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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012Diet and exercise in the treatment of fatty liverMagkos F. ; Lavoie J.-M.; Kantartzis K.; Gastaldelli A.
22019Dose-Dependent Effects of Exercise and Diet on Insulin Sensitivity and SecretionDing C.; Chooi Y.U.C.; Chan Z.; Lo J.; Choo J.; Ding B.T.Z.E.K.; Leow M.K.-S. ; Magkos F. 
32019Ectopic fat and aerobic fitness are key determinants of glucose homeostasis in nonobese AsiansChan Z.; Ding C.; Chooi Y.C.; Choo J.; Sadananthan S.A.; Sasikala S.; Chang A.; Michael N.; Velan S.S.; Leow M.K.S. ; Magkos F. 
42013Effect of Acute Negative and Positive Energy Balance on Basal Very-Low Density Lipoprotein Triglyceride Metabolism in WomenBellou E.; Maraki M.; Magkos F. ; Botonaki H.; Panagiotakos D.B.; Kavouras S.A.; Sidossis L.S.
5Jan-2020Heredity of type 2 diabetes confers increased susceptibility to oxidative stress and inflammationBaig, Sonia ; Shabeer, Muhammad ; Parvaresh Rizi, Ehsan; Agarwal, Madhur ; Lee, Michelle H ; Ooi, Delicia Shu Qin ; Chia, Chelsea; Aung, Nweni; Ng, Geelyn ; Teo, Yvonne ; Chhay, Vanna ; Magkos, Faidon ; Vidal-Puig, Antonio; Seet, Raymond CS ; Toh, Sue-Anne 
62018Lipoprotein subclass profile after progressive energy deficits induced by calorie restriction or exerciseChooi, Y.C; Ding, C; Chan, Z; Lo, J; Choo, J; Ding, B.T.K; Leow, M.K.-S ; Magkos, F 
72016Metabolic gene expression profile in circulating mononuclear cells reflects obesity-associated metabolic inflexibilityBaig, S ; Parvaresh Rizi, E; Shabeer, M ; Chhay, V ; Mok, S.F ; Loh, T.P ; Magkos, F ; Vidal-Puig, A; Tai, E.S ; Khoo, C.M ; Toh, S.-A 
82012Putative factors that may modulate the effect of exercise on liver fat: Insights from animal studiesMagkos F. 
92019Sex differences in glucose and fatty acid metabolism in asians who are nonobeseChan Z.; Chooi Y.C.; Ding C.; Choo J.; Sadananthan S.A.; Michael N.; Velan S.S.; Leow M. ; Magkos F. 
102018The gut microbiome profile in obesity: A systematic reviewCastaner, O; Goday, A; Park, Y.-M; Lee, S.-H; Magkos, F ; Shiow, S.-A.T.E ; Schröder, H