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12018Cerebrovascular disease influences functional and structural network connectivity in patients with amnestic mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's diseaseVipin A. ; Loke Y.M. ; Liu S. ; Hilal S. ; Shim H.Y. ; Xu X. ; Tan B.Y. ; Venketasubramanian N. ; Chen C.L.-H. ; Zhou J. 
22020Distinct BOLD variability changes in the default mode and salience networks in Alzheimer’s disease spectrum and associations with cognitive declineZhang, L. ; Zuo, X.-N.; Ng, K.K. ; Chong, J.S.X. ; Shim, H.Y. ; Ong, M.Q.W. ; Loke, Y.M. ; Choo, B.L. ; Chong, E.J.Y. ; Wong, Z.X. ; Hilal, S. ; Venketasubramanian, N.; Tan, B.Y.; Chen, C.L.-H. ; Zhou, J.H. 
32017Distinct white matter microstructural abnormalities and extracellular water increases relate to cognitive impairment in Alzheimer's disease with and without cerebrovascular diseaseJi F. ; Pasternak O.; Liu S. ; Loke Y.M. ; Choo B.L. ; Hilal S. ; Xu X. ; Ikram M.K. ; Venketasubramanian N. ; Chen C.L.-H. ; Zhou J. 
42020ExploreASL: An image processing pipeline for multi-center ASL perfusion MRI studiesMutsaerts, H.J.M.M.; Petr, J.; Groot, P.; Vandemaele, P.; Ingala, S.; Robertson, A.D.; Václav?, L.; Groote, I.; Kuijf, H.; Zelaya, F.; O'Daly, O.; Hilal, S. ; Wink, A.M.; Kant, I.; Caan, M.W.A.; Morgan, C.; de Bresser, J.; Lysvik, E.; Schrantee, A.; Bjørnebekk, A.; Clement, P.; Shirzadi, Z.; Kuijer, J.P.A.; Wottschel, V.; Anazodo, U.C.; Pajkrt, D.; Richard, E.; Bokkers, R.P.H.; Reneman, L.; Masellis, M.; Günther, M.; MacIntosh, B.J.; Achten, E.; Chappell, M.A.; van Osch, M.J.P.; Golay, X.; Thomas, D.L.; De Vita, E.; Bjørnerud, A.; Nederveen, A.; Hendrikse, J.; Asllani, I.; Barkhof, F.
51-Aug-2016Growth differentiation factor-15 and white matter hyperintensities in cognitive impairment and dementiaChai, Yuek Ling ; Hilal, Saima ; Chong, Jenny PC ; Ng, Yan Xia ; Liew, Oi Wah ; Xu, Xin ; Ikram, Mohammad Kamran ; Venketasubramanian, Narayanaswamy ; Richards, A Mark ; Lai, Mitchell KP ; Chen, Christopher P 
62018Haemoglobin, magnetic resonance imaging markers and cognition: A subsample of population-based study 11 Medical and Health Sciences 1109 Neurosciences 11 Medical and Health Sciences 1103 Clinical SciencesTan, B.; Venketasubramanian, N.; Vrooman, H.; Cheng, C.-Y ; Wong, T.Y. ; Chen, C. ; Hilal, S. 
730-Sep-2020Immunomodulatory sphingosine-1-phosphates as plasma biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease and vascular cognitive impairmentChua, Xin Ying; Chai, Yuek Ling ; Chew, Wee Siong ; Chong, Joyce R ; Ang, Hui Li; Xiang, Ping ; Camara, Kaddy; Howell, Amy R; Torta, Federico ; Wenk, Markus R ; Hilal, Saima ; Venketasubramanian, Narayanaswamy; Chen, Christopher P; Herr, Deron R ; Lai, Mitchell KP 
82016Impact of Strategically Located White Matter Hyperintensities on Cognition in Memory Clinic Patients with Small Vessel DiseaseBiesbroek J.M.; Weaver N.A.; Hilal S. ; Kuijf H.J.; Ikram M.K. ; Xu X. ; Tan B.Y. ; Venketasubramanian N. ; Postma A.; Biessels G.J.; Chen C.P.L.H. 
92020Interethnic differences in neuroimaging markers and cognition in Asians, a population-based studyWong, L.C.K.; Wong, M.Y.Z.; Tan, C.S. ; Vrooman, H.; Venketasubramanian, N.; Cheng, C.-Y. ; Chen, C. ; Hilal, S. 
102015Intracranial stenosis, cerebrovascular diseases, and cognitive impairment in ChineseHilal, Saima ; Saini, Monica H. ; Tan, Chuen Seng ; Dong, Yanhong ; Holandez, Rachelle Layda ; Niessen W.J.; Vrooman, Henri A.; Ting, Eric; Wong, Tien Yin ; Chen, Christopher; Venketasubramanian, Narayanaswam; Ikram, Mohammad Kamran Amran 
112015Markers of cardiac dysfunction in cognitive impairment and dementiaHilal S. ; Chai Y.L. ; Ikram M.K. ; Elangovan S.; Yeow T.B. ; Xin X. ; Chong J.Y. ; Venketasubramanian N. ; Richards A.M. ; Chong J.P.C. ; Lai M.K.P. ; Chen C. 
1217-Feb-2021Plasma osteopontin as a biomarker of Alzheimer's disease and vascular cognitive impairmentChai, Yuek Ling ; Chong, Joyce R ; Raquib, Ainiah R ; Xu, Xin ; Hilal, Saima ; Venketasubramanian, Narayanaswamy; Tan, Boon Yeow ; Kumar, Alan P ; Sethi, Gautam ; Chen, Christopher P ; Lai, Mitchell KP 
1318-Feb-2021Plasma P‐tau181 to Aβ42 ratio is associated with brain amyloid burden and hippocampal atrophy in an Asian cohort of Alzheimer's disease patients with concomitant cerebrovascular diseaseChong, Joyce R ; Ashton, Nicholas J; Karikari, Thomas K; Tanaka, Tomotaka ; Saridin, Francis N ; Reilhac, Anthonin ; Robins, Edward G ; Nai, Ying-Hwey ; Vrooman, Henri; Hilal, Saima ; Zetterberg, Henrik; Blennow, Kaj; Lai, Mitchell KP ; Chen, Christopher P 
142017Repeatability and reproducibility of retinal neuronal and axonal measures on spectral-domain optical coherence tomography in patients with cognitive impairmentLoh, E.H.-T; Ong, Y.-T; Venketasubramanian, N ; Hilal, S ; Thet, N; Wong, T.Y ; Chen, C.P.L ; Cheung, C.Y.-L
152020Retinal microvasculature dysfunction is associated with Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairmentChua, J.; Hu, Q.; Ke, M.; Tan, B.; Hong, J.; Yao, X.; Hilal, S. ; Venketasubramanian, N. ; Garhöfer, G.; Cheung, C.Y.; Wong, Tien Yin; Chen, C.L.-H. ; Schmetterer, L. 
162018Serum hepatocyte growth factor is associated with small vessel disease in Alzheimer's dementiaZhu, Y; Hilal, S ; Chai, Y.L ; Ikram, M.K; Venketasubramanian, N ; Chen, C.P ; Lai, M.K.P 
171-Jan-2017Serum IL-8 is a marker of white-matter hyperintensities in patients with Alzheimer's diseaseZhu, Y; Chai, YL ; Hilal, S ; Ikram, MK ; Venketasubramanian, N ; Wong, BS ; Chen, CP ; Lai, MKP