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Mohammed Zacky Ariffin
Ariffin, M.Z.


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12017Bidirectional modulation of hippocampal synaptic plasticity by Dopaminergic D4-receptors in the CA1 area of hippocampusTeh, D.B.L ; Prasad, A ; Jiang, W ; Ariffin, M.Z ; Khanna, S ; Belorkar, A; Wong, L ; Liu, X ; All, A.H 
2Nov-2011Forebrain medial septum region facilitates nociception in a rat formalin model of inflammatory painLee, A.T.-H. ; Ariffin, M.Z. ; Zhou, M. ; Ye, J.Z.; Moochhala, S.M. ; Khanna, S. 
32018Forebrain medial septum sustains experimental neuropathic painAriffin, M.Z ; Ibrahim, K.M ; Lee, A.T.-H ; Lee, R.Z; Poon, S.Y; Thong, H.K ; Liu, E.H.C ; Low, C.-M ; Khanna, S 
42017Medial septum modulates cellular response induced in hippocampus on microinjection of cholinergic agonists into hypothalamic lateral supramammillary nucleusAriffin, M.Z ; Low, C.-M ; Khanna, S 
54-Jun-2021Modulation of Septo-Hippocampal Neural Responses in Anesthetized and Behaving Rats by Septal AMPA Receptor MechanismsIbrahim, Khairunisa Mohamad ; Ariffin, Mohammed Zacky ; Khanna, Sanjay 
61-Dec-2021Neurokinin receptor mechanisms in forebrain medial septum modulate nociception in the formalin model of inflammatory painNg, Si Yun ; Ariffin, Mohammed Zacky ; Khanna, Sanjay 
72010Nicotinic receptor mechanism in supramammillary nucleus mediates physiological regulation of neural activity in dorsal hippocampal field CA1 of anaesthetized ratAriffin, M.Z. ; Jiang, F. ; Khanna, S. ; Low, C.-M. 
816-Feb-2022Pharmacological perturbation of CXCL1 signaling alleviates neuropathogenesis in a model of HEVA71 infectionSARAVANAN S/O GUNASEELAN ; Mohammed Zacky Ariffin ; SANJAY KHANNA ; Ooi, MH; Perera, D; Chu, J.J.H. ; Chua J.J.E. 
91-Feb-2017The forebrain medial septal region and nociceptionANG SEOK TING ; MOHAMMED ZACKY ARIFFIN ; Khanna,Sanjay