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12018A high carbohydrate, but not fat or protein meal attenuates postprandial ghrelin, PYY and GLP-1 responses in Chinese menRizi E.P.; Loh T.P. ; Baig S. ; Chhay V. ; Huang S. ; Quek J.C.; Tai E.S. ; Toh S.-A. ; Khoo C.M. 
29-Jul-2021A personalized mobile health program for type 2 diabetes during the COVID-19 pandemic: Single-group pre-post studyAng, Ian Yi Han; Tan, Kyle Xin Quan ; Tan, Clive ; Tan, Chiew Hoon; Kwek, James Wei Ming; Tay, Joanne; Toh, Sue Anne 
31-Dec-2020A Personalized Mobile Health Program for Type 2 Diabetes During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Single-Group Pre–Post Study (Preprint)Ang, Ian Yi Han ; Tan, Kyle Xin Quan ; Tan, Clive ; Tan, Chiew Hoon; Kwek, James Wei Ming; Tay, Joanne; Toh, Sue Anne 
42018Assessing the influence of health systems on type 2 diabetes mellitus awareness, treatment, adherence, and control: A systematic reviewOng S.E. ; Kai Koh J.J. ; Toh S.-A.E.S. ; Chia K.S. ; Balabanova D.; McKee M.; Perel P.; Legido-Quigley H. 
54-Feb-2021CD10 marks non-canonical PPAR?-independent adipocyte maturation and browning potential of adipose-derived stem cellsChakraborty, Smarajit; Ong, Wee Kiat; Yau, Winifred W. Y. ; Zhou, Zhihong; Bhanu Prakash K.N.; Toh, Sue-Anne ; Han, Weiping; Yen, Paul M. ; Sugii, Shigeki 
62020Characterising and predicting persistent high-cost utilisers in healthcare: A retrospective cohort study in SingaporeNg, S.H.X. ; Rahman, N. ; Ang, I.Y.H. ; Sridharan, S. ; Ramachandran, S. ; Wang, D.D. ; Khoo, A.; Tan, C.S. ; Feng, M. ; Toh, S.-A.E.S. ; Tan, X.Q. 
72020Conducting a cost-benefit analysis of transitional care programmes: The key challenges and recommendationsEh, K.X.; Ang, I.Y.H.; Nurjono, M. ; Toh, S.-A.E.S. 
8Mar-2022Dynamic assessment of insulin secretion and insulin resistance in Asians with prediabetesMagkos, Faidon; Lee, Michelle H ; Lim, Maybritte ; Cook, Alex R ; Chhay, Vanna ; Loh, Tze Ping ; Chia, Kee Seng ; Baig, Sonia ; Ang, Ian Yi Han ; Tay, Joanne YY; Khoo, Chin Meng ; Halter, Jeffrey B ; Toh, Sue-Anne 
92016ECM microenvironment unlocks brown adipogenic potential of adult human bone marrow-derived MSCsLee, M.H ; Goralczyk, A.G ; Kriszt, R; Ang, X.M; Badowski, C; Li, Y; Summers, S.A; Toh, S.-A ; Yassin, M.S ; Shabbir, A ; Sheppard, A; Raghunath, M 
102020Exploring the dimensions of patient experience for community-based care programmes in a multi-ethnic Asian contextFoo, C.D.; Tan, Y.L.; Shrestha, P. ; Eh, K.X.; Ang, I.Y.H. ; Nurjono, M. ; Toh, S.-A. ; Shiraz, F. 
11Jan-2020Heredity of type 2 diabetes confers increased susceptibility to oxidative stress and inflammationBaig, Sonia ; Shabeer, Muhammad ; Parvaresh Rizi, Ehsan; Agarwal, Madhur ; Lee, Michelle H ; Ooi, Delicia Shu Qin ; Chia, Chelsea; Aung, Nweni; Ng, Geelyn ; Teo, Yvonne ; Chhay, Vanna ; Magkos, Faidon ; Vidal-Puig, Antonio; Seet, Raymond CS ; Toh, Sue-Anne 
122017Impact of analytical and biological variations on classification of diabetes using fasting plasma glucose, oral glucose tolerance test and HbA1cChai, J.H ; Ma, S ; Heng, D; Yoong, J ; Lim, W.-Y; Toh, S.-A ; Loh, T.P 
1319-Mar-2019Implementation fidelity of a strategy to integrate service delivery: learnings from a transitional care program for individuals with complex needs in SingaporeMILAWATY NURJONO ; Shrestha, Pami; Ang, Ian Yi Han; FARAH SHIRAZ ; Yoong, Joanne Su-Yin; SUE-ANNE TOH EE SHIOW ; Vrijhoef, Hubertus Johannes Maria
142019Loneliness amongst low-socioeconomic status elderly singaporeans and its association with perceptions of the neighbourhood environmentEn Wee, L.; Tsang, T.Y.Y.; Yi, H. ; Toh, S.A. ; Lee, G.L. ; Yee, J.; Lee, S.; Oen, K.; Koh, G.C.H. 
152018Low-dose levothyroxine reduces intrahepatic lipid content in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and NAFLDBruinstroop E. ; Dalan R. ; Cao Y. ; Bee Y.M. ; Chandran K.; Cho L.W. ; Soh S.B.; Teo E.K. ; Toh S.-A. ; Leow M.K.S. ; Sinha R.A. ; Sadananthan S.A. ; Michael N.; Stapleton H.M.; Leung C.; Angus P.W.; Patel S.K.; Burrell L.M.; Lim S.C. ; Sum C.F.; Velan S.S. ; Yen P.M.
162016Meal rich in carbohydrate, but not protein or fat, reveals adverse immunometabolic responses associated with obesityParvaresh Rizi E.; Baig S. ; Shabeer M. ; Teo Y. ; Mok S.F.; Loh T.P.; Magkos F.; Virtue S.; Vidal-Puig A.; Tai E.S. ; Khoo C.M. ; Toh S.-A. 
172016Metabolic gene expression profile in circulating mononuclear cells reflects obesity-associated metabolic inflexibilityBaig, S ; Parvaresh Rizi, E; Shabeer, M ; Chhay, V ; Mok, S.F ; Loh, T.P ; Magkos, F ; Vidal-Puig, A; Tai, E.S ; Khoo, C.M ; Toh, S.-A 
182019Oxidative stress mediates depot-specific functional differences of human adipose-derived stem cellsSriram, S.; Yuan, C.; Chakraborty, S.; Tay, W.; Park, M.; Shabbir, A. ; Toh, S.-A. ; Han, W.; Sugii, S. 
1916-Jan-2021Prepared and highly committed despite the risk of COVID-19 infection: a cross-sectional survey of primary care physicians’ concerns and coping strategies in SingaporeLau, Jerrald ; Tan, David Hsien-Yung; Wong, Gretel Jianlin ; Lew, Yii-Jen; Chua, Ying-Xian; Low, Lian-Leng ; Ho, Han-Kwee; Kwek, Thiam-Soo; Toh, Sue-Anne Ee-Shiow ; Tan, Ker-Kan 
202020Reply to: ‘Browning capabilities of human primary adipose-derived stromal cells compared to SGBS cells’Yeo, C.R.; Agrawal, M. ; Hoon, S.; Shabbir, A.; Shrivastava, M.K.; Huang, S. ; Khoo, C.M. ; Chhay, V. ; Shabeer, M. ; Shyong Tai, E. ; Vidal-Puig, A.; Toh, S.-A.