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Ha Tam Cam
(not current staff)
Ha, H.T.C.T.C.
Ha, T.C.
Cam, H.T.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12017Associations of lifestyle and diet with the risk of nasopharyngeal carcinoma in Singapore: A case–control studyYong, S.K; Ha, T.C ; Yeo, M.C.R ; Gaborieau, V; McKay, J.D; Wee, J 
22012High incidence of nasopharyngeal cancer: Similarity for 60% of mitochondrial DNA signatures between the Bidayuhs of Borneo and the Bai-yue of Southern ChinaWee, J. ; Ha, T.C. ; Loong, S. ; Qian, C.-N.
32018Inclination towards research and the pursuit of a research career among medical students: An international cohort studyHa, T.C ; Ng, S ; Chen, C ; Yong, S.K; Koh, G.C.H ; Tan, S.B ; Malhotra, R ; Altermatt, F; Seim, A; Biderman, A; Woolley, T; Østbye, T 
42008Investigative methods and tools: Developing an integrated approach to critical thinking, evidence-based medicine and biostatisticsCam, H.T. ; Starmer, F. 
5Sep-2012Late toxicities after conventional radiation therapy alone for nasopharyngeal carcinomaTuan, J.K.L.; Ha, T.C. ; Ong, W.S.; Siow, T.R.; Tham, I.W.K. ; Yap, S.P.; Tan, T.W.K.; Chua, E.T.; Fong, K.W.; Wee, J.T.S. 
6Jun-2012Personalised medicine in nasopharyngeal cancerToh, T.H.C.H.C. ; Ha, H.T.C.T.C. ; Wee, J. 
72018The predominant learning approaches of medical studentsChonkar, S.P ; Ha, T.C ; Chu, S.S.H ; Ng, A.X; Lim, M.L.S; Ee, T.X; Ng, M.J; Tan, K.H 
82009XRCC1 gene polymorphisms and breast cancer risk in different populations: A meta-analysisLi, H.; Ha, T.C. ; Tai, B.C.