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126-Apr-2016Analysis of protein phosphorylation in nerve terminal reveals extensive changes in active zone proteins upon exocytosisKohansal-Nodehi, Mahdokht; Chua, John JE ; Urlaub, Henning; Jahn, Reinhard; Czernik, Dominika
22013Crystal Structure of the Human Short Coiled Coil Protein and Insights into SCOC-FEZ1 Complex FormationBehrens C.; Binotti B.; Schmidt C.; Robinson C.V.; Chua J.J.E. ; Kühnel K.
32018Enriched Expression of Neutral Sphingomyelinase 2 in the Striatum is Essential for Regulation of Lipid Raft Content and Motor CoordinationTan, L.H.-R; Tan, A.J.-R; Ng, Y.-Y; Chua, J.J.-E ; Chew, W.-S ; Muralidharan, S ; Torta, F ; Dutta, B; Sze, S.K; Herr, D.R ; Ong, W.-Y 
41-Mar-2021FEZ1 Forms Complexes with CRMP1 and DCC to Regulate Axon and Dendrite DevelopmentChua, Jie Yin ; Ng, Shi Jun; Yagensky, Oleksandr; Wanker, Erich E; Chua, John Jia En 
51-Mar-2016Functions of Rab Proteins at Presynaptic SitesBinotti, Beyenech; Jahn, Reinhard; Chua, John Jia En 
62020Identification of CD137-Expressing B Cells in Multiple Sclerosis Which Secrete IL-6 Upon Engagement by CD137 LigandWong, H.Y.; Prasad, A. ; Gan, S.U. ; Chua, J.J.E. ; Schwarz, H. 
727-Aug-2019Increased expression of heme-binding protein 1 early in Alzheimer's disease is linked to neurotoxicityYagensky, Oleksandr; Kohansal-Nodehi, Mandokht; Gunaseelan, Saravanan; Rabe, Tamara; Zafar, Saima; Zerr, Inga; Haertig, Wolfgang; Urlaub, Henning; Chua, John JE 
82018Localisation of Formyl-Peptide Receptor 2 in the Rat Central Nervous System and Its Role in Axonal and Dendritic OutgrowthHo C.F.-Y.; Ismail N.B.; Koh J.K.-Z.; Gunaseelan S.; Low Y.-H.; Ng Y.-K. ; Chua J.J.-E. ; Ong W.-Y. 
91-Jun-2016Phosphorylation of FEZ1 by Microtubule Affinity Regulating Kinases regulates its function in presynaptic protein traffickingButkevich, Eugenia; Haertig, Wolfgang; Nikolov, Miroslav; Erck, Christian; Grosche, Jens; Urlaub, Henning; Schmidt, Christoph F; Klopfenstein, Dieter R; Chua, John Jia En 
1026-Sep-2018S-Nitrosylation of Divalent Metal Transporter 1 Enhances Iron Uptake to Mediate Loss of Dopaminergic Neurons and Motoric DeficitLiu, Chao ; Zhang, Cheng-Wu ; Lo, Shun Qiang ; Ang, Seok Ting ; Chew, Katherine Chee Meng ; Yu, Dejie; Chai, Bing Han; Tan, Bobby; Tsang, Fai ; Tai, Yee Kit ; Tan, Bryce Wei Quan; Liang, Mui Cheng ; Tan, Hwee Tong ; Tang, Jia Ying ; Lai, Mitchell Kim Peng ; Chua, John Jia En ; Chung, Maxey Ching Ming ; Khanna, Sanjay ; Lim, Kah-Leong ; Soong, Tuck Wah 
112-Jul-2012Synthesis of two SAPAP3 isoforms from a single mRNA is mediated via alternative translational initiationChua, John Jia En ; Schob, Claudia; Rehbein, Monika; Gkogkas, Christos G; Richter, Dietmar; Kindler, Stefan
122-Feb-2015The GTPase Rab26 links synaptic vesicles to the autophagy pathwayBinotti, Beyenech; Pavlos, Nathan J; Riedel, Dietmar; Wenzel, Dirk; Vorbrueggen, Gerd; Schalk, Amanda M; Kuehnel, Karin; Boyken, Janina; Erck, Christian; Martens, Henrik; Chua, John JE ; Jahn, Reinhard
131-Jan-2016The roles of microtubule-based transport at presynaptic nerve terminalsYagensky, O; Dehaghi, TK; Chua, JJE 
142018Tissue-selective restriction of RNA editing of CaV1.3 by splicing factor SRSF9Huang, H. ; Kapeli, K. ; Jin, W. ; Wong, Y.P. ; Arumugam, T.V. ; Koh, J.H. ; Srimasorn, S. ; Mallilankaraman, K. ; En Chua, J.J. ; Yeo, G.W. ; Soong, T.W.