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12016Assessing and understanding sedentary behaviour in office-based working adults: A mixed-method approachWaters C.N. ; Ling E.P.; Chu A.H.Y. ; Ng S.H.X. ; Chia A. ; Lim Y.W. ; Müller-Riemenschneider F. 
22020Characterising and predicting persistent high-cost utilisers in healthcare: A retrospective cohort study in SingaporeNg, S.H.X. ; Rahman, N. ; Ang, I.Y.H. ; Sridharan, S. ; Ramachandran, S. ; Wang, D.D. ; Khoo, A.; Tan, C.S. ; Feng, M. ; Toh, S.-A.E.S. ; Tan, X.Q. 
32019Characterization of high healthcare utilizer groups using administrative data from an electronic medical record databaseNg, S.H.-X. ; Rahman, N.; Ang, I.Y.H.; Sridharan, S. ; Ramachandran, S. ; Wang, D.D.; Tan, C.S. ; Toh, S.-A.; Tan, X.Q. 
42017Comparison of wrist-worn Fitbit Flex and waist-worn ActiGraph for measuring steps in free-living adultsChu A.H.Y. ; Ng S.H.X. ; Paknezhad M.; Gauterin A. ; Koh D. ; Brown M.S. ; Müller-Riemenschneider F. 
52017Determinants of eating at local and western fast-food venues in an urban Asian population: A mixed methods approachNaidoo, N.; van Dam, R.M ; Ng, S ; Tan, C.S.; Chen, S.; Lim, J.Y.; Chan, M.F; Chew, L ; Rebello, S.A 
62018Domain-specific adult sedentary behaviour questionnaire (ASBQ) and the GPAQ single-item question: A reliability and validity study in an Asian populationChu, A.H.Y ; Ng, S.H.X ; Koh, D ; MЃller-Riemenschneider, F 
72019Drivers of hospital expenditure and length of stay in an academic medical centre: A retrospective cross-sectional studyRahman, N. ; Ng, S.H.-X. ; Ramachandran, S. ; Wang, D.D.; Sridharan, S. ; Tan, C.S. ; Khoo, A.; Tan, X.Q. 
82018Inclination towards research and the pursuit of a research career among medical students: An international cohort studyHa, T.C ; Ng, S ; Chen, C ; Yong, S.K; Koh, G.C.H ; Tan, S.B ; Malhotra, R ; Altermatt, F; Seim, A; Biderman, A; Woolley, T; Østbye, T 
92015Reliability and validity of the self- and interviewer-administered versions of the Global Physical Activity Questionnaire (GPAQ)Chu A.H.Y. ; Ng S.H.X. ; Koh D. ; Müller-Riemenschneider F. ; Brucki S.
102019Right-Site Care Programme with a community-based family medicine clinic in Singapore: Secondary data analysis of its impact on mortality and healthcare utilisationAng, I.Y.H. ; Ng, S.H.-X. ; Rahman, N. ; Nurjono, M. ; Tham, T.Y. ; Toh, S.-A. ; Wee, H.L. 
112018Stepping volume and intensity patterns in a multi-ethnic urban Asian populationSumner J. ; Uijtdewilligen L. ; Chu A.H. ; Ng S.H. ; Barreira T.V.; Sloan R.A.; Van Dam R.M. ; Müller-Riemenschneider F. 
12Jan-2022Variation in coded frailty syndromes in secondary care administrative data: an international retrospective exploratory studySoong, John TY ; Ng, Sheryl Hui-Xian ; Tan, Kyle Xin Quan ; Kaubryte, Jurgita; Hopper, Adrian
132020Volume and intensity of stepping activity and cardiometabolic risk factors in a multi-ethnic asian populationSumner, J. ; Uijtdewilligen, L. ; Yee, A.C.H. ; Xian, S.N.H. ; Barreira, T.V.; Sloan, R.A.; Van Dam, R.M. ; M�ller-Riemenschneider, F.