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Wee Han Ang
Ang, W.H.
Ang, Wee Han
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Nov-2013A fluorescent probe for investigating the activation of anticancer platinum(IV) prodrugs based on the cisplatin scaffoldMontagner, D.; Yap, S.Q.; Ang, W.H. 
214-Nov-2011Acetal-functionalized RAPTA complexes for conjugation and labelingTan, Y.Q.; Dyson, P.J.; Ang, W.H. 
31-Dec-2016Advances in nanomaterials and their applications in point of care (POC) devices for the diagnosis of infectious diseasesDai, Thien Nhan Tram; Wang, Hao ; Sugiarto, Sigit; Li, Tao; Ang, Wee Han ; Lee, Chengkuo ; Pastorin, Giorgia 
419-Mar-2012Anthracene-tethered ruthenium(II) arene complexes as tools to visualize the cellular localization of putative organometallic anticancer compoundsNazarov, A.A.; Risse, J.; Ang, W.H. ; Schmitt, F.; Zava, O.; Ruggi, A.; Groessl, M.; Scopelitti, R.; Juillerat-Jeanneret, L.; Hartinger, C.G.; Dyson, P.J.
5Nov-2011Anticancer platinum (IV) prodrugs with novel modes of activityChin, C.F.; Wong, D.Y.Q.; Jothibasu, R. ; Ang, W.H. 
61-Mar-2016Calcium modulation of doxorubicin cytotoxicity in yeast and human cellsThi, Thuy Trang Nguyen ; Lim, Ying Jun ; Fan, Melanie Hui Min ; Jackson, Rebecca A ; Lim, Kim Kiat ; Ang, Wee Han ; Ban, Kenneth Hon Kim ; Chen, Ee Sin 
7Apr-2012Carbon nanotube bottles for incorporation, release and enhanced cytotoxic effect of cisplatinLi, J. ; Yap, S.Q.; Yoong, S.L.; Nayak, T.R.; Chandra, G.W.; Ang, W.H. ; Panczyk, T.; Ramaprabhu, S.; Vashist, S.K.; Sheu, F.-S. ; Tan, A.; Pastorin, G. 
8Dec-2013Carbon nanotubes for delivery of small molecule drugsWong, B.S.; Yoong, S.L.; Jagusiak, A.; Panczyk, T.; Ho, H.K. ; Ang, W.H. ; Pastorin, G. 
93-Oct-2011Characterization of new potential anticancer drugs designed to overcome glutathione transferase mediated resistanceJohansson, K.; Ito, M.; Schophuizen, C.M.S.; Mathew Thengumtharayil, S.; Heuser, V.D.; Zhang, J.; Shimoji, M.; Vahter, M.; Ang, W.H. ; Dyson, P.J.; Shibata, A.; Shuto, S.; Ito, Y.; Abe, H.; Morgenstern, R.
102015Diameter-dependent release of a cisplatin pro-drug from small and large functionalized carbon nanotubesMuzi L.; Ménard-Moyon C.; Russier J.; Li J.; Chin C.F.; Ang W.H. ; Pastorin G.; Risuleo G.; Bianco A.
11Jan-2014Enhanced cytotoxicity to cancer cells by mitochondria-targeting MWCNTs containing platinum(IV) prodrug of cisplatinYoong, S.L.; Wong, B.S.; Zhou, Q.L.; Chin, C.F.; Li, J. ; Venkatesan, T. ; Ho, H.K. ; Yu, V.; Ang, W.H. ; Pastorin, G. 
1228-May-2012Harnessing chemoselective imine ligation for tethering bioactive molecules to platinum(iv) prodrugsWong, D.Y.Q.; Lau, J.Y.; Ang, W.H. 
132020“Illuminating” echinocandins' mechanism of actionLoh, B.S.; Ang, W.H. 
144-Jun-2012Immobilisation of quantum dots by bio-orthogonal PCR amplification and labelling for direct gene detection and quantitationTian, Q. ; Wong, W.; Xu, Y.; Chan, Y. ; Ho, H.K. ; Pastorin, G. ; Ang, W.H. 
152015Induction of Immunogenic Cell Death by Chemotherapeutic Platinum ComplexesWong, Yuan Qiang Daniel; Ong, Wendy Wei Fang; Ang, Wee Han 
162015Induction of targeted necrosis with HER2-targeted platinum(iv) anticancer prodrugsWong, Daniel Yuan Qiang; Lim, Jun Han; Ang, Wee Han 
1718-Mar-2014Ligand substitutions between ruthenium-cymene compounds can control protein versus DNA targeting and anticancer activityAdhireksan, Z.; Davey, G.E.; Campomanes, P.; Groessl, M.; Clavel, C.M.; Yu, H.; Nazarov, A.A.; Yeo, C.H.F.; Ang, W.H. ; Dröge, P.; Rothlisberger, U.; Dyson, P.J.; Davey, C.A.
1822-Aug-2013Molecular dynamics study of cisplatin release from carbon nanotubes capped by magnetic nanoparticlesPanczyk, T.; Jagusiak, A.; Pastorin, G. ; Ang, W.H. ; Narkiewicz-Michalek, J.
191-Mar-2011Organometallic ruthenium-based antitumor compounds with novel modes of actionAng, W.H. ; Casini, A.; Sava, G.; Dyson, P.J.
2017-Jun-2013Organoruthenium antagonists of human A3 adenosine receptorsPaira, P. ; Chow, M.J.; Venkatesan, G.; Kosaraju, V.K.; Cheong, S.L. ; Klotz, K.-N.; Ang, W.H. ; Pastorin, G.