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Li, Ling-Jun
Li, L. J.
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12015A prospective case-control study to investigate retinal microvascular changes in acute dengue infectionTan, P; Lye, D.C ; Yeo, T.K; Cheung, C.Y ; Thein, T.-L; Wong, J.G; Agrawal, R; Li, L.-J ; Wong, T.-Y ; Gan, V.C; Leo, Y.-S ; Teoh, S.C
2Feb-2013Antenatal Mental Health and Retinal Vascular Caliber in Pregnant WomenLi LJ ; Ikram MK ; Broekman BF; Cheung CY ; Chen H; Gooley JJ ; Soh SE ; Gluckman P; Kwek K ; Chong YS ; Meaney M; Wong TY ; Saw SM. 
32016Assessing the causality between blood pressure and retinal vascular caliber through mendelian randomisationLi, L.-J ; Liao, J ; Cheung, C.Y.-L; Ikram, M.K ; Shyong, T.E ; Wong, T.-Y ; Cheng, C.-Y 
42019Association between antenatal blood pressure and 5-year postpartum retinal arteriolar structural and functional changesSim R.; Aris I.; Chong Y.-S. ; Wong T.Y.; Li L.-J. 
52018Association of Weight for Length vs Body Mass Index During the First 2 Years of Life With Cardiometabolic Risk in Early AdolescenceAris, I.M. ; Rifas-Shiman, S.L.; Li, L.-J. ; Yang, S.; Belfort, M.B.; Thompson, J.; Hivert, M.-F.; Patel, R.; Martin, R.M.; Kramer, M.S. ; Oken, E.
615-Nov-2018Comparing Different Diagnostic Guidelines for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in Relation to Birthweight in Sri Lankan WomenDias, Thiran; Siraj, Shahul Hameed Mohamed; Aris, Izzuddin Mohamed; Li, Ling-Jun ; Tan, Kok Hian 
72018Dietary intake and diabetic retinopathy: A systematic reviewWong M.Y.Z.; Man R.E.K.; Fenwick E.K.; Gupta P.; Li L.-J. ; van Dam R.M. ; Chong M.F. ; Lamoureux E.L. 
82017Effect of axial eye length on retinal vessel parameters in 6 to 12-year-old Malay girlsTai E.L.M.; Li L.-J. ; Wan-Hazabbah W.H.; Wong T.-Y. ; Shatriah I.
91-Mar-2018Effect of gestational diabetes and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy on postpartum cardiometabolic riskLi, LJ ; Aris, IM ; Su, LL ; Chong, YS ; Wong, TY ; Tan, KH ; Wang, JJ 
102020Exploring abnormal glucose metabolism in pregnancy among Australian Chinese migrantsLi, L.-J. ; Zhang, J.; Shub, A.; Aris, I.; Tan, K.H. 
112017Gestational diabetes mellitus and retinal microvasculatureLi, L. J. ; M. Kramer ; R. J. Tapp; R. E. Man; N. Lek ; S. Cai ; F. Yap ; P. Gluckman ; K. H. Tan; Y. S. Chong ; J. Y. Koh; S. M. Saw ; Y. B. Cheung ; T. Y. Wong 
122017Gestational retinal microvasculature and the risk of 5 year postpartum abnormal glucose metabolismLi L.-J. ; Tan K.H. ; IZZUDDIN BIN MOHD ARIS ; Chong Y.S. ; Saw S.M. ; Gluckman P. ; Wang J.J. ; Wong T.Y. 
1312-Aug-2021Metabolic signatures in the conversion from gestational diabetes mellitus to postpartum abnormal glucose metabolism: a pilot study in Asian womenWang X.-M.; Gao Y.; Eriksson J.G. ; Chen W.; Chong Y.S. ; Tan K.H. ; Zhang C.; Zhou L. ; Li L.-J. 
1417-Dec-2021Plasma acylcarnitines during pregnancy and neonatal anthropometry: A longitudinal study in a multiracial cohortSong, Yiqing; Lyu, Chen; Li, Ming; Rahman, Mohammad L.; Chen, Zhen; Zhu, Yeyi; Hinkle, Stefanie N.; Chen, Liwei; Mitro, Susanna D.; Li, Ling-Jun ; Weir, Natalie L.; Tsai, Michael Y.; Zhang, Cuilin
1512-Sep-2021Prepregnancy plant-based diets and the risk of gestational diabetes mellitus: a prospective cohort study of 14,926 women.Chen, Zhangling; Qian, Frank; Liu, Gang; Li, Mengying; Voortman, Trudy; Tobias, Deirdre K; Ley, Sylvia H; Bhupathiraju, Shilpa N; Li, Ling-Jun ; Chavarro, Jorge E; Sun, Qi; Hu, Frank B; Zhang, Cuilin 
162017Prevalence and determinants of suboptimal vitamin D levels in a multiethnic asian populationMan, R.E.K; Li, L.-J ; Cheng, C.-Y ; Wong, T.Y ; Lamoureux, E ; Sabanayagam, C 
1715-Aug-2022Retinal microvasculature and risk of spontaneous abortion in multiethnic Southeast Asian womenLi LJ ; Du R ; Loy SL ; Chong YS ; Chan JKY ; Wong TY ; Eriksson JG ; Huang Z ; Zhang C. 
1818-Oct-2021Retinal microvasculature and time to pregnancy in a multi-ethnic pre-conception cohort in Singapore.Huang, Lihua; Loy, See Ling ; Chen, Wei-Qing; Eriksson, Johan G; Chong, Yap Seng ; Huang, Zhongwei; Chan, Jerry Kok Yen ; Wong, Tien Yin ; Kramer, Michael ; Zhang, Cuilin ; Li, Ling-Jun 
19Jun-2018Retinal vasculature and 5-year metabolic syndrome among women with gestational diabetes mellitusLi L.-J. ; Tan K.H. ; Aris I.M. ; Man R.E.K.; Gan A.T.L.; Chong Y.S. ; Saw S.M. ; Gluckman P. ; Wong T.Y. ; Lamoureux E. 
202017Short-term poor glycemic control and retinal microvascular changes in pediatric Type 1 Diabetes patients in Singapore: A pilot studyLi, L.-J ; Lamoureux, E ; Wong, T.Y ; Lek, N