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Goh, Cynthia Ruth
Goh, C.R.
Goh, C.


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1Sep-2010Artificial hydration at the end of life in an oncology ward in SingaporeKrishna, L.K.; Poulose, J.; Goh, C. 
21991Aspartic acid 50 and tyrosine 108 are essential for receptor binding and cytotoxic activity of tumour necrosis factor beta (lymphotoxin)Goh, C.R. ; Loh, C.-S. ; Porter, A.G. 
3Jun-2011Attitude of doctors in an asian oncology centre towards referral to palliative careHong, C.-Y.; Ng, G.N.; Poulose, J.; Lin, N.J.; Goh, C.R. 
41989Bacterial expression, facile purification and properties of recombinant human lymphotoxin (tumor necrosis factor beta)Seow, H.-F. ; Goh, C.R. ; Krishnan, L.; Porter, A.G. 
5Mar-1990c-myc Oncogene expression in colorectal cancer: its use in prognosis and role in colorectal carcinogenesis.Goh, H.S.; Soong, T.W. ; Lee, Y.S.; Ho, J.; Goh, C.R. 
6Jul-1987Clinico-pathological prognostic factors of large bowel cancer in Singapore: a multivariate analysis.Goh, H.S.; Goh, C.R. ; Rauff, A.; Foong, W.C.
7Jul-2013Exploring the experience of dignified palliative care in patients with advanced cancer and families: A feasibility study in SingaporeLee, G.L. ; Ow, R. ; Akhileswaran, R.; Goh, C.R. 
8Jul-1993Galloway Memorial Lecture. Protein engineering of tumor necrosis factor-beta and its applications in cancer, septicaemia and cachexia.Goh, C.R. 
9Aug-2012Good end-of-life care: Perspectives of middle-aged and older SingaporeansMalhotra, C. ; Chan, A.; Do, Y.K.; Malhotra, R. ; Goh, C. 
1015-May-1993Identification of a new receptor subtype for tumor necrosis factor-αSchwalb, D.M.; Han, H.-M.; Marino, M.; Warren, R.; Porter, A. ; Goh, C. ; Fairt, W.R.; Donner, D.B.
11May-1991Influence of family history of cryptogenic hypertension, age, sex and race on lymphocyte sodium/potassium pumps.Taylor, E.A.; Goh, C.R. ; Oh, V.M.
12Oct-2010Opioid use amongst cancer patients at the end of lifeRadha Krishna, L.K.; Poulose, J.V.; Tan, B.S.A.; Goh, C. 
131-Oct-2011Place of death and its determinants for patients with cancer in Singapore: An analysis of data from the Singapore cancer registry, 2000-2009Hong, C.Y.; Chow, K.Y.; Poulose, J.; Jin, A.Z.; Devi, A.; Chee, E.M.F.; Goh, C. 
141992Recombinant human tumor necrosis factor-β entrapped in liposomes formed by a modification of the dehydration-rehydration method retains potent cytotoxic activity on L929 cells in vitroTan, L.; Goh, C.R. ; Porter, A.G. 
152010Risk communication in clinical trials: A cognitive experiment and a surveyCheung, Y.B. ; Wee, H.L. ; Thumboo, J.; Goh, C. ; Pietrobon, R. ; Toh, H.C.; Yong, Y.F. ; Tan, S.B. 
161991Structural and functional domains in human tumour necrosis factorsGoh, C.R. ; Porter, A.G. 
171-Aug-1997The lymphotoxin-α (LTα) subunit is essential for the assembly, but not for the receptor specificity, of the membrane-anchored LTα1β2 heterotrimeric ligandWilliams-Abbott, L.; Walter, B.N.; Cheung, T.C.; Goh, C.R. ; Porter, A.G. ; Ware, C.F.
181990Tumour necrosis factors in clinical practiceGoh, C.R. 
19Feb-2011What do renal health-care professionals in Singapore think of advance care planning for patients with end-stage renal disease?Yee, A.; Seow, Y.Y.; Tan, S.H.; Goh, C. ; Qu, L.; Lee, G.
20Aug-2009Where the elderly die: The influence of socio-demographic factors and cause of death on people dying at homeBeng, A.K.L.; Chee, W.F.; Shum, E.; Goh, C.R. ; Kee, T.G.; Suok, K.C.