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Say Beng Tan
Tan, S.-B.
Tan, S.B.


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1Jun-2013Adjuvant hepatic intra-arterial iodine-131-lipiodol following curative resection of hepatocellular carcinoma: A prospective randomized trialChung, A.Y.F.; Ooi, L.L.P.J.; Machin, D.; Tan, S.B. ; Goh, B.K.P.; Wong, J.S.; Chen, Y.M.; Li, P.C.N.; Gandhi, M.; Thng, C.H.; Yu, S.W.K.; Tan, B.S.; Lo, R.H.G.; Htoo, A.M.M.; Tay, K.H.; Sundram, F.X.; Goh, A.S.W.; Chew, S.P.; Liau, K.H.; Chow, P.K.H.; Tay, K.H.; Tan, Y.M.; Cheow, P.C.; Ho, C.K.; Soo, K.C.
22012Comparing statistical models to predict dengue fever notificationsEarnest, A. ; Tan, S.B. ; Wilder-Smith, A.; MacHin, D.
3Feb-2012Geographical variation in ambulance calls is associated with socioeconomic statusEarnest, A. ; Tan, S.B. ; Shahidah, N.; Ong, M.E.H.
42012Hepatocellular carcinoma in AsiaSiddiqui, F.J.; Chan, E.S.Y. ; Tan, S.-B. ; Cho, P.K.H.
5Jul-2012Meteorological factors and El Niño Southern Oscillation are independently associated with dengue infectionsEarnest, A. ; Tan, S.B. ; Wilder-Smith, A.
610-Mar-2014Multicenter phase II study of sequential radioembolization-sorafenib therapy for inoperable hepatocellular carcinomaChow, P.K.H. ; Poon, D.Y.H.; Khin, M.-W.; Singh, H.; Han, H.-S.; Goh, A.S.W.; Choo, S.-P.; Lai, H.-K.; Lo, R.H.G.; Tay, K.-H.; Lim, T.-G.; Gandhi, M.; Tan, S.-B. ; Soo, K.-C. 
7Mar-2010Ocular component growth curves among Singaporean children with different refractive error statusWong, H.-B.; Machin, D.; Tan, S.-B. ; Wong, T.-Y. ; Saw, S.-M. 
827-Sep-2011Randomised double-blind trial of megestrol acetate vs placebo in treatment-naive advanced hepatocellular carcinomaChow, P.K.H. ; MacHin, D.; Chen, Y.; Zhang, X.; Win, K.-M.; Hoang, H.-H.; Nguyen, B.-D.; Jin, M.-Y.; Lobo, R.; Findlay, M.; Lim, C.-H.; Tan, S.-B. ; Gandhi, M.; Soo, K.-C.
92010Risk communication in clinical trials: A cognitive experiment and a surveyCheung, Y.B. ; Wee, H.L. ; Thumboo, J.; Goh, C. ; Pietrobon, R. ; Toh, H.C.; Yong, Y.F. ; Tan, S.B. 
10Nov-2011Risk factors for lower extremity amputation among patients with diabetes in SingaporeYang, Y.; Østbye, T. ; Tan, S.B. ; Abdul Salam, Z.-H.; Yang, K.S.; Ong, B.C.
111-Jan-2012Sample sizes for estimating differences in proportionscan we keep things simple?Tan, S.H.; MacHin, D.; Tan, S.B. 
12Dec-2013Stress myocardial perfusion imaging for the evaluation and triage of chest pain in the emergency department: A randomized controlled trialLim, S.H.; Anantharaman, V.; Sundram, F.; Chan, E.S.-Y.; Ang, E.S.; Yo, S.L.; Jacob, E.; Goh, A.; Tan, S.B. ; Chua, T.
13Dec-2012Systematic review of outcomes of liver resection for early hepatocellular carcinoma within the Milan criteriaLim, K.-C.; Chow, P.K.-H. ; Allen, J.C.; Siddiqui, F.J.; Chan, E.S.-Y. ; Tan, S.-B. 
14Jan-2012The burden of diabetes mellitus in elderly patients from an Asian tertiary hospitalYang, Y.; Goh, S.-Y.; Tan, S.B. ; Ho, H.J.; Emmanuel, S.; Wang, P.; Ng, H.S.
152010The correct interpretation of confidence intervalsTan, S.H.; Tan, S.B. 
16Mar-2010The effect of body mass on health-related quality of life among Singaporean adolescents: Results from the SCORM studyØstbye, T. ; Malhotra, R. ; Wong, H.-B.; Tan, S.-B. ; Saw, S.-M. 
17Mar-2009Visual Impairment and Its Impact on Health-related Quality of Life in AdolescentsWong, H.-B.; Machin, D.; Tan, S.-B. ; Wong, T.-Y. ; Saw, S.-M.