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11-Dec-2020CD137 Ligand-CD137 Interaction is Required For Inflammasome-Associated Brain Injury Following Ischemic StrokeFann, DY ; Nickles, EP ; Poh, L ; Rajeev, V ; Selvaraji, S ; Schwarz, H ; Arumugam, TV 
2May-2023Chronic cerebral hypoperfusion alters the CypA-EMMPRIN-gelatinase pathway: Implications for vascular dementiaChai, Yuek Ling ; Rajeev, Vismitha ; Poh, Luting ; Selvaraji, Sharmelee ; Hilal, Saima ; Chen, Christopher P ; Jo, Dong-Gyu; Koo, Edward H ; Arumugam, Thiruma ; Lai, Mitchell KP 
31-Jan-2019Evidence that NLRC4 inflammasome mediates apoptotic and pyroptotic microglial death following ischemic strokePoh, Luting ; Kang, Sung-Wook ; Baik, Sang-Ha ; Ng, Gavin Yong Quan; She, David T; Balaganapathy, Priyanka; Dheen, S Thameem ; Magnus, Tim; Gelderblom, Mathias; Sobey, Christopher G; Koo, Edward H ; Fann, David Y ; Arumugam, Thiruma V 
428-Oct-2021Governance of assisted living in long-term care: A systematic literature reviewPoh, Luting ; Tan, Si-Ying ; Lim, Jeremy 
515-Jun-2021Hippocampal transcriptome profiling reveals common disease pathways in chronic hypoperfusion and agingBaik, Sang-Ha ; Selvaraji, Sharmelee; Fann, David Y ; Poh, Luting ; Jo, Dong-Gyu; Herr, Deron R ; Zhang, Shenpeng R; Kim, Hyun Ah; De Silva, Michael; Lai, Mitchell KP ; Chen, Christopher Li-Hsian ; Drummond, Grant R; Lim, Kah-Leong ; Sobey, Christopher G; Arumugam, Thiruma 
61-Sep-2023Multiomics analyses reveal dynamic bioenergetic pathways and functional remodeling of the heart during intermittent fastingArumugam, TV ; Alli-Shaik, A ; Liehn, EA; Selvaraji, S ; Poh, L ; Rajeev, V ; Cho, Y; Cho, Y; Kim, J; Kim, J; Swa, HLF; Hao, DTZ; Rattanasopa, C ; Fann, DYW ; Mayan, DC ; Ng, GYQ; Baik, SH ; Mallilankaraman, K ; Gelderblom, M; Drummond, GR; Sobey, CG; Kennedy, BK ; Singaraja, RR ; Mattson, MP; Jo, DG; Gunaratne, J 
79-Jan-2022The role of inflammasomes in vascular cognitive impairmentPoh, Luting ; Sim, Wei Liang; Jo, Dong-Gyu; Dinh, Quynh Nhu; Drummond, Grant R; Sobey, Christopher G; Chen, Christopher Li-Hsian ; Lai, Mitchell KP ; Fann, David Y ; Arumugam, Thiruma V