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Gopalakrishnan Venkatesan
Venkatesan G.


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12015A facile and novel synthesis of N2-, C6-substituted pyrazolo[3,4- d ]pyrimidine-4 carboxylate derivatives as adenosine receptor antagonistsVenkatesan G. ; Paira P.; Cheong S.L. ; Federico S.; Klotz K.N.; Spalluto G.; Pastorin G. 
22019Design, synthesis and evaluation of new indolylpyrimidylpiperazines for gastrointestinal cancer therapyTan, A.; Babak, M.V. ; Venkatesan, G. ; Lim, C.; Klotz, K.-N.; Herr, D.R. ; Cheong, S.L.; Federico, S.; Spalluto, G.; Ong, W.-Y. ; Chen, Y.Z. ; Loo, J.S.E.; Pastori, G. 
32018Discovery of indolylpiperazinylpyrimidines with dual-target profiles at adenosine A2A and dopamine D2 receptors for Parkinson’s disease treatmentShao Y.-M.; Ma X. ; Paira P. ; Tan A.; Herr D.R. ; Lim K.L. ; Ng C.H. ; Venkatesan G. ; Klotz K.-N.; Federico S.; Spalluto G.; Cheong S.L.; Chen Y.Z. ; Pastorin G. 
424-Feb-2022Enhanced skin penetration of berberine from proniosome gel attenuates pain and inflammation in a mouse model of osteoarthritis.Lee, Choon Keong ; Zhang, Shipin ; Venkatesan, Gopalakrishnan ; Irsan; Chong, Suet Yen ; Wang, Jiong-Wei ; Goh, Wei Jiang ; Panczyk, Tomasz; Tay, Yi Zhen; Hu, Jun; Ng, Wai Kiong ; Wacker, Matthias G ; Toh, Wei Seong ; Pastorin, Giorgia 
51-Jul-2021Lyophilization Preserves the Intrinsic Cardioprotective Activity of Bioinspired Cell-Derived NanovesiclesNeupane, Yub Raj; Huang, Chenyuan; Wang, Xiaoyuan ; Chng, Wei Heng; Venkatesan, Gopalakrishnan ; Zharkova, Olga ; Wacker, Matthias Gerhard ; Czarny, Bertrand; Storm, Gerrit; Wang, Jiong-Wei ; Pastorin, Giorgia