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Chang Xuling
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12018Gene-diet interaction effects on BMI levels in the Singapore Chinese populationChang X. ; Sun Y. ; Han Y. ; Wang L.; Khor C.-C. ; Sim X. ; Tai E.-S. ; Liu J. ; Yuan J.-M; Koh W.-P. ; Van Dam R.M. ; Friedlander Y. ; Heng C.-K. ; Dorajoo R 
22017Genome-wide association study identifies a missense variant at APOA5 for coronary artery disease in Multi-Ethnic Cohorts from Southeast AsiaHan Y.; Dorajoo R. ; Chang X. ; Wang L.; Khor C.-C.; Sim X. ; Cheng C.-Y. ; Shi Y. ; Tham Y.C. ; Zhao W. ; Chee M.L.; Sabanayagam C.; Chae M.L.; Tan N.; Wong T.Y.; Tai E.-S. ; Liu J. ; Goh D.Y.T. ; Yuan J.-M.; Koh W.-P.; Van Dam R.M.; Low A.F.; Chan M.Y.-Y.; Friedlander Y.; Heng C.-K. 
32020Interaction between a haptoglobin genetic variant and coronary artery disease (CAD) risk factors on CAD severity in Singaporean Chinese populationChang, X. ; Dorajoo, R. ; Han, Y.; Wang, L.; Liu, J. ; Khor, C.-C. ; Low, Adrian F. ; Chan, M.Y.-Y. ; Yuan, J.-M. ; Koh, W.-P. ; Friedlander, Y. ; Heng, C.-K. 
42019Loci for human leukocyte telomere length in the Singaporean Chinese population and trans-ethnic genetic studiesDorajoo, R.; Chang, X. ; Gurung, R.L.; Li, Z.; Wang, L.; Wang, R.; Beckman, K.B.; Adams-Haduch, J.; M, Y.; Liu, S.; Meah, W.Y.; Sim, K.S.; Lim, S.C. ; Friedlander, Y.; Liu, J. ; van Dam, R.M. ; Yuan, J.-M.; Koh, W.-P. ; Khor, C.C.; Heng, C.-K. 
52017The genetic variation rs6903956 in the novel androgen-dependent tissue factor pathway inhibitor regulating protein (ADTRP) gene is not associated with levels of plasma coagulation factors in the Singaporean ChineseChang X. ; Chin H.-L. ; Quek S.-C. ; Goh D.Y.T. ; Dorajoo R.; Friedlander Y.; Heng C.-K.