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Lim Siew Ming Arthur
(not current staff)
Lim, A.
Lim, A.S.M.
Lim, A.S.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12003A pilot study of lens extraction in the management of acute primary angle-closure glaucomaZhi, Z.M.; Lim, A.S.M. ; Wong, T.Y. 
2Feb-1996Case report - Ocular rosaceaNg, P.H.; Yeoh, R.L.S.; Low, C.H.; Lim, A.S.M. 
31993Decentered ablation zones resulting from photorefractive keratectomy with an erodible maskBalakrishnan, V. ; Lim, A.S.M. ; Tseng, P.S.F.; Cze, Hong L.
41993Excimer laser photorefractive keratectomy in Singapore--a new treatment modality for myopia.Balakrishnan, V. ; Lim, A.S. ; Low, C.H.; Lee, C.P.; Tseng, P.S.; Chan, W.K.; Chan, T.K. ; Tan, J.; Tan, D.
5Mar-1997Factors influencing perfect surgical outcome.Lim, A.S. 
61990How serious is posterior capsule rupture?Lim, A.S.M. ; Chiang, C.; Chew, P.T.K.
715-Feb-1996Island wide survey on Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma (AACG) incidence in SingaporeSeah, S.K.L.; Chew, P.T.K. ; Oen, F.T.S.; Fam, H.B.; Jap, A.H.E.; Lim, A.S.M. 
81993Laser iridoplasty in the treatment of severe acute angle closure glaucomaLim, A.S.M. ; Tan, A.; Chew, P. ; Seah, S.; Min, G.; Yee, T.; Chua, E.C.; Heng, L.S.; Jap, A.; Weitzman, M.
91991Laser treatment of severe acute angle closure glaucoma in dark Asian irides: The role of iridoplastyChew, P. ; Chee, C.; Lim, A. 
101991Local anaesthesia in ophthalmologyLim, A.S.M. ; Chee, C.K.L.
11Jul-1993Major blinding complications of intraocular implantation.Tan, A.Y.; Lim, A.S. ; Tseng, P.S.
121997Molecular Studies of Loss of Heterozygosity in RetinoblastomaChiu, L.L.; Lai, P.S. ; Low, P.S.; Chee, C.K.L.; Wong, P.K.; Ling, Y.L.F.; Cheong, P.Y.Y.; Lim, A.S.M. 
132001Myopia in Singapore: Taking a public health approachSeet, B.; Tien, Yin Wong; Tan, D.T.H. ; Seang, Mei Saw ; Balakrishnan, V. ; Lee, L.K.H.; Lim, A.S.M. 
141993Primary posterior chamber IOL implantation in penetrating ocular traumaChan, T.K. ; Mackintosh, G.; Yeoh, R.; Lim, A.S.M. 
151999The dilemma of ophthalmic changes spreads to AsiaLim, A.S.M. 
16Oct-1993Three year results of radial keratotomy surgery at the National University Hospital, Singapore.Yeo, L.M.; Chan, T.K. ; Balakrishnan, V. ; Low, C.H.; Mackintosh, G.I.; Lim, A.S.