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Wong, T.Y.
Tien, Y.W.
Yin Wong, T.
Tien Yin Wong
Wong, Tien-Yin
Wong, T.
T. Y. Wong
Y. Wong, T.
Wong, T.Y.
Wong, T.-Y.
Wong T.Y.
Wong, Tien Yin
Wong, T.H.
Wong, Tienyin
Yin, W.T.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
112-Oct-2011A 32 kb critical region excluding Y402H in CFH mediates risk for age-related macular degenerationSivakumaran, T.A.; Igo Jr., R.P.; Kidd, J.M.; Itsara, A.; Kopplin, L.J.; Chen, W.; Hagstrom, S.A.; Peachey, N.S.; Francis, P.J.; Klein, M.L.; Chew, E.Y.; Ramprasad, V.L.; Tay, W.-T.; Mitchell, P.; Seielstad, M.; Stambolian, D.E.; Edwards, A.O.; Lee, K.E.; Leontiev, D.V.; Jun, G.; Wang, Y.; Tian, L.; Qiu, F.; Henning, A.K.; LaFramboise, T.; Sen, P.; Aarthi, M.; George, R.; Raman, R.; Das, M.K.; Vijaya, L.; Kumaramanickavel, G.; Wong, T.Y. ; Swaroop, A.; Abecasis, G.R.; Klein, R.; Klein, B.E.K.; Nickerson, D.A.; Eichler, E.E.; Iyengar, S.K.
22015A biodegradable ocular implant for long-term suppression of intraocular pressureNg, X.W; Liu, K.L; Veluchamy, A.B ; Lwin, N.C; Wong, T.T ; Venkatraman, S.S
3May-2006A cohort study of incident myopia in Singaporean childrenSaw, S.-M. ; Shankar, A.; Tan, S.-B.; Taylor, H.; Tan, D.T.H.; Stone, R.A.; Wong, T.-Y. 
4Apr-2012A common BIM deletion polymorphism mediates intrinsic resistance and inferior responses to tyrosine kinase inhibitors in cancerNg, K.P.; Hillmer, A.M.; Chuah, C.T.H.; Juan, W.C.; Ko, T.K. ; Teo, A.S.M.; Ariyaratne, P.N.; Takahashi, N.; Sawada, K.; Fei, Y.; Soh, S.; Lee, W.H.; Huang, J.W.J.; Allen Jr., J.C.; Woo, X.Y.; Nagarajan, N.; Kumar, V.; Thalamuthu, A.; Poh, W.T.; Ang, A.L.; Mya, H.T.; How, G.F.; Yang, L.Y.; Koh, L.P.; Chowbay, B.; Chang, C.-T.; Nadarajan, V.S.; Chng, W.J.; Than, H.; Lim, L.C.; Goh, Y.T.; Zhang, S.; Poh, D.; Tan, P. ; Seet, J.-E.; Ang, M.-K.; Chau, N.-M.; Ng, Q.-S.; Tan, D.S.W.; Soda, M.; Isobe, K.; Nöthen, M.M.; Wong, T.Y. ; Shahab, A.; Ruan, X.; Cacheux-Rataboul, V.; Sung, W.-K.; Tan, E.H.; Yatabe, Y.; Mano, H.; Soo, R.A. ; Chin, T.M. ; Lim, W.-T.; Ruan, Y. ; Ong, S.T.
5Jan-2011A computer assisted method for nuclear cataract grading from slit-lamp images using rankingHuang, W.; Chan, K.L.; Li, H.; Lim, J.H.; Liu, J.; Wong, T.Y. 
62010A computer-aided diagnosis system of nuclear cataractLi, H.; Lim, J.H.; Liu, J.; Mitchell, P.; Tan, A.G.; Wang, J.J.; Wong, T.Y. 
72009A computer-aided diagnosis system of nuclear cataract via rankingHuang, W.; Chan, K.L.; Li, H.; Lim, J.H.; Liu, J.; Wong, T.Y. 
8Jun-2020A deep learning algorithm to detect chronic kidney disease from retinal photographs in community-based populationsSabanayagam, Charumathi ; Xu, Dejiang ; Ting, Daniel SW; Nusinovici, Simon; Banu, Riswana; Hamzah, Haslina; Lim, Cynthia; Tham, Yih-Chung ; Cheung, Carol Y; Tai, E Shyong ; Wang, Ya Xing; Jonas, Jost B; Cheng, Ching-Yu ; Lee, Mong Li ; Hsu, Wynne ; Wong, Tien Y 
92017A genome-wide association study identified a novel genetic loci STON1-GTF2A1L/LHCGR/FSHR for bilaterality of neovascular age-related macular degenerationKawashima-Kumagai, K; Yamashiro, K; Yoshikawa, M; Miyake, M; Ming, G.C.C; Fan, Q ; Koh, J.Y; Saito, M; Sugahara-Kuroda, M; Oishi, M; Akagi-Kurashige, Y; Nakata, I; Nakanishi, H; Gotoh, N; Oishi, A; Tamura, H; Ooto, S; Tsujikawa, A; Kurimoto, Y; Sekiryu, T; Matsuda, F; Khor, C.-C ; Cheng, C.-Y ; Wong, T.Y ; Yoshimura, N
102019A genome-wide association study identifies genetic loci associated with specific lobar brain volumesvan der Lee, S.J.; Knol, M.J.; Chauhan, G.; Satizabal, C.L.; Smith, A.V.; Hofer, E.; Bis, J.C.; Hibar, D.P.; Hilal, S. ; van den Akker, E.B.; Arfanakis, K.; Bernard, M.; Yanek, L.R.; Amin, N.; Crivello, F.; Cheung, J.W.; Harris, T.B.; Saba, Y.; Lopez, O.L.; Li, S.; van der Grond, J.; Yu, L.; Paus, T.; Roshchupkin, G.V.; Amouyel, P.; Jahanshad, N.; Taylor, K.D.; Yang, Q.; Mathias, R.A.; Boehringer, S.; Mazoyer, B.; Rice, K.; Cheng, C.Y. ; Maillard, P.; van Heemst, D.; Wong, T.Y. ; Niessen, W.J.; Beiser, A.S.; Beekman, M.; Zhao, W. ; Nyquist, P.A.; Chen, C. ; Launer, L.J.; Psaty, B.M.; Ikram, M.K.; Vernooij, M.W.; Schmidt, H.; Pausova, Z.; Becker, D.M.; De Jager, P.L.; Thompson, P.M.; van Duijn, C.M.; Bennett, D.A.; Slagboom, P.E.; Schmidt, R.; Longstreth, W.T.; Ikram, M.A.; Seshadri, S.; Debette, S.; Gudnason, V.; Adams, H.H.H.; DeCarli, C.
112018A genome-wide association study suggests new evidence for an association of the NADPH Oxidase 4 (NOX4) gene with severe diabetic retinopathy in type 2 diabetesMeng W.; Shah K.P.; Pollack S.; Toppila I.; Hebert H.L.; McCarthy M.I.; Groop L.; Ahlqvist E.; Lyssenko V.; Agardh E.; Daniell M.; Kaidonis G.; Craig J.E.; Mitchell P.; Liew G.; Kifley A.; Wang J.J.; Christiansen M.W.; Jensen R.A.; Penman A.; Hancock H.A.; Chen C.J.; Correa A.; Kuo J.Z.; Li X.; Chen Y.-D.I.; Rotter J.I.; Klein R.; Klein B.; Wong T.Y. ; Morris A.D.; Doney A.S.F.; Colhoun H.M.; Price A.L.; Burdon K.P.; Groop P.-H.; Sandholm N.; Grassi M.A.; Sobrin L.; Palmer C.N.A.; Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium 2 (WTCCC2); Surrogate markers for Micro- and Macro-vascular hard endpoints for Innovative diabetes Tools (SUMMIT) study group
122011A hybrid framework for genome wide epistasis discoveryTan, Z.; Zhang, Z.; Liu, J.; Kwoh, C.K.; Ong, S.H. ; Teo, Y.Y. ; Khor, C.C. ; Tai, E.S.; Aung, T.; Vithana, E.; Wong, T.Y. 
132011A new and efficient vessel segmentation method from color retinal imagesBhuiyan, A.; Kawasaki, R.; Lamoureux, E.; Ramamohanarao, K.; Wong, T.Y. 
14May-2013A new community-based outdoor intervention to increase physical activity in Singapore children: Findings from focus groupsDrury, V.B.; Saw, S.M. ; Finkelstein, E.; Wong, T.Y. ; Tay, P.K.C.
152010A new method to measure peripheral retinal vascular caliber over an extended areaCheung, C.Y.-L. ; Hsu, W. ; Lee, M.L. ; Wang, J.J.; Mitchell, P.; Lau, Q.P. ; Hamzah, H.; Ho, M.; Wong, T.Y. 
162003A pilot study of lens extraction in the management of acute primary angle-closure glaucomaZhi, Z.M.; Lim, A.S.M. ; Wong, T.Y. 
172015A prospective case-control study to investigate retinal microvascular changes in acute dengue infectionTan, P; Lye, D.C ; Yeo, T.K; Cheung, C.Y ; Thein, T.-L; Wong, J.G; Agrawal, R; Li, L.-J ; Wong, T.-Y ; Gan, V.C; Leo, Y.-S ; Teoh, S.C
182004A prospective cohort study of retinal arteriolar narrowing and mortalityWong, T.Y. ; Knudtson, M.D.; Klein, R.; Klein, B.E.K.; Hubbard, L.D.
192014A prospective study of treatment patterns and 1-year outcome of asian age-related macular degeneration and polypoidal choroidal vasculopathyCheung C.M.G. ; Li X.; Mathur R.; Lee S.Y.; Chan C.M.; Yeo I.; Loh B.K.; Williams R.; Wong E.Y.-M.; Wong D.; Wong T.Y. 
20Feb-2009A questionnaire-based assessment of symptoms associated with tear film dysfunction and lid margin disease in an Asian populationTongg, L.; Saw, S.-M. ; Lamoureux, E.L.; Wang, J.J.; Rosman, M.; Tan, D.T.H.; Wong, T.Y.