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Giorgia Pastorin
Pastorin, G.
Giorgia, P.
Pastorin G.

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120094-Hydrazino-1-methyl-pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidineDolzhenko, A.V. ; Pastorin, G. ; Dolzhenko, A.V. ; Tan, G.K.; Koh, L.L. 
22009(4Z,6Z,12Z,14Z)-2,10-Dimethyl-2,8,10,16-tetrahydrodipyrazolo-[3,4-e: 3′,4′-l][1,2,4,8,9,11]hexaazacyclo-tetradecine-4,12-diamineDolzhenko, A.V. ; Pastorin, G. ; Dolzhenko, A.V. ; Tan, G.K.; Koh, L.L. 
320108-Methyl-2-[4-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]-8H-pyrazolo-[4,3-e][1,2,4] triazolo[1,5-c]pyrimidin-5-amine methanol disolvateDolzhenko, A.V. ; Tan, G.K.; Dolzhenko, A.V.; Koh, L.L. ; Pastorin, G. 
48-Dec-2008A convenient method for the synthesis of 7-amino-substituted 1,2,4-triazolo[1,5-a][1,3,5]triazin-5-aminesDolzhenko, A.V. ; Pastorin, G. ; Dolzhenko, A.V. ; Chui, W.K. 
52015A facile and novel synthesis of N2-, C6-substituted pyrazolo[3,4- d ]pyrimidine-4 carboxylate derivatives as adenosine receptor antagonistsVenkatesan G. ; Paira P.; Cheong S.L. ; Federico S.; Klotz K.N.; Spalluto G.; Pastorin G. 
67-Oct-2009A new synthesis of 2,8-disubstituted pyrazolo[4,3-e][1,2,4]triazolo[1,5-c]pyrimidinesDolzhenko, A.V. ; Pastorin, G. ; Dolzhenko, A.V. ; Chui, W.K. 
71-Dec-2016Advances in nanomaterials and their applications in point of care (POC) devices for the diagnosis of infectious diseasesDai, Thien Nhan Tram; Wang, Hao ; Sugiarto, Sigit; Li, Tao; Ang, Wee Han ; Lee, Chengkuo ; Pastorin, Giorgia 
86-May-2009An aqueous medium synthesis and tautomerism study of 3(5)-amino-1,2,4-triazolesDolzhenko, A.V. ; Pastorin, G. ; Dolzhenko, A.V. ; Chui, W.K. 
91-Jan-2011Biomedical applications III: Delivery of immunostimulants and vaccinesJian, L. ; Venkatesan, G.; Pastorin, G. 
101-Jan-2011Biomedical applications IV: Carbon Nanotube-Nucleic acid complexes for biosensors, gene delivery and selective cancer therapyMakam, V.S.; Cang-Rong, J.T.; Yoong, S.L.; Pastorin, G. 
112015Blood-brain barrier transport studies, aggregation, and molecular dynamics simulation of multiwalled carbon nanotube functionalized with fluorescein isothiocyanateShityakov, S.; Salvador, E.; Pastorin, G. ; Forster, C.
12Apr-2012Carbon nanotube bottles for incorporation, release and enhanced cytotoxic effect of cisplatinLi, J. ; Yap, S.Q.; Yoong, S.L.; Nayak, T.R.; Chandra, G.W.; Ang, W.H. ; Panczyk, T.; Ramaprabhu, S.; Vashist, S.K.; Sheu, F.-S. ; Tan, A.; Pastorin, G. 
13Dec-2013Carbon nanotubes for delivery of small molecule drugsWong, B.S.; Yoong, S.L.; Jagusiak, A.; Panczyk, T.; Ho, H.K. ; Ang, W.H. ; Pastorin, G. 
141-Jan-2011Carbon nanotubes: From bench chemistry to promising biomedical applicationsPastorin, G. 
1515-Jul-2009Combining selectivity and affinity predictions using an integrated Support Vector Machine (SVM) approach: An alternative tool to discriminate between the human adenosine A2A and A3 receptor pyrazolo-triazolo-pyrimidine antagonists binding sitesMichielan, L.; Bolcato, C.; Federico, S.; Cacciari, B.; Bacilieri, M.; Klotz, K.-N.; Kachler, S.; Pastorin, G. ; Cardin, R.; Sperduti, A.; Spalluto, G.; Moro, S.
166-Oct-2011Computational study of some aspects of chemical optimization of a functional magnetically triggered nanocontainerPanczyk, T.; Camp, P.J.; Pastorin, G. ; Warzocha, T.P.
17Apr-2009Crucial functionalizations of carbon nanotubes for improved drug delivery: A valuable option?Pastorin, G. 
18Apr-2010Crucial parameters responsible for carbon nanotubes toxicityNayak, T.R.; Leow, P.C.; Ee, P.-L.R. ; Arockiadoss, T.; Ramaprabhu, S.; Pastorin, G. 
19Nov-2011Delivery of drugs and biomolecules using carbon nanotubesVashist, S.K.; Zheng, D.; Pastorin, G. ; Al-Rubeaan, K.; Luong, J.H.T.; Sheu, F.-S. 
202019Design, synthesis and evaluation of new indolylpyrimidylpiperazines for gastrointestinal cancer therapyTan, A.; Babak, M.V. ; Venkatesan, G. ; Lim, C.; Klotz, K.-N.; Herr, D.R. ; Cheong, S.L.; Federico, S.; Spalluto, G.; Ong, W.-Y. ; Chen, Y.Z. ; Loo, J.S.E.; Pastori, G.