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Thiruma Valavan Arumugam
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Arumugam, Thiruma Valavan
Arumugam Thiruma V
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016A Potential Link between the C5a Receptor 1 and the β1-Adrenoreceptor in the Mouse HeartKhor K.H.; Moore T.A.; Shiels I.A.; Greer R.M.; Arumugam T.V. ; Mills P.C.
22010A synthetic uric acid analog accelerates cutaneous wound healing in miceChigurupati S.; Mughal M.R.; Chan S.L.; Arumugam T.V. ; Baharani A.; Tang S.-C.; Yu Q.-S.; Holloway H.W.; Wheeler R.; Poosala S.; Greig N.H.; Mattson M.P.
32012Aldosterone and the mineralocorticoid receptor in the cerebral circulation and strokeDinh, Q.N; Arumugam, T.V ; Young, M.J; Drummond, G.R; Sobey, C.G; Chrissobolis, S
4Dec-2022Breast cancer metastasis to brain results in recruitment and activation of microglia through annexin-A1/formyl peptide receptor signalingFoo, Sok Lin; Sachaphibulkij, Karishma; Lee, Corinne LY ; Yap, Gracemary LR ; Cui, Jianzhou ; Arumugam, Thiruma ; Lim, Lina HK 
52011Calorie restriction and strokeManzanero, S; Gelderblom, M; Magnus, T; Arumugam, T.V 
61-Dec-2020CD137 Ligand-CD137 Interaction is Required For Inflammasome-Associated Brain Injury Following Ischemic StrokeFann, DY ; Nickles, EP ; Poh, L ; Rajeev, V ; Selvaraji, S ; Schwarz, H ; Arumugam, TV 
71-May-2018CD151, a novel host factor of nuclear export signaling in influenza virus infectionQiao, Yongkang ; Yan, Yan ; Sen Tan, Kai ; Tan, Sheryl SL ; Seet, Ju Ee ; Arumugam, Thiruma Valavan ; Chow, Vincent TK ; Wang, De Yun ; Thai, Tran 
8May-2023Chronic cerebral hypoperfusion alters the CypA-EMMPRIN-gelatinase pathway: Implications for vascular dementiaChai, Yuek Ling ; Rajeev, Vismitha ; Poh, Luting ; Selvaraji, Sharmelee ; Hilal, Saima ; Chen, Christopher P ; Jo, Dong-Gyu; Koo, Edward H ; Arumugam, Thiruma ; Lai, Mitchell KP 
92015Cytosolic PTEN-induced putative kinase 1 Is stabilized by the NF- ? B pathway and promotes non-selective mitophagyLim G.G.Y.; Chua D.S.K.; Basil A.H.; Chan H.-Y.; Chai C.; Arumugam T. ; Lim K.-L. 
102017Disease-modifying effect of intravenous immunoglobulin in an experimental model of epilepsyChen, M; Arumugam, T.V ; Leanage, G; Tieng, Q.M; Yadav, A; Ullmann, J.F.P; She, D.T ; Truong, V; Ruitenberg, M.J; Reutens, D.C
112012Evidence for a Developmental Role for TLR4 in Learning and MemoryOkun E.; Barak B.; Saada-Madar R.; Rothman S.M.; Griffioen K.J.; Roberts N.; Castro K.; Mughal M.R.; Pita M.A.; Stranahan A.M.; Arumugam T.V. ; Mattson M.P.
122010Evidence that adiponectin receptor 1 activation exacerbates ischemic neuronal deathThundyil, J; Tang, S.-C; Okun, E; Shah, K; Karamyan, V.T; Li, Y.-I; Woodruff, T.M; Taylor, S.M; Jo, D.-G; Mattson, M.P; Arumugam, T.V 
131-Jan-2019Evidence that NLRC4 inflammasome mediates apoptotic and pyroptotic microglial death following ischemic strokePoh, Luting ; Kang, Sung-Wook ; Baik, Sang-Ha ; Ng, Gavin Yong Quan; She, David T; Balaganapathy, Priyanka; Dheen, S Thameem ; Magnus, Tim; Gelderblom, Mathias; Sobey, Christopher G; Koo, Edward H ; Fann, David Y ; Arumugam, Thiruma V 
142013Evidence That the EphA2 Receptor Exacerbates Ischemic Brain InjuryThundyil J.; Manzanero S.; Pavlovski D.; Cully T.R.; Lok K.-Z.; Widiapradja A.; Chunduri P.; Jo D.-G.; Naruse C.; Asano M.; Launikonis B.S.; Sobey C.G.; Coulthard M.G.; Arumugam T.V. 
152019Genome-Wide Transcriptome Analysis Reveals Intermittent Fasting-Induced Metabolic Rewiring in the LiverNg, G.Y.-Q.; Kang, S.-W. ; Kim, J.; Alli-Shaik, A.; Baik, S.-H. ; Jo, D.-G.; Hande, M.P. ; Sobey, C.G.; Gunaratne, J. ; Fann, D.Y.-W. ; Arumugam, T.V. 
161-Oct-2017HDAC Inhibitor Sodium Butyrate-Mediated Epigenetic Regulation Enhances Neuroprotective Function of Microglia During Ischemic StrokePatnala, Radhika; V Arumugam, Thiruma ; Gupta, Neelima ; Dheen, S Thameem 
1715-Jun-2021Hippocampal transcriptome profiling reveals common disease pathways in chronic hypoperfusion and agingBaik, Sang-Ha ; Selvaraji, Sharmelee; Fann, David Y ; Poh, Luting ; Jo, Dong-Gyu; Herr, Deron R ; Zhang, Shenpeng R; Kim, Hyun Ah; De Silva, Michael; Lai, Mitchell KP ; Chen, Christopher Li-Hsian ; Drummond, Grant R; Lim, Kah-Leong ; Sobey, Christopher G; Arumugam, Thiruma 
182015Histone deacetylase 3 inhibition re-establishes synaptic tagging and capture in aging through the activation of nuclear factor kappa BSharma, M ; Shetty, M.S ; Arumugam, T.V ; Sajikumar, S 
192019IL-37 increases in patients after ischemic stroke and protects from inflammatory brain injury, motor impairment and lung infection in miceZhang, S.R.; Nold, M.F.; Tang, S.-C.; Bui, C.B.; Nold, C.A.; Arumugam, T.V. ; Drummond, G.R.; Sobey, C.G.; Kim, H.A.
208-May-2023Inflammatory panel cytokines are elevated in the neocortex of late-stage Alzheimer's disease but not Lewy body dementias.Chai, Yuek Ling ; Lee, Jasinda H ; Chong, Joyce R ; Ballard, Clive; Francis, Paul T; Kennedy, Brian K; Arumugam, Thiruma V ; Chen, Christopher P ; Aarsland, Dag; Lai, Mitchell KP