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Herr, D. R.
Herr, Deron R.
Herr, Deron Raymond
Herr, Deron
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015Aging and autophagic function influences the progressive decline of adult Drosophila behaviorsRatliff E.P.; Mauntz R.E.; Kotzebue R.W.; Gonzalez A.; Achal M.; Barekat A.; Finley K.A.; Sparhawk J.M.; Robinson J.E.; Herr D.R. ; Harris G.L.; Joiner W.J.; Finley K.D.
22016Andrographolide induces Nrf2 and heme oxygenase 1 in astrocytes by activating p38 MAPK and ERKWong S.Y. ; Tan M.G.K. ; Wong P.T.-H. ; Herr D.R. ; Lai M.K.P. 
32015Chronic voluntary ethanol consumption induces favorable ceramide profiles in selectively bred alcohol-preferring (P) ratsGodfrey J.; Jeanguenin L.; Castro N.; Olney J.J.; Dudley J.; Pipkin J.; Walls S.M.; Wang W. ; Herr D.R. ; Harris G.L.; Brasser S.M.
42018Discovery of indolylpiperazinylpyrimidines with dual-target profiles at adenosine A2A and dopamine D2 receptors for Parkinson’s disease treatmentShao Y.-M.; Ma X. ; Paira P. ; Tan A.; Herr D.R. ; Lim K.L. ; Ng C.H. ; Venkatesan G. ; Klotz K.-N.; Federico S.; Spalluto G.; Cheong S.L.; Chen Y.Z. ; Pastorin G. 
52013Identification of Sphingolipid Metabolites That Induce Obesity via Misregulation of Appetite, Caloric Intake and Fat Storage in DrosophilaWalls Jr. S.M.; Attle S.J.; Brulte G.B.; Walls M.L.; Finley K.D.; Chatfield D.A.; Herr D.R. ; Harris G.L.
62012In vitro and in vivo antagonism of a g protein-coupled receptor (s1p 3) with a novel blocking monoclonal antibodyHarris G.L.; Creason M.B.; Brulte G.B.; Herr D.R. 
72018Role of the Prefrontal Cortex in Pain ProcessingOng W.-Y. ; Stohler C.S.; Herr D.R.