Álvarez-Dardet, C.; Arenas, A.; Bengoa, R.; Borrell, C.; Del Val, M.; Franco, M.; Gea-Sánchez, M.; Gestal, J.; González López-Valcárcel, B.; Hernández-Aguado, I.; March, J.C.; Martín-Moreno, J.; Menéndez, C.; Minué, S.; Muntaner, C.; Porta, M.; Prieto-Alhambra, D.; Vives Cases, C.; Garcia-Basteiro, A.L.
102019Exploring the training and scope of practice of GPs in England, Germany and Spain [Análisis de la formación y el ámbito de práctica de los médicos de atención primaria en Inglaterra, Alemania y España]Glonti, K.; Struckmann, V.; Alconada, A.; Pettigrew, L.M.; Hernandez-Santiago, V.; Minue, S.; Risso-Gill, I.; McKee, M.; Legido-Quigley, H. 
112020Facilitators and barriers of managing patients with multiple chronic conditions in the community: A qualitative studyFoo, K.M.; Sundram, M.; Legido-Quigley, H. 
122017Factors influencing the activation of the rapid response system for clinically deteriorating patients by frontline ward clinicians: A systematic reviewChua W.L.; See M.T.A.; Legio-Quigley H. ; Jones D.; Tee A.; Liaw S.Y. 
132015Feasibility of health systems strengthening in South Sudan: A qualitative study of international practitioner perspectivesJones A.; Howard N.; Legido-Quigley H. 
146-Jan-2021Framing global discourses on non-communicable diseases: a scoping reviewTan, Melisa Mei Jin ; Han, Emeline ; Shrestha, Pami ; Wu, Shishi ; Shiraz, Farah ; Koh, Gerald Choon-Huat ; McKee, Martin; Legido-Quigley, Helena 
152017Health is my capital: A qualitative study of access to healthcare by Chinese migrants in SingaporeTam, W.J; Goh, W.L ; Chua, J; Legido-Quigley, H 
162019Health system challenges to hypertension and related non-communicable diseases prevention and treatment: Perspectives from Ghanaian stakeholdersLaar, A.K.; Adler, A.J.; Kotoh, A.M.; Legido-Quigley, H. ; Lange, I.L.; Perel, P.; Lamptey, P.
171-Sep-2020Health system resilience in managing the COVID-19 pandemic: lessons from SingaporeChua, Alvin Qijia ; Tan, Melisa Mei Jin; Verma, Monica; Han, Emeline Kai Lin; Hsu, Li Yang ; Cook, Alex Richard ; Teo, Yik Ying ; Lee, Vernon J; Legido-Quigley, Helena 
182019Health system responses to the health needs of refugees and asylum-seekers in Malaysia: A qualitative studyChuah, F.L.H. ; Tan, S.T. ; Yeo, J.; Legido-Quigley, H. 
1916-Jun-2017Integrating Cardiovascular Diseases, Hypertension, and Diabetes with HIV Services: A Systematic ReviewVictoria Haldane ; Helena Legido-Quigley ; Fiona Chuah ; Louise Sigfrid; Georgina Murphy; Suan Ee Ong ; Francisco Cervero-Liceras ; Nicola Watt; Dina Balabanova; Sue Hogarth; Will Maimaris; Kent Buse; Martin McKee; Peter Piot; Pablo Perel
202017Integrating cervical cancer with HIV healthcare services: A systematic reviewSigfrid L.; Murphy G.; Haldane V. ; Chuah F.L.H. ; Ong S.E. ; Cervero-Liceras F. ; Watt N.; Alvaro A.; Otero-Garcia L.; Balabanova D.; Hogarth S.; Maimaris W.; Buse K.; McKee M.; Piot P.; Perel P.; Legido-Quigley H.